Best Hotels in Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai

Best Hotels in Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai

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Hotels are playing a vital role especially, in the tourism sector, as it is rampantly meeting the accommodation demands. Moreover, hotels have a huge hand in stabilizing the economy. They have the potential to create a significant boom in the country. Hotels, as mentioned, play a significant role in the economy and in return, act as an employment generator for unemployed people. This factor has also its role in the sector of foreign exchange of the respective country. Tourism has brought Dubai is among the top 5 countries list whose tourism is known for foreign money exchange of country. The ever-increasing tourism industry has a cascading impact on, especially the hospitality sector. And this happens because of the increment in average room fare and occupancy rates.

Let’s discuss about Dubai and its tourism rate. According to a recent report, Dubai’s has reached $21.1 billion last year by just its international tourism receipts. And this estimate is approximately is closely Middle East third of the total. And if we talk about the United Nations world tourism organization, they are chanting the same scenario. According to their 2017 report, only Dubai has represented 31.1 of the total Middle East. But the main point is in 2018 the recorded ratio was eight percent more than in 2017.  Furthermore, almost 58.1 billion visitors have been observed according to the recent survey. And if we talk globally then, in 2017 the United Nations World Tourism has reached 1,323 million which 84 times more than the last year record. And it sets a new unbreakable record. Now let’s discuss a few best hotels in Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai.

  • Rove Dubai Marina

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It is located in a spectacular and vibrant area that automatically catches the attention of customers. And compel them to buy a room in this hotel for leisure time. This hotel is considered a better place for vacation travelers, as it has the potential to make their time more lovely and entertaining.  Their staff behavior and service are excellent. Its Room is perfect with tasty delivery of food. And the average price per night is for the room is PKR 10,817.

  • Rove Trade center


The location of this hotel is in between new and old Dubai. This hotel is best suited for business guests as well as a perfect spot for spending vacations. Furthermore, the staff is very cooperative. I really appreciate their services. And the average price for per night is PKR 7,559

  • Jumeirah Emirates Tower

On the busy road of Sheik Zayed, this hotel is located and catches the attention at very first sight.  And from the Dubai mall it has a distance of a few minutes. The Staff is very cooperative with a positive attitude. Room maintenance service and room are excellent and comfy. The room and ambiance are splendid. The average price for per night stay is PKR 24,926.

Not only this, but in sheikh zayed you will also find budget hotels that will assist when you are broke. For your convenience, let’s discuss a few of them.

Donatello hotel (Average price/night= PKR 5,604)

Address Dubai marina (Average price/night= PKR 32,550)


In a nutshell, choose the hotel which suits you and your budget.

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