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7 Ways to Make an Old Sofa Look Like New



Ways to Make Old Sofa Look Like New

Sofas are expensive and take lots of space, so it’s no wonder we want to keep them as long as possible. But even the best-quality model will look worn out after a few years – especially if you have children or pets. Without the budget to buy a new sofa every other year, how do you freshen up your tired-looking one? Here are the best ways to make an old sofa look new. They may not work miracles, but you’ll certainly get at least a few more years’ wears out of it if you follow these easy tips.

1. Using Fabric Freshener on Sofa

One of the best way to make old sofa look like new is use fabric freshener on sofa

Sofas are usually covered with some sort of upholstery material, so it’s important to treat this with special care. The fabric freshener will remove dirt and stains without damaging the fabric itself.

2. Shampoo it

Shampoo the sofa to make old sofa look like new

Look for a gentle sofa upholstery shampoo, or make your own mild solution of warm water and dish soap. Apply with a soft cloth or sponge, rinse with clean water and allow to dry naturally. This may bring some life back into the cushions, but there is no way to restore their full firmness.

3. Using a Steam Cleaner on Sofa

Way to make old sofa new is use steam cleaner on sofa

A steam cleaner is a powerful cleaning tool that can bring new life to your sofa, but you need to use it correctly! Check out my advice on how to clean a sofa with a steam cleaner for the best results.

4. Bring it Back from the Dead

To make your old sofa new reupholster it

If you’re determined not to replace your sofa but it’s looking very shabby, there are ways to bring it back from the dead. You may reupholster your sofa to make it look new all over again.

5. Using Stain Treatments on Sofa

Use stain treatments on sofa to make it look like new

Cigarette burns spilled drinks, and animal hair is just some of the practical little challenges you’ll face in everyday life with a sofa. Fortunately, there are lots of solutions out there to help you deal with these kinds of problems.

For fresh spills, use a dry cleaning fluid (available from your supermarket) to treat the bare fabric, then cover with baking soda. Vacuum up the next day. This may not be ideal for delicate fabrics, so check that it’s safe to use on your sofa first.

6. Liven Up the Color

Liven up the color of your sofa to make it new

If your sofa is looking a bit dull, one of the easiest ways to refresh it is with some new throw cushions. These can be bought cheaply enough and come in all sorts of colors and patterns. Mixing and matching them allows you to create an entirely new look for next to no money!

7. Paint it

Paint your sofa to give it a new look

Painting your sofa doesn’t just freshen it up for this season, but can actually add years to its life. A simple coat of aerosol spray paint can give your sofa a whole new lease of life. Just make sure to cover the whole thing including any removable cushions with at least three layers. This will create a tough barrier of paint that will protect your sofa from spills and stains in the future and it will lighten your whole interior design.

So there are 7 ways to make an old sofa look new, I hope this article is useful for you. Thanks, If you have any questions or opinions about this topic, please leave a comment below.


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13 Hot Favourite Beaches For Tourists in Dubai




Hot favourite beach in dubai

Dubai and the entire UAE (UAE) is a great tourist hub for almost everyone. The beautiful scenic locations, the luxury hotels and stay options, the rich culture, and history, the shopping markets and malls to keep you busy with your credit cards all time occupied; plus numerous other facilities to satiate every kind of traveler’s needs.

But Dubai is not only for luxury travelers; it is equally a wonderful getaway option for budget travelers too.

You can explore all its beauty and magnificence spending less than 500 AED (100$) per day if you manage your stay and travel plans well.

If you are thinking, where to go in Dubai or UAE? Well, we have got that covered! We bring here a serene list of 13 favorite beaches in Dubai and other cities in the UAE which will not burn a hole in your pocket and also offer some great fun options:

1- Jbr Open BeachJBR Open Beach

It’s free but could be crowded during peak hours. Well maintained with clean sand, this beach volleyball courts, jet skiing sessions available, beautiful views of the famous Burj Al Arab in the backdrop.

2- Jumeirah Open Beach Jumeirah Open Beach Dubai

This is one of the most popular free beaches in Dubai; offering lounge chairs and umbrellas to its visitors.

One can even enjoy water skiing and wakeboarding along with volleyball and soccer on the beach. It has a kids’ play area too! You can also go strolling or jogging here as there’s a dedicated 3km long walkway laid over this beach.

3- Kite Beachkite-beach-dubai

If you’re looking for some adrenaline rush, then try out parasailing over this Arabian sea beach.

Though it’s not very popular among tourists, it still scores high on popularity charts among kite surfers who throng to this beach in hordes. Excellent views of Burj Al Arab and The Palm Jumeirah are the additional attractions here.

4- Mall of Emirates (MOE) Beach

Mall of Emirates (MOE) Beach

If you’re too tired of exploring Dubai’s numerous malls for deals, offers, and discounts, spend some time relaxing on MOE’s private stretch of sand. With the world-famous ski slope right next to it, this is definitely a unique experience! This small stretch is well maintained with clean sands, but crowded though!

5- Buhaira Corniche BeachBuhaira Corniche Beach Dubai

A tourist hotspot situated along Abu Dhabi Corniche offers a wonderful view of the submerged Aquarium at one end while being surrounded by Marina Mall shopping center on another side.

Along with other free activities like boating, you can also try your hands (legs) at water skiing and jet-skiing here.

6- Al Mamzar BeachAl Mamzar Beach Dubai

If you’re looking to spend some quality time with your family, Al Mamzar Beach in Dubai is a great option.

Situated close to the Deira side of Creek and accessible through the beautiful Majlis Ghorfat Umm Al Sheif (Creek Park), it has clean sands and safe waters too! It’s well maintained by authorities as it is considered an important place for the local fishermen community.

7. Al Sufouh Beach ParkAl Sufouh Beach Park Dubai

One of the most beautiful beaches in Dubai, it’s a picturesque location for sunbathing and swimming.

You can also try out various water activities over here including jet-skiing, Banana Boat ride, flying fish, etc. But be careful as this place isn’t safe for kids during evening hours due to large crowds.

8- Al Mamzar Corniche BeachAl Mamzar Corniche Beach

A beautiful stretch of Al Mamzar Corniche Beach offers great views of the Arabian Gulf, it also provides a wonderful view of the Dubai skyline from the other side.

It’s better to avoid this place in the evening as the beaches have nothing much to offer in terms of entertainment facilities and eateries apart from a few shacks offering local takeaway foods.

9- Jumeirah Beach WalkJumeirah Beach Walk

This newly developed walkway along the Jumeirah seafront has awesome scenic views right next to the seashore itself! You can simply spend time strolling or jogging here admiring its beauty or enjoying water activities like jet skiing over here too. But the place is more likely to be crowded during weekends and evenings.

10- Wild Wadi Water Park

Wild Wadi Water Park

If you want to enjoy some water rides and slides while being in the pool, try this beautifully designed water park which is just next to Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

You can spend a few hours here with your family enjoying its awesome rides and watching some stunning views of sunrise too! It’s expensive though (Dh110/person on weekdays and Dh130/person on weekends) compared to other attractions but definitely worth every penny.

11- Al Mamzar Beach ParkAl-Mamzar-Beach-Park Dubai

Located in historic Dubai Deira city, this small beach park offers a lovely view of the Arabian Sea along with Burj al-Arab. The beautiful corniche walkway also extends towards this park.

You can enjoy water activities at al mamzer beach park.

12- The Beach at JbrThe Beach at JBR dubai

One of the best free beaches in Dubai, it’s a modern-day experience with clean golden sands and crystal clear blue waters too! The shallow area also offers wonderful views of Palm Jumeirah.

But do try out some food from nearby outlets as there is nothing much to offer apart from a couple of shacks with local takeaway foods.

13- Dreamland BeachDreamland Beach dubai

A small stretch of enjoyable beach located near Al Sufouh, this location is known for its art installations and stores along the walkway. An ideal place to explore authentic Arabian culture, it has some popular restaurants offering international cuisine too.

How to Get to Free Beaches in Dubai

1. Take the Red Line metro from any part of Dubai and get down at Jumeirah station (Umm Suqeim direction).

Then walk towards the left side of the road from exit no.2, cross the main road and you will reach Jumeirah open beach after passing through some hotels & restaurants.

2. This is the last stop of Redline metro where it connects to the green line too, so if you are in any other part of Dubai city then take a Green Line Metro and get down at Union Station (Bur Dubai direction) and walk towards the right side exit from platform no.4, cross the main road and you will see Al Mamzar beach on your right side after passing few hotels.

3. Take the Red Line metro from any part of Dubai city and get down at Nakheel Station (Jumeirah Lake Towers).

Then walk towards the left side exit from platforms no. 7 & 8, cross the bridge over the road and you will reach Al Safa beach after passing through a few hotels.

4. Take the Red Line metro from any part of Dubai and get down at Jumeirah station (Umm Suqeim direction).

Then walk towards the right side exit from platform no. 1, cross one road and you will see Wild Wadi water park on your right side after passing through some hotels.

5. Take the Red Line metro from any part of Dubai city and change the line at Union Station (Bur Dubai direction) from platform no.4 to platform no.6, then walk towards the right side exit from platform no. 1, cross one road and you will see JBR beach on your left side after passing through a little bit of sandy area.

6. Take the Red Line metro from any part of Dubai and get down at JLT station (Jumeirah Lake Towers). Walk towards the right side exit from platforms no. 7 & 8, cross one road and you will see Jumeirah Open Beach on your left side after passing through a few hotels.

What is the Difference Between Public & Private Beaches in Dubai?

Well, the public beach in Dubai is open for all to enjoy free of charge including food & beverage costs. But the private beaches are located within hotels where you need to pay an entry fee (around Dh10/person or maybe more) plus additional food & beverage charges (usually around Dh100/ head).

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Is Maid Worth the Money or Should I Do it by Myself




Is Maid Worth the Money or Should I Do it by Myself

Cleaning is a vital part of our lives, but with a job, studies, or other family duties, it can get tough to maintain the balance between everything. You would be doing everything you can to keep the house clean, but it can get very hard with other things. Most people will go for hiring a housemaid from a housemaid’s supply service to lend a helping hand. However, the question is, is it worth the money, or is it better to do the work yourself? Let’s find out.

Before deciding whether it’s worth it to hire a maid or not, here are a few things you need to consider.

Is There an Availability of Time?

Is There an Availability of Time

The first thing you need to consider is the time. Do you have the time to do the work yourself or not? Thorough cleaning of the house can be a time-consuming task. While a quick cleaning doesn’t take much time, a complete clean will take longer. If you have a job, you may not have the time for such a cleanup. In such a case, most people find hiring maids from Domestic helpers agencies a worthy option.

Does it Fall Within Your Budget?

Does it Fall Within Your Budget

It is based on whichever company you prefer and who you hire. If you don’t feel like spending much on house cleaning, you may choose to do it yourself. But looking at the energy and time you can save, some people find it a worthy investment to hire a maid, and paying a few extra dollars are, therefore, worth it. If you think you have the budget and spending a few dollars will take the cleaning burden off your shoulders, hiring a maid will be worth the investment.

Would You Let Anyone Else in Your Home?

Would You Let Anyone Else in Your Home

Another thing to consider is whether you’re ready to let strangers enter your home. If you’re willing to let them in, touch, and clean your items, you’ll have no problem hiring a maid. Moreover, most cleaning services also offer quality and trustworthy house maids who will keep your house spick and span. So, hiring a maid will be a worthy investment if you’re ready to let some reliable people in your home for cleaning.

Are You Okay With the Cleaning Styles of Others?

Are You Okay With the Cleaning Styles of Others

Everyone’s cleaning is different, and everyone has a specific style. Before letting someone do the cleaning for you, you’d need to consider whether you’re comfortable allowing people to clean the way they want to. Hiring a housemaid for cleaning can be the best idea if you’re comfortable with that idea.


So, hiring a maid may cost you a small amount of money from your wallet, but it’ll be worth it if you get the cleaning you need. Therefore, to see whether hiring a maid will be a worthy investment, you need to ask yourself the questions mentioned above. Only after reflecting upon these can you conclude whether or not a maid is an excellent investment for you.

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How to Move into A Villa With No Stress




How to Move into A Villa With No Stress

Moving into a new villa can be both an exciting and challenging experience. If you’re like most villa owners, your new home probably doesn’t have an elevator. It’s very common that villas always come without an elevator, all around the world.

However, moving items on the first or second floor gets a little more difficult, but it’s not impossible. Here are a few tips to help make the process as smooth as possible.

1. Plan And Know What You Can And Cannot Move Yourself

Plan And Know What You Can And Cannot Move Yourself

Moving is a very labor-intensive process, and if you’re moving into a new villa, it can be even more difficult. Since you’ll have to carry most of your items up several flights of stairs, make sure you know which items will be the hardest to move.

In this case, heavy objects such as large dressers and televisions should always be carried by two people. One person can likely carry items such as bedding and pillows because they’re light but bulky.

2. Ask Friends And Family For Help

To move into villa without any stress ask friends and family for help

Moving into a villa is extremely difficult to work, as compared to an apartment. You can hire villa movers in Dubai, to come in and carry everything up for you, but that will be very expensive. Instead of spending a lot of money on movers, look around your network of people who might be willing to help.

Friends, family members, coworkers, and even neighbors may be willing to come by and help out. If you’re lucky enough to find someone willing to help, make sure you offer them some form of compensation for their time.

3. Pack Your Belongings Carefully, Using Boxes

Pack Your Belongings Carefully, Using Boxes

Packing your belongings carefully will ensure that everything is protected during the move and that nothing gets broken. When packing, try to stack boxes together, so they’re easier to carry. If you can’t fit something like a bookshelf in one box, use multiple waffle-weave plastic wraps to keep the items together and protect them.

Boxes will ensure that everything gets moved in smoothly, and boxes will move as much as possible into each trip up the stairs.

4. Label Each Box With Its Contents And The Room It Belongs In

Label Each Box With Its Contents And The Room It Belongs In

Moving is a very difficult process, and it can be even harder if you don’t know where each box goes. Labeling your boxes will make the unpacking process go much more smoothly. Make sure to label each box with its contents, which room of the villa it goes in (living room, bedroom, etc.), and whether or not you need help with that particular box. This way, you won’t have to guess where each item goes because it will be very clear.

5. Rent A Moving Truck Or Hire Movers

Rent A Moving Truck Or Hire Movers

If you have a lot of belongings and don’t think you’ll be able to carry everything up the stairs, renting a moving truck is always an option. Packing everything into the truck will save your time and energy, and it will ensure that all your belongings are protected during transport.

Hiring bluebox movers is another option because they’re professionals and know how to handle everything for you. If you are moving into an apartment with an elevator, it could be easier to hire movers because most buildings have elevators that can hold several boxes at once.

6. Make Sure to Take Your Time When Moving Furniture

Make Sure to Take Your Time When Moving Furniture

Moving into a villa is always hard, and it requires patience and lots of time. Make sure to take your time when moving large furniture such as bookshelves and large coffee tables. This way, you’ll avoid any injuries which could happen if you rush or try to carry too much at once. Remember, everything won’t fit into the apartment right away, which means plenty of trips up and down the stairs.

7. Bring All Electronics First

Bring all electronics to your villa before moving everything else

Bringing all electronics to your apartment before moving everything else will make moving much easier. It’s much harder to carry large appliances up the stairs, and it can even be dangerous if certain items are dropped or thrown while being carried up the stairs. All TVs, laptops, etc., should be brought into the villa first because it will be easier for you and the movers.

8. Unpack Your Belongings As Soon As Possible

Unpack Your Belongings As Soon As Possible

Don’t wait to unpack because it will only make a move much more difficult and much, much longer. If you unpack as soon as possible, you’ll be able to enjoy your new home sooner, and moving won’t seem so bad. Also, don’t try to unpack after a long day of work because this will also lead to a stressful and long move.

9. Focus on The Positives of Your New Villa

Focus on The Positives of Your New Villa

If you’re moving into a villa or just a very different one from the last, then this moving process will be stressful. Make sure to focus on the positives of your new job, city, villa, etc. This will make moving easier and help you adjust to your new life much faster.


If you consider a villa for residing in Dubai, be sure to follow the following tips mentioned above to make your move hassle-free. Keep in mind that even if there is one available, it may not always be in working order. If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to the property management team for more information.

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