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Bonds: How It Works? A Comprehensive Overview



How Bonds work

The investment market has been subject to many changes over the years, especially post-pandemic. Many investors want to explore options that guarantee steady returns with minimal uncertainties. This demand has put bonds at the forefront of a low-risk investment option and, given the current interest rates, a much more compelling one.

Bonds, also known as ‘fixed income securities,’ are generally considered a reliable choice for any well-diversified investment strategy, regardless of the economic or political dynamics.

If you want to tap into this investment opportunity, here is a simple breakdown of bonds, how it works, and what you can expect from them.

What Are Bonds And How Do They Work

In simple terms, a bond is a loan given by the bond purchaser or bondholder to the issuer. Generally, corporations and governments issue these bonds when they need capital. They come at a fixed interest rate, known as the coupon, and a predetermined period referred to as the term.

The coupon (fixed-return) will depend on the issuer’s quality, the bond’s duration, and interest rates at the time the bond is issued.

An investor buying bonds from a government is lending the government money. Similarly, anyone buying a bond from a corporation is lending the corporation money. Just like how a loan works, the bondholder will receive interest periodically and the capital at the end of the agreed term is known as maturity.

Types Of BondsTypes Of Bonds

Bonds are mainly of two types: government (issued by government) and corporate (issued by corporations). Generally, government and large, well-established investment companies are perceived as high-quality bond issuers, as the risk of them not being able to repay is lower, and vice versa.

As a rule of thumb for investment, this means that low-risk bonds offer low returns, and high-risk bonds come with better yields.

Bondholders can own a bond until it reaches maturity or get back the capital they invested. They can also trade these bonds in the secondary market, but they come with certain conditions.

One important thing to consider here is that the market value of a bond can fluctuate depending on how attractive it is to potential investors.

Price Of A Bond In The Secondary Market

A bond’s price in the secondary or open market always moves in the opposite direction of its yield. So, if interest rates fall since a bond was issued, the coupon rates become attractive, pushing the demand for bonds higher.

In contrast, if the interest rates increase, the coupon rate may seem less attractive, reducing the demand for bonds.

Choosing The Best Option

As with any other option, the investment market is volatile and is subject to frequent changes. This is where reliable consultancy and advisory firms like AIX Investment can guide you by educating you on feasible options that align with your financial goals.

Their service range also features a particular type of corporate bond with unique offerings compared to regular ones. The AIX bond is a structured note with a fixed coupon rate of return and a fixed tenure.

It comes with a 4.5% quarterly coupon payout and a maturity period of 36 months, allowing you to earn 54% in 3 years. The returns paid in the form of coupon rates guarantee a fixed return regardless of the market conditions.

For more information, please visit AIX Investment Group or call +971 4 546 0000.

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Planning a Trip to the UAE? Expert Visa Guidance to Ensure a Smooth Journey!



Planning a Trip to the UAE Expert Visa Guidance to Ensure a Smooth Journey

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), a tapestry of ancient traditions juxtaposed with futuristic aspirations, stands as a pinnacle of global tourism. Framed by the expansive Arabian desert and the cerulean embrace of the Persian Gulf, the UAE’s seven emirates promise a mosaic of experiences. From the architectural wonders of Dubai to the cultural heart of Sharjah, the UAE magnetizes travelers worldwide. Yet, for a truly delightful Emirati odyssey, understanding its entry requirements and visa intricacies is indispensable.

A Glimpse into UAE’s Visa Landscape

A Glimpse into UAE's Visa Landscape

The UAE’s visa approach, echoing its duality of tradition and innovation, balances accessibility with security. As the nation opens its arms to countless visitors each year, it also ensures their entry conforms to established standards. While travelers from certain visa-exempt nations can enjoy hassle-free entry, the majority must traverse the visa application pathway. Immersing oneself in the specifics of visa exemptions, understanding various visa categories, and familiarizing oneself with unique prerequisites becomes crucial for a memorable UAE journey.

The golden visa, a newer introduction in the UAE’s immigration portfolio, attracts investors and skilled professionals, granting them longer residency and more privileges. Such progressive initiatives accentuate the UAE’s commitment to global inclusivity and fostering diverse talents.

Deciphering the UAE Visa Variants

The UAE, as an epicenter of global interactions, curates a wide spectrum of visa choices, each thoughtfully structured to accommodate its eclectic visitors.

Visa Categories

UAE Visa Categories

  • Tourist Visas: Perfect for leisure seekers, granting them access to the UAE’s historical richness, bustling metropolises, and picturesque vistas. These are generally available for 30 or 90 days, with possible extensions for prolonged stays.
  • Transit Visas: For those briefly pausing in the UAE, perhaps awaiting their onward journey. This visa spans 48 to 96 hours, perfect for a short Emirati escapade.
  • Work Visas: Essential for aspirants wishing to tap into the UAE’s burgeoning job market. Its duration often mirrors the employment tenure and mandates official paperwork, like job offers.

Crucial Visa Aspects to Note

  • Multiple vs. Single Entry: Distinguishes between visas allowing multiple sojourns during validity and those that expire upon a single exit.
  • Sponsorship: Some visas demand a local guarantor, be it employers or even hotels.
  • Overstay Ramifications: Exceeding visa limits can result in hefty penalties or blacklisting. Keeping tabs on visa expiration is non-negotiable.

Digital Visa Application: Simplified and Streamlined

With the digital revolution reshaping global interfaces, procuring a UAE visa has evolved into a more user-friendly experience. The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) has pioneered this digital shift with its intuitive online portal. This platform equips travelers with insights on their desired visa type, application status, and vital directives on essential documents, fees, and timelines. Moreover, the platform’s multilingual features and user-oriented design make it a treasured tool for both novice and frequent travelers.

Fluidity in Visa Stipulations

In a rapidly changing global milieu, visa protocols often adjust to geopolitical dynamics and strategic agendas. As a nexus connecting the East and West, the UAE revises its visa guidelines in alignment with its diplomatic overtures and tourism aspirations. Such dynamism accentuates the importance of periodic updates on visa conditions. Collaborating with credible travel agencies or referring to official channels can provide timely and accurate visa information, preempting unforeseen entry complications.

Zooming in on Dubai’s Visa Provisions

Dubai, the shimmering metropolis often termed the Middle East’s jewel, mesmerizes with its grandeur. Yet, its visa regulations demand a separate exploration, given Dubai’s distinct stature within the UAE. Besides the generic Emirati visa framework, Dubai showcases specific provisions. For instance, in collaboration with international airlines, Dubai has curated bespoke visa packages for tourists and transitory visitors. Recognizing and leveraging these city-centric directives can elevate one’s Dubai experience.

Visa on Arrival: A Primer

Visa on Arrival A Primer

The “Visa on Arrival” concept is the UAE’s gesture towards impromptu explorations. Yet, this convenience has its own nuances.

  • Eligible Entry Points: Ensure your entry is through a significant international airport offering this facility.
  • Essential Documentation: Despite the on-spot visa, having pivotal papers like return tickets and accommodation details is crucial.
  • Visa Duration: Often shorter than pre-arranged visas, so itinerary flexibility is a virtue.

Demystifying Visa Validity

A profound grasp of visa validity can redefine your UAE sojourn. Beyond the evident duration, understanding the nuances, like the allowed length of stay or the mandatory entry window post-approval, is paramount.

For example, a transit visa’s brief validity contrasts with the elongated timeline of work visas. Recognizing the potential repercussions of visa breaches and discerning the interplay of validity and stay duration is a foundation for any UAE escapade.

In Closing: Setting Sail with Confidence!

The UAE, a medley of splendors, both historical and avant-garde, beckons travelers with its allure. While its visa landscape might seem intricate, with a discerning eye, systematic planning, and adherence to its directives, your Emirati odyssey promises to be both enriching and unforgettable.

Before you embark, steep yourself in the richness of UAE’s visa fabric. With knowledge as your compass and diligence as your anchor, your Emirati dream is just a visa away! Safe travels! 🌍✈️🇦🇪

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RentCrown Unveiled: A Review of our experience with their services



Rent Crown Service Review

Last week, we celebrated my child’s birthday at our home filled with joy, laughter, and pleasure. All that credit goes to RentCrown, the Event Organizer and Party Rental company based in Dubai. From start to finish, they managed each and everything. Their exceptional services, dedication, and professionalism made our event memorable. So, I decided to write a review article for RentCrown to share my thoughts on their fantastic services and affordable prices that made our child’s birthday.

Selecting Event OrganizerSelecting Event Organizer

I was looking for a professional and reliable party planner for organizing my kid’s birthday party. I searched on Google to find the best Event Organizer in Dubai-UAE. Several companies came in search results, including RentCrown. After comparing all of their services, charges, and most importantly their customer reviews, I found RentCrown much better than all others.

Seamless Planning

When I contacted RentCrown, we imagined it was going to be a smooth event. They patiently listened to my ideas and preferences and then offered me insightful suggestions that perfectly aligned with my vision. With their guidance and help, we looked into every aspect of child interest to add fun, joy, and excitement to the celebration.

Theme Decoration

With teamwork and dedication, they turned our birthday space into a captivating wonderland. They made a birthday theme based on a cartoon character by analyzing my child’s interests. The vibrant balloons, elegant table decor, and comfortable seating show their quality services.

Stress-free PlanningStress-free Planning

RentCrown’s professionalism and commitment made the planning process easy. They alleviated all my worries by carefully handling every aspect of the event and allowing me to focus on enjoying the celebration and spending quality time with my family. This peace of mind is truly amazing and made the day more special.


Fun and activities are a major requirement for kids’ parties to keep them excited. However, it’s your own choice which activities or entertainment you want to plan at your party. Usually, they cover all entertainment activities, from Face Painting to Magic shows.

Moreover, they also offer an Inflatable bouncy castle, water slide, pony ride, and other various entertainment activities for your kids.

Affordable Packages

The most remarkable aspect of their service is affordability without compromising on quality. All over the UAE, they are providing top-notch services without breaking the bank. They offer a variety of birthday party packages, including theme decoration, entertainment, catering, and birthday cake. They proved that excellent services come at reasonable prices.

Event Organizing Services they Offer

Birthday Balloon Decroation

  • Balloon Decoration
  • Balloon Bending
  • Magic show
  • Bubble show
  • Puppet show
  • Juggling show
  • Fire show
  • Mascot entertainment

Contact Information

Company: RentCrown – Events Organizer & Rental Services

Address: Villa, 69-A – 83rd St – Mirdif – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Phone Number: +971 582 486 176


Email: [email protected]

Feel free to contact them during their Opening Hours

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 7:00 Am to 1:00 Am

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of events does RentCrown organize?

They usually plan Birthday parties, Anniversaries, social events, corporate events, and family gathering parties. You can also contact them for other types of event planning services.

How can we hire them?

First and foremost, explore their website for the services you need and then contact them through the provided WhatsApp number or email.

What are their party planning charges?

They offer different party packages ranging from 650 AED to 1500 AED, depending on the services or facilities you choose. Moreover, they also create custom party packages based on their client’s needs.

What entertainment activities do they offer for kids’ parties?

They offer various entertainment options for kids’ parties, including an Inflatable bouncy castle, water slide, pony horse ride, face painting, magic show, and a selection of indoor and outdoor games to ensure the kids’ enjoyment.


Our experience with them was unique and beyond our expectations. They made my kid’s birthday party extraordinary with their creativity, commitment, and dedication efforts. If you are looking for a birthday party planner in Dubai, I wholeheartedly recommend RentCrown and look forward to working with them in the future. In conclusion, I would like to thanks RentCrown for making our little one’s day special.

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