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Things to Do in Dubai Desert: Top 10 Experiences And Attractions



Dubai Desert activities

Dubai welcomes you to its extravagant landscapes and breathtakingly beautiful deserted areas, where you will find everything to cater to your touristy soul. So, if you plan to visit the tourist’s heaven, aka DUBAI, anytime soon, be ready to embark on a journey full of adventures and, most importantly, THE DESERTS!

From planning a safari around Dubai deserts to camping in your favorite spots, there are many activities to indulge in. Many new experiences await you in the traditional setup of nature away from the city’s bustling life. In this blog post, we have enlisted all the fun activities you may get into to make your tour to Dubai even more memorable and vibrant.

So, let’s get into it.

Things to Do in Dubai Desert

1. A Jeep Safari Around the Desert Jeep in Desert Dubai

Nothing better than a safe jeep safari that takes you through the sand dunes of the famous deserts in Dubai. Choose the four-wheeler from the spot of your choice, and if you are afraid of driving it on your own, you may also get accompanied by a driver. The experienced drivers take you through the mesmerizing sand experience that caters to your adrenaline rush seemingly. You may consult any tour company before planning your Dubai Desert Safari, as most of these companies offer lucrative packages covering safari and photography. If you want to take your adventure a step higher, you may get into the dune bashing with an experienced driver who takes you through the ups and downs against the sand dunes.

Cost: The cost of a 4×4 safari ride through the deserts in Dubai starts from AED 39.

2. A Traditional Camel Ridecamel ride

What else could be better than getting a traditional camel ride around a desert? And when you are in Dubai, dare not miss out on this fun part. If the safari ride is not to your taste, and you want to keep your tour as much traditional as possible, take a slow camel ride around the beautiful sand dunes and enjoy your ride while observing the depth of these magnificent dunes. Camels are treated well in Dubai, and the riders are given proper instructions before riding. You may also get photographed while riding on your camel and preserve this memory for a lifetime. Camel safari usually starts in the morning and comprises over 45 minutes in which you may take a pleasant stroll around the wide deserted landscape.

Cost: The cost of taking a camel ride depends upon the type of tour you book. You may have to pay AED 15 for a simple short ride or AED 100 for a longer camel ride.

3. The Thrill of Quad BikingQuad Biking

Riding a quad bike is an experience of another level where you may either take the driver seat and get into the adrenaline-inducing venture on your own or take the back seat while any of your friends or family members take you through the sand dunes. You are given driving instructions and provided with protective gear to ensure maximum safety. Getting into the quad biking experience is not for faint-hearted people, but if you dare to discover the deserts like a pro rider, this one will surely enthrall you.

Cost: A quad bike ride may cost around AED 130.

4. Hot Air Balloon SafariAir Balloon Safari

This one is specifically for those who want to enjoy an aerial view of Dubai right from a large hot air balloon ride. It takes you through the massive Arabian desert to give you a complete view up from the sky, where you may get thrilled by the 360-degree views of your surroundings. You may also explore the wildlife of Dubai’s deserts and spot the camels in their natural habitat. You may also take photos of Dubai’s deserts from a different perspective and capture the moments up from the sky heights. A hot air balloon usually has the capacity to hold almost 20 to 25 passengers at once.

Cost: A well-planned hot air balloon safari that comprises breakfast and hotel trips costs almost AED 1100.

5. Camping at the NightCamping

After spending a tired day doing all the fun activities around the desert, camping at your favorite spot adds the element of ‘wholesomeness’ to your trip. Take some rest after an exhausting day and spend your night in calmness in the traditional Arabian camp style. While camping, you may also enjoy the BBQ dinner, traditional dance, and music, look at the glittering skylines, or just enjoy the serenity of the desert at night.

6. Lure into the Traditional Arabian FoodArabian Food

Satisfy your hungry taste buds with traditional Arabian food that is loaded with the goodness of savory, lip-smacking flavors. You may indulge in Arabian delicacies or choose from a wide buffet, including hummus, kebabs, Arabian, Italian, and Lebanese dishes, followed by a wide range of Arabian desserts. You may also enjoy the traditional Arabian dance and music while binge-eating your favorite food in the traditional setup of the desert.

Cost: A basic desert safari followed by dinner starts from AED 110, while the cost of an ultra-luxury desert safari combined with a premium dining experience starts from AED 550 per person.

7. SandboardingSandboarding

Are you fond of snowboarding or skateboarding? If you are, take your boarding venture to a new level with sandboarding, in which you slide through the sand. If you are new to the activity, don’t worry; the instructors there will guide you to gaining control of the sandboard. From gliding on smoother slopes to sliding through the tough sand dunes, there is a sandboarding experience for everyone in  Dubai deserts.

Cost: The price of sandboarding starts from AED 200 for 3 to 4 hours.

8. Get on the Fat BikesA man on a Fat Bike in dubai desert

The legendary fat bikes are specifically designed to traverse through the calm sand dunes of the deserts. For a good 5 hours, you can enjoy biking on the most innovative oversized tires as instructed by the expert guides. If you are ready to get into the energetic yet satiating activity around the desert, biking on these oversized two-wheeled bikes is an experience not to miss out on.

Cost: Riding a fat bike for 5 hours costs around AED 590.

9. Get to Know About Dubai FalconsDubai Falcons

If you are fond of exploring wildlife, the deserts in Dubai will entertain you the most. The falconry experience takes your exploration to a whole new level when you see a bunch of falcons racing above your head. Get to see these ancient traditional falcons and spend some time closer to them in their natural habitat. You can view the scenic display of falcons above at 4000 feet and photograph your moments with the falcons.

Cost: It costs around AED 600 to visit Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve to spot falcons and other wildlife.

10. Dune BuggyDune Buggy

Hiring a dune buggy will give you a unique adventure to explore the sands independently. The dune buggies come with a complete set of safety features that keep you ecstatic throughout your ride. Depending on the number of passengers and whether you want to drive alone or with a partner, single and double-seater buggies are available for selection. Experiencing a buggy ride while traversing through the majestic sand dunes is triggering for the enthusiast bikers who want to take on the front seat and conquer the depths of the deserts.

Cost: A sand buggy ride may cost around AED 500 for four hours.

Things to Consider Before Planning Your Trip Around Dubai’s Deserts

Although planning a visit around the deserts in Dubai is an incredible and unforgettable experience, there are a few things that you may consider to get the most out of your trip.


  • The best time to visit deserts in Dubai is between the months of November to March, as the temperature between these months is quite moderate.
  • If you are pregnant or have health issues, avoid taking any rides, as it can be extremely dangerous.
  • Always wear sunscreen and carry a water bottle to protect yourself from the sweltering heat of the desert.
  • Wear comfortable and breathable clothes but do not cross the dress code limitations specified by the authority in Dubai. Take some warm clothes with you as the temperature decreases during the evening.
  • Always listen to your guide carefully.
  • Take your camera with you to photograph the memorable experience around the desert.
  • A few rides are not for faint-hearted people, so don’t dare to take them if you are not ready to.
  • Do not carry extra stuff with you. Keep your luggage as light as possible.
  • Always carry a proper source of communication, as the signals may get interrupted there.

Bottom Line

One can never resist falling in love with Dubai. For those who want to explore this piece of heaven from its traditional aspects, a desert is a perfect place to start. There are plenty of things to do in the deserts in Dubai, and once you have planned your trip around, you will be stunned by the beauty and depth of these wide landscapes. Always listen to your instructor and do not violate the rules and regulations of traveling across Dubai to enjoy your tour at its best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to go for dune bashing in Dubai?

The cost of dune bashing in Dubai starts from AED 197 per 3 hours.

What is the best activity for couples to do in Dubai deserts?

Hoping in hot air balloons, camel riding, and dining on a dinner buffet are some exciting activities for couples in the deserts.

What are some of the wildlife animals commonly seen around the deserts in Dubai?

Falcons, Ostrich, Egyptian Spiny-tailed lizards, Arabian Horned Vipers, and Barbary Falcon, are some of the commonly seen wildlife animals around the deserts in Dubai.

Which is the national bird of the UAE?

Falcon is the national bird of the UAE.

Is there a specific age limit to visit the desert in Dubai?

There is no specific age limit to visit the desert in Dubai. However, kids should be strictly accompanied by their parents or guardians.

What are the best months to visit the desert in Dubai?

The months between November and March are the best months to visit the desert in Dubai.

How much does it cost to visit a desert in Dubai?

It costs around AED 99 per adult and AED 90 per kid above the age of 2 to visit a desert in Dubai.

Name some of the popular deserts in Dubai.

Lahbab desert, Al Qudra desert, Liwa desert, and Al Faya desert are some of the famous deserts in Dubai.

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How Dubai’s Tourism Industry is Driving Economic Growth, 2022 Survey Report



Dubai lights in night

Dubai is a key hub for global tourism. The World Travel & Tourism Council estimates that in 2022, international tourists spent $ 29.4 Billion; this is the highest amount in the world, with Doha on second and London was on 3rd position. WTTC expected this rate to increase further this year.

The number of tourists has increased from 70% to 74%. In 2022, you can expect from these statics how tourism to play its role in improving the economic growth of Dubai. Dubai’s 95% revenue consists of Tourism, while only 1% consists of Oil.

The largest source of tourism revenue comes from direct visitor spending and inbound investment. Tourists spend money on food and beverages, hotels, and other services. Individual Tourism Companies in Dubai support the city’s tourism infrastructure, such as airport infrastructure, port facilities, and road transportation networks. One of the most important things is “Easy Visa Policies.”

Dubai Is a Key Hub for Global TourismDubai Landscape View

Dubai is a key hub for global tourism. It hosts many international events, including the World Expo, which attracts more than 20 million visitors annually. Dubai land is home to over 3 million people and offers many hotels, restaurants, and attractions.

Tourism is the second largest industry in Dubai, contributing 29% of the GDP and almost 7% of employment. The tourism sector has grown rapidly over the last decade due to several factors, including:

  • Expanding travel networks around the world
  • Increasing international recognition for Dubai as a leading global city
  • An increasing number of high-quality hotels and resorts are targeted at an international clientele
  • Increased tourism from GCC countries with its own rich history and heritage

With a population of over 2 million people, Dubai is one of the most densely populated places on Earth. In addition to this growth, WTTC projects that total travel and tourism revenues worldwide will increase by 6% annually between now and 2020

Largest Source of Tourism Revenue Tourism in Dubai

The largest source of tourism revenue comes from direct visitor spending, which accounts for 65 percent of total tourism revenue. Direct visitor spending on food, drink, accommodation and entertainment is up 6 percent year-on-year; this sector also contributes 50 percent more jobs to the economy compared with last year.

The second most important source of income for Dubai’s tourism industry, indirect investment, is growing even faster than direct spending: 18 percent compared with 15 percent in 2018. It includes foreign direct investment (FDI), overseas portfolio investment (OPI), and derivative financial instruments such as currency forwards or options contracts traded over the counter (OTC).

Dubai has become one of four leading destinations worldwide for travelers from across Asia Pacific countries like India and China who visit Dubai annually for both business travel as well as Desert Adventures, leisure activities like shopping malls, nightclubs or sporting events at venues like Jumeirah Beach Park & Ski Resort near Palm Jumeirah Island or Creek Golf Club located within Burj Al Arab Hotel & Resort complex which was recently opened last month after undergoing extensive renovations including making it larger than ever before.

How Many Infrastructures are Supported by Tourism? Infrastructures are Supported by Tourism in Dubai

Tourism supports the city’s tourism infrastructure, such as airport infrastructure, ports facilities, and road transportation networks. Tourism also supports Dubai’s overall infrastructure, including transportation networks and airport facilities.

The emirate’s airports are modern and efficient, with five international airports serving all of the seven Emirates. The Dubai International Airport (DXB), which opened in 1999 and is one of the most modern in the world, has a capacity of 80 million passengers per year. It is located just outside Downtown Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road. This location makes it easy for visitors to reach many hotels or other attractions that are not within walking distance from the city center. The airport also hosts an annual airshow every summer month where military aircraft fly overhead during peak hours between June and August each year.


Dubai’s tourism industry is a key driver of growth for the city. The sector is growing quickly and needs more investment to expand its reach further. As Dubai continues to attract more visitors, it will become increasingly important for the government to ensure that its infrastructure keeps up with demand from travelers around the world.

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Bouquet of White Roses: Symbolism and Meaning



Bouquet of White Roses in the hands of a girl

It is said that white roses best expose the beauty of the bud because they do not distract from the brightness of the color. They symbolize purity of soul and thoughts, respect, and hope for a bright future. Historically, the white color symbolizes innocence and honor, so the white rose has become a traditional flower for a wedding bouquet. It is also a convenient choice for decorating ceremonies, religious ceremonies, and goodbyes.

Most people know that the white rose symbolizes unconditional love in the romantic sense. You can express it by ordering your girlfriend, a delicate bouquet of roses from cheap flower delivery in Dubai. So, red buds will tell about passion, pink ones about falling in love, and white ones mean true feelings, over which even time has no power.

A Historical Perspective on the White RosesBouquet of White roses with a candle beside

Just look at the white rose, and it immediately becomes clear that this delicate flower can not mean anything bad. It really is. In ancient times, it was one of the symbols of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, who possessed unearthly beauty. In ancient Rome, it meant to honor and dignity, and in the Middle Ages, knights presented it to the ladies of their hearts, and a couple of centuries ago, it served as an expression of deep, sincere feelings.

In the Victorian era, a composition of snow roses meant innocence and sincerity of intentions. The one who received a white bouquet after previously receiving a red one from a fan had an unspoken statement that the love interest had faded away. Over time, the fading of passion has become part of the generally accepted dynamics of relationships, and snow flowers have become a symbolic gift for wedding anniversaries. In this connotation, they broadcast that love, which began with a fiery passion, has grown into something more and has become quieter and calmer.

In other historical periods, the meaning of white roses was not so much pure love as the purity of something new and “unsullied” by the world. This has made snow-white compositions popular for newborn greetings, christenings, and seasonal holidays such as the First of May.

A white rose is a symbol of love and faith in heraldry. Die Weiße Rose (the white rose) represented the educational and good intentions of students in Germany during the Nazi regime.

The History Behind the Flower

The white rose has been considered a divine flower since ancient times. Once, the goddess Flora, seeing a beautiful girl, turned her into a flower. Aphrodite added beauty to it, fragrance, and nectar – Dionysus. More than one god took care of the beauty until she grew up, and then she was handed over to the god of love, Eros, and called the “queen of flowers.”

Political Significance of These BloomsThe white Blooms in conference room

White roses are a symbol of secrecy and loyalty. In addition to being a symbol of loyalty, the white rose has also been associated with privacy. If we turn to history, we find that during World War II, there was an anti-Nazi political group in Germany that students formed from Munich. This group held the ideals of political freedom and was called the White Roses.

The name “White Roses” already says a lot about this group. It symbolizes secrecy because forming an open community under the Nazi regime was impossible. The other meaning, loyalty, is that the students stayed true to their principles and stood to the death for them. Most of the members of this group were exposed and destroyed. Thus, the white rose can also mean the purity of youth.

Avoiding the famous War of the Scarlet and White Rose is impossible if we talk about political examples. The White Rose meant death for those who did not keep their word. This was related to the loyalty and trust embodied by the white rose. During the Middle Ages, conversing under a white rose bush meant high meeting confidentiality. In the sixteenth century, the Pope declared that the rose should be carved on the confessional booth to symbolize confidentiality and secrecy.

White Rose Concept at WeddingsBridal and a white roses at wedding

A bouquet of white roses is the most appropriate for a wedding reception because the wedding ceremony is associated only with light, sincere and tender feelings. And also, white buds will emphasize the innocent and bright image of the bride. And as the bride’s attire is traditionally white, the bouquet should also be made in gentle and calm colors. That’s why white roses are the most popular among all flowers when decorating a wedding bouquet. We recommend ordering a bouquet after you’ve chosen a dress: in this case, the bouquet will be a successful addition to the outfit and not vice versa. We pay attention that our florists can create the most delicate and most beautiful wedding bouquets for you, which will perfectly combine both your wedding dress and the wedding style. And they also say that unmarried bridesmaids are more eager to catch a bridal bouquet purchased from us.

Other use Cases For White RosesWhite Roses

Surprisingly enough, white roses are, in some ways, universal. On the one hand, white roses are an essential part of happy and joyous celebrations. On the other, white roses can be used to express condolences at funerals. In ancient Rome, white rose bushes were planted on girls’ graves to indicate their innocence. But white roses also have another symbolic meaning. White roses symbolize honor, spiritual love, and respect, which is why they are perfect for remembering loved ones who have left us. White roses also symbolize the holy and spiritual union between the departed soul and God in heaven.

In today’s society, there is no need to limit the circle of people to whom you can give white roses. Feel free to give them to a young girl and a woman on March 8, her birthday. With this, you will express your respect for them and friendly feelings.

Symbolism in NumbersWhite rose in nature

Bouquet with a large number of buds (from 25 pieces or more). Such compositions are in high demand because they look voluminous: a bouquet of 51 or 101 white roses will help you demonstrate how important your loved one is to you. Sometimes in large bouquets, you can combine light shades of flowers (such as white and delicate pink). Often a huge bouquet is wrapped in beautiful paper to make it easier to transport and give it a neat look.

White roses in a hat boxes have recently become particularly fashionable. For this, there are two reasons: firstly, even a small number of buds (from 9 pieces) look elegant, and secondly, this packaging method does not require prompt placement of flowers in a vase. When decorating a bouquet in a box, florists put a damp sponge inside, prolonging the freshness of flowers and not letting them quickly fade.

White roses together with roses of other shades. Such compositions look very expensive and beautiful, and the combination of certain colors carries a special symbolism. For example, a bouquet of white and red roses represents no sincerity, tenderness, or strong passion for love. In addition, the charming smell of a flower bouquet of white and red roses is sure to delight the person to whom it will be presented


What do 3 white roses mean?

Three roses express strong and passionate love, and three flowers can also be given to a colleague or a friend as a sign of respect

Are white roses lucky?

White roses create a positive atmosphere in the home and make its inhabitants happier.

A blossoming white rose bodes well for good luck. A bouquet of roses presented to a woman protects her and her family from bad people and thoughts.

Do white roses mean goodbye?

Light pink and white roses combined in one bouquet represent happiness and joy, radiating purity of intentions.  White roses are not usually called flowers for separation. Yes, they can be brought to a funeral, but even then, they have a good meaning. They represent longing for a person, pure love.

Can you give a girl white roses?

A guy can give pearl-white flowers to a girl at the beginning of a relationship when sympathy is just emerging, and it’s too early to talk about love. But if a woman is not sure of a man’s feelings and he presents light compositions all the time, perhaps he does not want a romantic connection and prefers to stay at the friendship stage.

The absence of an explicit love message makes white flowers a good gift to friends. This is a sign that you will be a faithful companion, do not give and do not deceive.

Husbands give white roses to their wives as a symbol of care. At the courtship stage, when passions are raging, red varieties are presented, and after the wedding, light ones to show that now you are spiritually united.

A girl can be unexpectedly handed 1 white rose to remind her that you fell in love with her for her meek and gentle nature.

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