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Al-Hudayriat Island Beach Camping, Activities, Heritage and Culture In Abu Dhabi



Al-Hudayriat Island Beach Camping, Activities

Al-Hudayriat beach is located on Abu Dhabi Island, some 45 kilometers away from the Abu Dhabi International Airport. It has white sand that stretches along the coast of the Al-Wahiyah area of Abu Dhabi. The island is called Hulaylah which means little sister in Arabic. Al-Hudayriat Beach is part of the Bateen district on the island and it’s one of seven artificial beaches created by Sheikh Hamdan Al Nahyan to beautify this part of the island for residents and visitors.

The vision was to turn Abu Dhabi into a showpiece destination and provide recreational opportunities not only to residents but also to visitors and tourists in general throughout all year round. A series of small islands were created as far as 50 kilometers from the Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Al-Hudayriat Beach

Al-Hudayriat Beach

Al-Hudayriat Beach is a beautiful stretch of soft white sand with shallow and gentle waters, surrounded by mangroves which form an area rich in fauna and flora, making it a haven for birds and marine life.

The beach provides a wide range of water sports activities, such as diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, and swimming. Powered boats are permitted near the shoreline only. Visitors may also engage in horse riding at certain designated areas on this beach. A boat club with speedboats is also situated here so visitors can enjoy watersports activities all year round without having to leave the island or transfer beaches.

There’s a large number of local and national restaurants, coffee shops and fast food outlets open all day long offering diverse cuisines. These include two major hotels located on the same road that runs along the beach.

Marsana At Al-Hudayriat Beach

Marsana At Al-Hudayriat Beach

In the center of the island is Marsana, a waterfront with more than a dozen food and beverage outlets.

In addition to the skate park and the children’s park and playground, there is easy access to the public beach, bike paths, and a marina with a wooden pier.

“We have an outdoor gym where everyone can enjoy a different training [in front of the sea],” said Mr. Al Zaabi.

The gym includes basic equipment, war ropes, and a climbing net.

Bab Al Nojoum At Al Hudayriat Beach

Bab Al Nojoum

The camping section of the island will allow visitors to book accommodation in a standard, two-person tent, or a luxurious tent. Luxury tents can accommodate groups of four or six people but a two-story tent with access to the private beach is available.

Bab Al Nojoum also includes a family camping area, as well as camper van options.

Standard tents can be rented at Dh150 to Dh300 per night, depending on size. Campers will also have access to toilets, showers, and BBQ grills set up in the area.

Luxury tents are also available for about Dh1,000.

Some of the tents are attached to the vans, which can accommodate beds and have a seating area.

And the luxurious tents are in the form of beach cabanas, with their own small swimming pool.

Only registered visitors to Bab Al Nojoum can access the sea at the site, said Mr. Al Zaabi.

A restaurant that offers a new grill and bonfire is available on site.

Shows Held At Al-Hudayriat Beach

Shows Held At Hudayriat Beach

A dolphin show is held at Al-Hudayriat Beach every weekend, providing visitors with an opportunity to watch these majestic creatures perform tricks. A special area has been set up for this purpose within which visitors can also see some other sea animals like turtles or even sharks if they arrive there on time during feeding hours.

The island offers many activities catering to different interests including camping, water sports, biking tours, and more besides offering breathtaking sights of sunrises and sunsets over the beach. The waters here are so shallow that one can walk a long way from shore.

The beach’s orientation makes it a perfect setting for watching the sunrise and set over the sea, as well as providing a great backdrop for photos of families and friends playing together or couples enjoying romantic moments under starlight.

With its fine sand, gentle waters, and proximity to Abu Dhabi City, Al-Hudayriat Beach is an ideal area for camping at night by removing all non-essential items from cars before driving onto the sand where visitors can pitch their tents or sleep in their vehicles.

In alignment with the vision of H.H Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan – President of UAE – to turn Abu Dhabi into one of the best cities in terms of environmental sustainability and tourism, H.E Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan – Deputy Prime Minister of UAE and Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA) issued an executive directive to establish a camping facility at Al-Hudayriat Beach for both Emiratis and expatriates which will be an added value to this beach’s tourist facilities.

What’s New At Al-Hudayriat Beach

What's New At A-Hudayriat Island

The new camping site is located within the regular beach area on its western side in the Al-Wahiyah area. The site covers around 11,000 square meters including 5,500 square meters of concrete areas that can accommodate 120 vehicles with trailers up to 28 feet long. An underground parking area has also been built under the concrete surface for 60 cars with trailers up to 23 feet long.

The site has been designed in accordance with international standards to provide added value to the beach’s tourism facilities. The area is equipped with lighting and road signage systems, as well as power outlets for water supply at all available spaces within the site.

ADTA ‘s Strategic Plan

 ADTA 's Strategic Plan

As per ADTA ‘s strategic plan to develop holiday resorts throughout various tourist areas of Abu Dhabi, Al-Hudayriat Island Beach Camping will enhance the country’s tourism infrastructure. It also comes within ADTA ‘s efforts to develop beach camping facilities at five beaches which were announced by H.E Sheikh Sultan bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan – Chairman of ADTA.


Activities at Al-Hudayriat Island

Activities that can be performed include swimming, sailing, windsurfing, jet-skiing, fishing and more depending on visitors’ choices.

Many other restaurants, fast food outlets, and coffee shops have been set up at Al-Hudayriat Island Beach to offer a wide variety of cuisines to visitors from morning to evening every day. Visitors may also purchase drinks from hotels or buy them from any of the shacks that dot the beach here. 

In addition, special recreational activities are organized at certain times throughout summer including camel shows, horse riding for adults and children as well as camel riding carts (dromedaries) for people who want to enjoy a ride in the desert away from traffic. Regular events like Friday’s fish market provide families with an opportunity to socialize while watching fish being sold at low prices.


History of Al-Hudayriat Island

Al-Hudayriat Island is located on the western side of Abu Dhabi Emirate within the Al-Shahama area which stretches along some 32 kilometers. The island has a total land area of over 20,000 hectares while its coastline accounts for 36 kilometers stretching from east to west. As indicated by archeological findings, the island was amongst the first areas that were inhabited in the UAE during pre-historic times. Historical evidence also suggests that Al-Hudayriat Island was probably used as a natural port during the pre-Islamic period since it had access to many trading ships through an inlet on its northeastern side known as Khor Al Beidha (an inlet of the Late Neolithic Period). The island is believed to have been named after the Al-Hudayriat tribe that used to inhabit its eastern coast.

Exploring the island as a tourist destination began as early as the 1980s when Emirati families and residents of other nationalities started camping on its sandy beaches during summertime. Later on, more facilities were added such as water towers, shacks, and cafes for night entertainment. Moreover, many campsites were built by the authorities and private investors including Al-Wathba and Salam Campsites. As a result, the number of visitors increased significantly every year. However, poor services, lack of bathrooms, and camping equipment prevented holidaymakers from settling there for long periods despite having the opportunity to benefit from the natural beauty surrounding the island.

Distance From Dubai To Al-Hudayriat Island Beach

Location Of Al-hudayriat Island

Al-Hudayriat Island Beach is located within the Abu Dhabi Emirate. It lies about 120 kilometers to the south of Dubai, which makes it approximately two hours drive away from the city. Visitors can reach Al-Hudayriat by taking E 11 highway that leads to Abu Dhabi, then following the coastal road ‘E’ past Umm Al Nar town towards Masdar City and finally turning right to take Hwy 55 in direction to Dafna. Visitors are advised not to miss this turn-off since they will end up at Zayed Military City otherwise. It takes around 30 minutes by car from this point on before reaching the beach campsite.

Those who prefer public transport can take a bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. These buses leave every hour from the Rashidiya Metro Station in Dubai, which is near Burjuman Center. Upon arrival at Abu Dhabi Bus Station, visitors need to take a taxi or private vehicle in order to get to Al-Hudayriat Island Beach.

Other Tourist Activities In Abu Dhabi

Other Tourist Activities In Abu Dhabi

Al-Hudayriat Island Beach is, undoubtedly, the most popular among local residents and tourists who come to Abu Dhabi for camping and other activities during summertime. The increasing number of visitors every year makes it necessary for the authorities and private investors to open new campsites and tourist facilities in order to meet this demand. There are many such sites which offer a lot of varied facilities including Al-Shahama Beach (10 minutes’ drive away from Al-Hudayriat campsite) proposing beach chairs and tent rental services, Arabian Village (20 minutes away) which has various restaurants offering different cuisines, Bani Yas Park (30 minutes away), Umm Al Nar Park (35 minutes away) and Khalifa Park (40 minutes away).

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How Can I Get a Consulting License in Dubai?




Get a Consulting License in Dubai

Consulting is a great career choice for many reasons. It can be very rewarding to help businesses solve problems and improve their operations. But before you can start consulting, you need to get the right license. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of getting a consulting license in Dubai.

Types of Consultancy License in DubaiTypes of Consultancy License

There are several different types of consulting licenses in Dubai, each one suited to different kinds of work.

  • Strategy Building Consultancy
  • Strategic Marketing Consulting
  • Sales and Marketing Consultancy
  • Risk Management and Compliances Consulting
  • Project Management Consulting
  • Process and Operations Management Consulting
  • Market Research Consulting
  • Logistics and Shipping Consulting
  • Legal Consulting
  • IT Consulting
  • Investment Consulting
  • Industrial Consulting
  • HR Services and Manpower Consulting
  • Financial Advisory
  • Engineering Consultancy
  • Business Setup Consulting
  • Accounting and Finance Consulting

How to Apply for a Consultancy License in Dubai?Apply for a Consultancy

The first step in applying for a consultancy license in Dubai is to choose the right type of license for your business. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to gather the required documents and submit them to the relevant authorities.

Required Documents

To apply for a consultancy license in Dubai, you’ll need the following documents:

-A copy of your passport

-A copy of your residence visa

-A completed application form

-A business plan

-Proof of investment (e.g. bank statements, investment contracts, etc.)

-Detailed CV

-References from previous clients (if applicable)

Once you have all the required documents, you can submit them to the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai. The DED will review your application and decide whether to issue you a license.

How to Get a Consulting License in Dubai?Get a Consulting License

To get a consulting license in Dubai, you will need to follow the steps outlined below. First, you should choose the right type of license for your business. Depending on your specific needs and requirements, you may want to consider a strategy building consultancy license, strategic marketing consulting license, or one of many other options.

Next, you will need to gather the required documents. These include a copy of your passport, a copy of your residence visa, a completed application form, and a business plan. You will also need to provide proof of investment, such as bank statements or investment contracts, as well as references from previous clients (if applicable).

Once you have all the required documents, you can submit them to the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai. The DED will review your application and decide whether to issue you a license. If approved, you will receive your consulting license, allowing you to start working as a consultant in Dubai.


Although applying for a Dubai consulting license is not difficult, foreign company owners must know what they’re getting into and have all of the necessary paperwork. As a result, it’s beneficial to get help from expert business setup consultants such as Dhanguard in filling out your application. Our professionals are familiar with the licensing procedure and criteria, as well as the permissible

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13 Hot Favourite Beaches For Tourists in Dubai




Hot favourite beach in dubai

Dubai and the entire UAE (UAE) is a great tourist hub for almost everyone. The beautiful scenic locations, the luxury hotels and stay options, the rich culture, and history, the shopping markets and malls to keep you busy with your credit cards all time occupied; plus numerous other facilities to satiate every kind of traveler’s needs.

But Dubai is not only for luxury travelers; it is equally a wonderful getaway option for budget travelers too.

You can explore all its beauty and magnificence spending less than 500 AED (100$) per day if you manage your stay and travel plans well.

If you are thinking, where to go in Dubai or UAE? Well, we have got that covered! We bring here a serene list of 13 favorite beaches in Dubai and other cities in the UAE which will not burn a hole in your pocket and also offer some great fun options:

1- Jbr Open BeachJBR Open Beach

It’s free but could be crowded during peak hours. Well maintained with clean sand, this beach volleyball courts, jet skiing sessions available, beautiful views of the famous Burj Al Arab in the backdrop.

2- Jumeirah Open Beach Jumeirah Open Beach Dubai

This is one of the most popular free beaches in Dubai; offering lounge chairs and umbrellas to its visitors.

One can even enjoy water skiing and wakeboarding along with volleyball and soccer on the beach. It has a kids’ play area too! You can also go strolling or jogging here as there’s a dedicated 3km long walkway laid over this beach.

3- Kite Beachkite-beach-dubai

If you’re looking for some adrenaline rush, then try out parasailing over this Arabian sea beach.

Though it’s not very popular among tourists, it still scores high on popularity charts among kite surfers who throng to this beach in hordes. Excellent views of Burj Al Arab and The Palm Jumeirah are the additional attractions here.

4- Mall of Emirates (MOE) Beach

Mall of Emirates (MOE) Beach

If you’re too tired of exploring Dubai’s numerous malls for deals, offers, and discounts, spend some time relaxing on MOE’s private stretch of sand. With the world-famous ski slope right next to it, this is definitely a unique experience! This small stretch is well maintained with clean sands, but crowded though!

5- Buhaira Corniche BeachBuhaira Corniche Beach Dubai

A tourist hotspot situated along Abu Dhabi Corniche offers a wonderful view of the submerged Aquarium at one end while being surrounded by Marina Mall shopping center on another side.

Along with other free activities like boating, you can also try your hands (legs) at water skiing and jet-skiing here.

6- Al Mamzar BeachAl Mamzar Beach Dubai

If you’re looking to spend some quality time with your family, Al Mamzar Beach in Dubai is a great option.

Situated close to the Deira side of Creek and accessible through the beautiful Majlis Ghorfat Umm Al Sheif (Creek Park), it has clean sands and safe waters too! It’s well maintained by authorities as it is considered an important place for the local fishermen community.

7. Al Sufouh Beach ParkAl Sufouh Beach Park Dubai

One of the most beautiful beaches in Dubai, it’s a picturesque location for sunbathing and swimming.

You can also try out various water activities over here including jet-skiing, Banana Boat ride, flying fish, etc. But be careful as this place isn’t safe for kids during evening hours due to large crowds.

8- Al Mamzar Corniche BeachAl Mamzar Corniche Beach

A beautiful stretch of Al Mamzar Corniche Beach offers great views of the Arabian Gulf, it also provides a wonderful view of the Dubai skyline from the other side.

It’s better to avoid this place in the evening as the beaches have nothing much to offer in terms of entertainment facilities and eateries apart from a few shacks offering local takeaway foods.

9- Jumeirah Beach WalkJumeirah Beach Walk

This newly developed walkway along the Jumeirah seafront has awesome scenic views right next to the seashore itself! You can simply spend time strolling or jogging here admiring its beauty or enjoying water activities like jet skiing over here too. But the place is more likely to be crowded during weekends and evenings.

10- Wild Wadi Water Park

Wild Wadi Water Park

If you want to enjoy some water rides and slides while being in the pool, try this beautifully designed water park which is just next to Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

You can spend a few hours here with your family enjoying its awesome rides and watching some stunning views of sunrise too! It’s expensive though (Dh110/person on weekdays and Dh130/person on weekends) compared to other attractions but definitely worth every penny.

11- Al Mamzar Beach ParkAl-Mamzar-Beach-Park Dubai

Located in historic Dubai Deira city, this small beach park offers a lovely view of the Arabian Sea along with Burj al-Arab. The beautiful corniche walkway also extends towards this park.

You can enjoy water activities at al mamzer beach park.

12- The Beach at JbrThe Beach at JBR dubai

One of the best free beaches in Dubai, it’s a modern-day experience with clean golden sands and crystal clear blue waters too! The shallow area also offers wonderful views of Palm Jumeirah.

But do try out some food from nearby outlets as there is nothing much to offer apart from a couple of shacks with local takeaway foods.

13- Dreamland BeachDreamland Beach dubai

A small stretch of enjoyable beach located near Al Sufouh, this location is known for its art installations and stores along the walkway. An ideal place to explore authentic Arabian culture, it has some popular restaurants offering international cuisine too.

How to Get to Free Beaches in Dubai

1. Take the Red Line metro from any part of Dubai and get down at Jumeirah station (Umm Suqeim direction).

Then walk towards the left side of the road from exit no.2, cross the main road and you will reach Jumeirah open beach after passing through some hotels & restaurants.

2. This is the last stop of Redline metro where it connects to the green line too, so if you are in any other part of Dubai city then take a Green Line Metro and get down at Union Station (Bur Dubai direction) and walk towards the right side exit from platform no.4, cross the main road and you will see Al Mamzar beach on your right side after passing few hotels.

3. Take the Red Line metro from any part of Dubai city and get down at Nakheel Station (Jumeirah Lake Towers).

Then walk towards the left side exit from platforms no. 7 & 8, cross the bridge over the road and you will reach Al Safa beach after passing through a few hotels.

4. Take the Red Line metro from any part of Dubai and get down at Jumeirah station (Umm Suqeim direction).

Then walk towards the right side exit from platform no. 1, cross one road and you will see Wild Wadi water park on your right side after passing through some hotels.

5. Take the Red Line metro from any part of Dubai city and change the line at Union Station (Bur Dubai direction) from platform no.4 to platform no.6, then walk towards the right side exit from platform no. 1, cross one road and you will see JBR beach on your left side after passing through a little bit of sandy area.

6. Take the Red Line metro from any part of Dubai and get down at JLT station (Jumeirah Lake Towers). Walk towards the right side exit from platforms no. 7 & 8, cross one road and you will see Jumeirah Open Beach on your left side after passing through a few hotels.

What is the Difference Between Public & Private Beaches in Dubai?

Well, the public beach in Dubai is open for all to enjoy free of charge including food & beverage costs. But the private beaches are located within hotels where you need to pay an entry fee (around Dh10/person or maybe more) plus additional food & beverage charges (usually around Dh100/ head).

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Bahi Ajman Palace Hotel: Features, Review




Bahi ajman palace hotel review | features

Bahrain Ajman palace hotel is a new budget hotel that has been built beside al adliya mosque and it is 5 minutes from the seaside. It has a huge garden around the hotel with a lot of open space for kids to play safely. The lobby is also large enough with a big sitting area for families to spend the long evening without getting bored and also to relax and away from all the noise of traffic. The foyer has a huge LCD screen for entertainment and it is connected to the reception counter.

This is one of the features that I found good because we could just sit in the lobby and watch TV while waiting for other family members or if you want to go out then you can take your kids with you and there is no need to keep your kids in a room as it is big enough.

Hotel Feature

Bahi Ajman palace hotel features

The hotel has 4 floors and they have a lift that can accommodate 10 people at a time, a very spacious lift with glass all around so you can view outside while going up or going down.

It has a total of 78 rooms out of which 60 are normal rooms and 18 family rooms with extra beds available if required, however, we took only normal rooms because our group size was not more than 2 adults and one kid. The hotel entrance from the backside leads directly into the pool area which makes it easy to move from one room to another without going out from the main gate.


Bahi Ajman palace hotel swimming pool review

1. As per my experience, there are not that many good swimming pools. I have seen but this was the only one with a separate kids pool and separate adult pool. Most of the other hotels have just a single pool which is not at all safe for small children so if you have kids then the best bet is to go for a hotel with separate pools.

2. There were two small slides in the kid’s pool, however, they didn’t allow us to use them as we had our one-year-old daughter with us. We had our own baby swimming pool because it has a solid bottom whereas hotel pools are always full of sand, rocks, and a few broken glasses. Hence it’s really risky to let a 1-year-old kid into those pools even though they look very attractive to your eyes.

Bahi Ajman palace hotel lunch reviewBahi Ajman palace hotel lunch review

3. After going back from the beach we had our lunch at a hotel restaurant and it was just ok. Local people say that this hotel is best in town for food, however, I would not recommend anyone to eat in hotel restaurants because they are a bit expensive when compared to outside food.

4. Another thing I found good about this hotel is their service, you can easily get an extra bed or cot if required and room boys come to clean up the room every morning only however there were certain limitations even though we had paid full amount including breakfast, dinner buffet, and all taxes but still they wanted to charge us separately for tea/coffee machine in the room saying it’s not free when asked why you didn’t tell me when I checked in then simply said sorry sir. However, this was a different experience from other hotels where they don’t even bother to collect money from you for such things.

Badiya beach at Bahi Ajman Hotel

5. Badiya beach is just a 2-minute walk from the hotel and there are not that many restaurant options in that area. Most of the hotels have their own restaurant however this one doesn’t need to go out to eat but I would recommend not to use the hotel’s food as it is quite costly when looking at other alternatives available nearby.

Room Service at Bahi Ajman Hotel

6. Our stay was good overall, room service was fast and I managed to use the gym also although it’s very small but still adds up some points which others don’t have. So if you are thinking of booking a budget hotel beside al aliya mosque then this could be an idea however make sure they don’t try to charge extra for many things.

Hope this review is helpful for anyone planning to visit bahi ajman hotel. A good stay overall with a nice breakfast buffet and separate pools hence I have given it an average rating of 3 out of 5. If you are looking for a budget hotel near bab sharq then look no further than Al Adliya Hotel, it’s more towards the medium category however still affordable when compared to other hotels in the area around 150 AED per night which is not bad at all.

3. Address

  • Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi Street, PO Box 7176, Ajman, United Arab Emirates
  • +971 6 701 8888
  • Website: Bahi Ajman Palace Hotel

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