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Top 20 Fine Dining Restaurants in Dubai



Top 20 Fine Dining Restaurants in Dubai

Dubai is known for its luxurious lifestyle and the beautiful people who live here. It’s also a place of arguably unique luxury high-class dining experiences. Dubai has some of the best restaurants in the world, and whether you’re looking to dine like royalty on gold-plated cutlery or you just want a good burger, Dubai has something for everyone. Here are 20 of the finest restaurants in Dubai:

1) Al Muntaha

Al Muntaha Restaurant

Al Muntaha is an exclusive fine dining restaurant located 299 feet above the ground on the 27th floor of the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel. It serves up delicious seafood and international cuisine, with some dishes served floating over a bed of dry ice giving an experience your taste buds will never forget!

2) Nusr-et Steakhouse

Nusr-et Steakhouse

Nusr-et is known for its mouth-watering meat cooked on hot stones in front of guests, similar to Japanese steak houses this restaurant offers one thing – lots and lots of meat!


ICON – Restaurant

ICON is an award-winning restaurant located in the Fairmont Hotel, it features cuisine from all over the world including Indian, Asian, and Mediterranean dishes, with some being cooked by chefs on a teppanyaki table right in front of you!

4) Al Dawaar

Al Dawaar

Al Dawaar can be found at the base of Burj Khalifa tower and features live cooking stations where guests pick their fish which is then prepared in front of them. It also features an extensive seafood buffet spread!

5) Palms

Palm Restaurant

Palms is located in the heart of Dubai’s financial district and features fine dining Italian cuisine. It also has an extensive cocktail menu to ensure everybody leaves with a smile on their face!

6) Al Mahara

Al Mahara

Al Mahara can be found inside the world’s tallest building, The Burj Khalifa, and offers fresh seafood flown in from all over the world straight to diners’ plates! As well as a wide selection of seafood dishes the menu also features international favorites such as steak, risotto, and crab.

7) Raw

RAW Coffee

Raw is a vegetarian restaurant located in the heart of Dubai’s financial district that aims to offer diners healthy food that will also give them energy! It serves great-tasting juices made using fruits and vegetables found in the area as well as smoothies, salads, and falafel pitas!

8) Tresind


Tresind is a fine dining Indian restaurant located in the heart of Dubai’s financial district and offers diners some delicious vegetable, chicken, and lamb dishes that will leave you wanting more!

9) Agrabah Café

Agrabah Café

Agrabah Cafe can be found inside one of Dubai’s most luxurious hotels, The Park Hyatt, and serves up cheap international favorites including Lebanese mezze and a range of kababs, all at a reasonable price!

10) Rivington Grill

Rivington Grill

Rivington Grill can be found in The Address hotel and has an extensive menu filled with international dishes including steaks, burgers, and risotto that will suit everybody’s budget and taste buds!

11) Wild Wadi Water Park Restaurant

Wild Wadi Water Park Restaurant

Wild Wadi Water Park is located on Jumeirah Beach Road, on the way to Dubai Marina. The restaurant offers a wide variety of international dishes including burgers and pizzas as well as Arabian favorites such as shawarma.

12) Port Saeed – Dates & Olives Cuisine

Port Saeed Restaurant

Port Saeed dates & olives cuisine is located in the old part of Dubai known for its fishing industry where visitors can enjoy fish or traditional Arabic cuisine of Shish Kebab over rice with oven-baked Kibbeh seasoned with crushed spices grilled on charcoal.

13) Ten Degrees

Ten Degrees is an upmarket restaurant with a fantastic view of the Burj Khalifa and offers diners a menu filled with international favorites including steaks and risottos as well as sushi and seafood dishes!

14) Dubai Spice Souk

The Dubai Spice Souk situated within Jumeirah Lakes Towers’ Interchange Four is a great place for lunch! It has various food stalls offering Indian cuisine, Chinese food, and Mediterranean snacks such as shawarma. There are plenty of options to choose from making it a dining experience everyone can enjoy!

15) HATam


Hatam is located on the first floor of Al Seef Mall in Jumeirah and offers diners some great Indian cuisine at a very reasonable price! The menu includes Mughlai curries, tandoori dishes as well as seafood and vegetarian options which are all served by friendly staff.

16) Tokyo Joe’s

tokyo joes

Tokyo Joe’s is an international restaurant with Japanese food including sushi that is located within the Hotel Grand Hyatt that also offers guests complimentary access to its swimming pool if they dine there! It has plenty of outdoor seating so visitors can enjoy their meal while overlooking the views of Downtown Dubai!

17) L’Olivier


L’Olivier is a French restaurant located at the base of the Jumeirah Emirates Towers and offers diners some delicious French favorites including pizza, steak tartare as well as pasta. The outdoor seating allows guests to enjoy views of the Burj Khalifa while dining outside!

18) Bait Al Wakeel

Bait Al Wakeel

Bait Al Wakeel is a seafood restaurant that is located right on the beachfront in JBR offering visitors plenty of options to choose from when it comes to their dishes but all are very reasonably priced especially for Dubai Marina! It also hosts the largest fish tank in the world holding over 37,000 liters of water and 1500 different species of marine life including sharks which is definitely worth a visit for aquarium lovers.

19) Le Bistro at Port de Versailles

Le Bistro at Port de Versailles

Le Bistro at Port de Versailles is located within the luxurious residences of Port de Versailles in The Lakes district of Jumeirah Lake Towers where it offers diners some great French cuisine that can be enjoyed while sitting on the restaurant’s terrace with views onto the marina waters!


As Dubai continues to grow into a global city, more and more fantastic restaurants continue to open up their doors for visitors offering different cuisines than can be found in any other part of the world. Dining out has become one of the most popular activities during their stay with people interested not just in food but also in experiencing what Dubai has to offer when it comes to food culture. Whether you’re looking for fine dining among the skyscrapers, enjoying some delicious Indian cuisine in an upmarket mall, or even having seafood on the beach Dubai has something for everyone!

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Al Mamzar Beach Park



Al Mamzar Beach Park

Dubai is the land of mesmerizing beauty, wide landscapes, and glorious skylines. From manmade islands, and magnificent skyscrapers to natural treasures which make one feel overwhelmed, there is so much to explore in this heaven.

On your visit to Dubai, if you want to spend your time while remaining close to nature, there are various beaches you can whirl around. One of Dubai’s claims to fame is the serenity of its beaches that conceal spectacular beauty and calmness inside. The crystal white sand spread around the stunning beach is beneficial for mental peace and a great idea to spend some time relaxing.

Al Mamzar Beach Park is a popular and fascinating place among tourists with comprehensive facilities and breathtaking views. The tranquility of waters, shade of palm trees, and radiant light of the sun – everything makes this place look more like a fantasy.

Spanning an area of over 100 hectares, Al Mamzar Beach has a plethora of recreational activities to enjoy with family and friends. Since its inauguration in 1994, Al Mamzar Beach is providing a good escape from the hustle and bustle of the city while you can enjoy lush green surroundings and beachy vibes. The five separate beaches and acres of widespread green surroundings make Al Mamzar Beach a favorite place for families.

Al Mamzar Beach Park – Location

Location is one of the most noteworthy things when deciding on visiting a destination. In Dubai, it is easier for tourists to reach any destination as there are various public means of transport available for the ease of every tourist.

Al Mamzar Beach Park is located quite far from Dubai city, giving a good escape from the crowded city. It is near Northeast Dubai, in the Al Mamzar district, closer to Sharjah. It is almost 20 minutes from Dubai Downtown and 45 minutes from Dubai Marina. Whether you’re coming by private vehicle, public transport, or metro, the location is easily accessible to everyone.

Nearby Attractionsburj khlifa

You will find a plush neighborhood at Al Mamzar Beach, making it as a phenomenal tourist destination in Dubai.

  • Burj Khalifa is located at a driving distance of 23 kilometers.
  • To enjoy Sharjah aquarium, you only need to cover the distance of 14 kilometers.
  • The Reef mall is located nearby where you can access a number of brands to shop from.
  • At 13 kilometers from the Al Mamzar Beach, there is a Al Majaz Waterfront where you can spend your time while enjoying cultural programs and exhibitions.

How to reach Al Mamzar Beach?

Reaching Al Mamzar Beach is easy from a shuttle car that can be booked from your hotel. 

  • If you are coming by a car or taxi, you can reach the shore by approaching Al Mamzar or Century Mall first. You can park your vehicle free of cost at the external parking.
  • If you want to travel by bus, C28 will take you directly to the Al Mamzar beach spots.
  • For those who’re travelling by Metro, the closest station is Al Qiyadah towards Rashdiya. From this station, Al Mamzar Beach Park is merely six to seven kilometers away. 

Al Mamzar Beach Park timing

Sunday to Wednesday 08:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Thursday to Saturday & on public holidays 08:00 AM to 11:00 PM
During Ramadan 08:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Best time to visit Al Mamzar BeachBest time to visit Al Mamzar Beach

Al Mamzar Beach is open to the public throughout the year. Whether it’s winter or summer, you can enjoy beach activities at any part of the year. However, the best time to explore Al Mamzar Beach is between November and January because the days during these months are not sweltering or humid. During the summertime, you can enjoy the evening swimming on the beach or just take a good sunbath to relax your body.

Al Mamzar Beach Park – Ticket details

  • The entrance fee is almost AED 5 per person.
  • Entry is free of charge for people with special needs.
  • No entry fees for kids below 2 years old.
  • Internal car parking is for AED 30.
  • External car parking is free.
  • Sunbed is for AED 15.
  • Umbrella is for AED 10.
  • The train ride is AED 2 per person.
  • The large beach cabin is for AED 200, and a small cabin is for AED 150.
  • A swimming pool ticket for adults is AED 10 while for kids, AED 5.

Recreational activities to do at Al Mamzar Beach ParkRecreational activities to do at Al Mamzar Beach Park

Once you arrive at Al Mamzar Beach, you will be thrilled by the number of entertainment activities that you can enjoy regardless of your age group. Numerous green showers, barbecues, swimming pools, playgrounds, jet skiing, sunbathing, bicycling, climbing, and a lot of other things excite your travelers’ aspirations.

  • Eye-soothing natural beauty

Al Mamzar is not just a beach but a place to dive into nature’s indulgence with the modern beach sides. Soak the sun while sitting on the rock and enjoy watching crabs settling around. Watching starfishes being washed closer to the shore is an eye-soothing and unparalleled experience. The wide green landscapes and sky-high palm trees will make your soul calm and relaxed like never before.

  • Water sports

If you have a knack for adventures, you can try snorkeling to discover the marine life inside the sea. Rent a jet ski and fly over the water like never before.

  • Dining experience

To provide visitors with a thrilling and delectable BBQ experience, there are 28 areas with BBQ sets, grills, umbrellas, and seats. A wide range of food options from various continents is also available on the beach where you can explore the food variety belonging to different parts of the world.

  • Kids activities

To enjoy quality beach time with your kids, build sandcastles and collect seashells with them because this is going to be their favorite pastime. A mini train ride is a fun activity for the kids as it takes the passengers around the park.  

  • Sports activities

There are football, basketball areas, and skateboard parks designated for sports lovers. A jogging track is also made for those who wish to jog or take a random walk.

  • Chalet service

In order to spend an entire day on the beach, renting a chalet can be a great and affordable idea. Either big or small, every chalet is air-conditioned and furnished, has a picnic bench, a shower, and complete privacy for the families.

There are almost 15 chalets located at the Al Mamzar Beach Park and you have to book them in advance. A large chalet with the capacity to hold 12 people costs around AED 200 per day while a small chalet with the capacity to hold 8 people costs AED 150 per day.

  • Basic facilities

Not just the recreational spots, but Al Mamzar Beach Park is equipped with the basic amenities as well such as baby changing facilities, amphitheaters, dressing rooms, prayer room, toilets and Wifi connectivity. There are various cafes which serve snacks and drinks to fulfill your hunger cravings.

Integration of Nature With Smart Park Facilitiesnature with smart park

Al Mamzar is one of a kind recreational spot that does not only support green surroundings but you will be stunned by the availability of smart facilities inside. The 21st-century smart plan makes sure that the visitors enjoy the finest experience at the Al Mamzar Beach Park while remaining connected to their loved ones through smart technology.

Smart plan

At the entrance, smart gates are installed which allow access using the RTA NOL card system that helps visitors save time from standing in the long ticketing queues. Inside the park, you will see strange-looking Palm Trees which are actually Smart Trees that help you connect to the Wifi by standing under its shade. The Smart benches provide the facility to charge the mobile devices without the need for a USB cable.

There is another interesting spot to visit i.e. Smart Oasis which harvests humid air and converts it into 90 liters of drinking water on a daily basis. Another interesting smart move is the smart drones which analyze the health of plants and trees inside the park. To ensure the security of every visitor, especially during water expeditions, smart rescue is ensured everywhere around the park.

How to make most out of your trip to Al Mamzar Beach Park?

  • If you’re travelling to the beach during summer, keep yourself hydrated as the days can be humid and sweltering.
  • It is advisable to take the required equipment with you if you want to participate in snorkeling.
  • Refrain from smoking, shisha and alcohol as these are not allowed on the beach.
  • Follow the rules and regulations defined by the authorities as a responsible tourist.
  • If you’re planning to swim, don’t forget to carry your swimming gear with you.
  • Dont forget to wear a sunscreen because it is an essential part of skincare routine especially in the summers to escape from sun tan. 
  • Prefer to carry easy and comfy clothing. 

Contact information about Al Mamzar Beach

On your tour to Dubai, it is important to keep the contact numbers of your planned destinations saved as you may require to contact them for any query. To keep in touch with the upcoming events or to get any help regarding the location or for any query on entrance fee, you can contact them via Landline.

Contact number: +971 42 96 6201

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Does the Al Mamzar Beach Park remain closed on local holidays?

No. It remains open throughout the year. On the local holidays, the timing of the park is 08:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

  • Is swimming allowed in Al Mamzar Beach after sunset?

In summers, swimming is allowed after sunset. But during the winters, swimming after sunset is strictly prohibited.

  • Is it prohibited to consume alcohol in Al Mamzar?

Yes, it is strictly prohibited to drink alcohol in Al Mamzar or any other public parks in Dubai.

  • Are pets allowed in Al Mamzar Park?

No, pets are strictly not allowed in Al Mamzar Beach Park.

  • When is the ladies’ day at Al Mamzar Beach Park?

Monday and Wednesday are reserved for ladies. Boys under the age of 6 are only allowed during these days.

  • Where to stay at Al Mamzar Beach Park?

Al Mamzar Beach Park does not provide any overnight accommodation facility, but there are various nearby accommodation options that you can choose according to your budget.

  • Is Al Mamzar Beach in Dubai or Sharjah?

Al Mamzar Beach is located in northeast Dubai, right next to the border with Sharjah.

  • Is shisha or smoking allowed at Al Mamzar Beach?

No. Shisha or smoking is not allowed at the beach.

In the end

With the wide spread of beautiful sands and tranquil waters flowing on the beach, Al Mamzar Beach Park is among the favorite places of tourists in Dubai. Although there are multiple destinations to wander around a beach is a combination of serenity and modernity. Integrating smart systems inside Al Mamzar Beach Park is a noteworthy aspect of this beautiful landscape. 

Al Mamzar Beach Park provides a recreational spot to spend quality time with family and friends. From enjoying lavish time with your kids to taking an adventurous ride with your friends or dine in at any of the beach spot, this place is exceptional tourist destination to visit at least once in a lifetime.

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Camping in UAE



Camping in UAE

Camping under the starry night, feeling the calmness of the desserts and the tranquility of the waters while snuggling around the campfire is a memorable experience.

The UAE is a land of luxurious spots and gorgeous hotels with intimidating facilities, but this is not just it. How about camping under the open sky roof near a beach or hiking around the mountains while enjoying the beautiful surroundings? The UAE is the epitome of beauty, serenity, and above that, the unlimited options for tourists to relish their time. For those who want to spend their vacation close to mother nature, away from the fancy shenanigans, the UAE offers a number of camping spots.

After having a stressful day, all you need is to cut off all distractions and indulge in the serenity of nature. In the UAE, you will find many spots where tourists can enjoy a sound day, listening to the birds chirping while losing in the calmness of the surroundings. Desert camping is also an exceptional way to explore UAE’s wilderness, marine life, and adventurous activities in an alluring environment.

There are a lot of things to do in Dubai at night, and out of these, camping is the favorite activity of the majority of the tourists. Camping is not just a way to relax but an adventurous expedition that bonds you tighter with your loved ones. The camping spots in UAE are enchanting and intriguing and trigger the desire to adventure in every tourist.  If you’re visiting the UAE and looking for an exceptional camping spot, this blog post will greatly help.

Rules of Camping in the UAE

  • Although there is no prior permission required for camping in the desserts, however, if you want to stay for longer, you need to acquire permission.
  • It is not allowed to light the fire more than necessary and when you leave the camp, make sure to extinguish the fire. No ovens or barbecues are allowed inside the tent. No lighters and candles should be burned inside.
  • A tent should be installed at a considerable distance from the other tent. The light sources should be placed 50 cm away from the tent cloth.
  • Not large gatherings are allowed inside the tent.

What is the best time to go camping in the UAE?

The UAE is the land of blazing hot sun and humid & dry weather. The weather remains hot and humid for most of the year, and if you’re planning a tour to the UAE to enjoy camping, the suitable months would be from October to April.

Most ex-pats or locals plan their camping on weekends so it is obvious that Friday to Sunday would be the busiest days for camping. If you want to stay away from the bustle, you may plan your camping session during the weekdays.

Essentials to Carry When Going Camping in UAE

If you’re planning a camping getaway with your family and friends in UAE, you need to make a checklist of essentials to ensure that you’re not missing out on any necessary gadgets.

Here is a list of essentials you should never forget to take out with you while camping.

  • A good GPS and maps. Carrying both online and offline maps is recommended.
  • Tent along with poles and stakes.
  • Tent footprint for the base.
  • Firewood, grills, matchbox, charcoal, torch
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Extra warm clothes
  • First aid kit, tissues, and wipes
  • Insect repellent, antiseptic sprays
  • Plenty of water and food especially canned food
  • Rake and garbage bags
  • Umbrella, a sunblock
  • Power bank, extra batteries

Don’t forget to double-check your list of essentials before heading towards the camping spot because any missing stuff spoils the fun.

Estimated Budget for Camping in UAE

There are various camping packages that you can avail yourself of according to your budget and camping spot. Various hotels are affiliated with camping facilitators, so they provide you with the pick and drop facility. However, you have to ask your hotel management if they facilitate the service or not.

In the UAE, the camping cost ranges from AED 700 to AED 800 per person. Within this package, you can usually spend 2 days and one night in the camp.

Safety measures when Camping

  • Regarding tents

When choosing the tent for camping, make sure it is made of non-absorbent and non-flammable materials and has proper holes for adequate ventilation.

The tents should be fastened tightly with ropes and should be kept at a length that is safe for the people inside. Also, keep in mind that tents should be pitched in area that is far away from the level of water tides.

  • Regarding heating operations

The firewood must be kept at least 15 feet away from the tent. The burner stove should be placed outside the camp so that in case of wind flow, the stove can be protected by the barrier. If you burn coal, do not leave it to burn at night as it can cause serious fire hazards. Ensure that there is an extinguisher nearby in case of a fire.

  • Do not throw the trash away as it can attract insects and other parasites to the camping site.
  • If you want to enjoy a camping expedition to the fullest, make sure to abide by the camping rules and safety measures.

Best spots for camping in the UAE

In the UAE, you will find a plethora of camping spots where you will be mesmerized by the beauty and serenity of the surroundings.

Here, we have covered the best camping spots across the seven states of the UAE, each place will give you a soothing and unforgettable experience.

Camping spots in Dubai

Banan Beachbanan beach

Banan Beach is a small yet cozy place to cater to your desire for daytime camping. You will be entertained by ample sunlight that will make your body feel warm and relaxed. To let you enjoy the beach vibes, the beach staff provides tents, pillows, and chairs so you can have a delightful time under the open blue sky.

The Banan beach resort offers more than 40 camping tents, 5 chalets, and 12 water sports to channel your tourists’ camping vibes. Although the beach offers exceptional daytime camping, the best time to camp at Banan Beach is at night during summer. The resort is hands down one of the best instagrammable places where the lightning tents give a picturesque view in the evening.

Booking a tent at the Banan Beach Resort costs around AED 30 for 1 night.

Location: Jebel Ail – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Lahbab Sands Campinglahbab

Looking at the red sands stretching far away is the most mesmerizing view one can ask for in Dubai. Lahbab Sands is particularly known as a paradise for dune bashers and speed lovers who love to defeat the whirling wind. ‘The Big Red’ is a 300-foot sand dune that is a huge challenge for every high-speed biker and every dune basher who wishes to conquer it.

Not only for the speed-daft bikers, but Lahbab Sands is a popular camping destination among stargazers who wish to enjoy twinkling nights full of stars. A BBQ plater with lots of music around makes camping an unreal experience among the campers.

Location: Lahbab, Dubai, UAE

Al Qudra Lakesalqudra

Al Qudra is an artificial oasis famous for the rejuvenating camping experience, surrounded by sand dunes. Away from the city’s hustle and bustle, the camping site at Al Qudra lakes offers breathtaking views of the stars and the calmness of the surroundings while you enjoy the BBQ set up near the lake. The beautiful swans and flamingos in the water are a beacon of calmness and serenity for the spectators.

Al Qudra is also the land of almost 360 species of migratory birds which produce soothing sounds to the ears in the morning. Interestingly, you don’t need off-road cars to explore the Al Qudra lakes. To satisfy your food cravings, there are many food trucks available at Al Qudra lakes.

There is no entry fee for Al Qudra Lakes but certain activities such as renting bikes is charged as per the vendor’s agreement.

Location: Saih Al Salam, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Arabian Dreams Desert Camparabian

Camping in Arabian Dreams Desert camp is a joyful escape from the bustling city of Dubai. With a touch of a private tour, camping here would be surreal as you can drive through the sand dunes in your private jeep. Enjoying the delectable BBQ while the sunsets behind the sand dunes while the traditional music plays around – this is going to be an amiable experience for a lifetime.

There are various activities which you can enjoy on your camping such as dune-bashing, camel riding, sandboarding a 180-meter sand slope, and much more. The camping site has seven tents where you can enjoy near the campfire while strengthening your bond with your loved ones.

For a group of 6 persons, the camp reservation at Arabian Dreams Desert Camp costs AED 1817.

Location: At the edge of Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, UAE

Camping spots in Sharjah

Al Badayer OasisAl Badayer Oasis

With a serene amalgam of silence, intimidating surroundings, and a night full of blitzing stars, Al Badayer Oasis is a famous camping spot in Sharjah. With 20 rooms and 10 tents in the middle of sand castles, the camping site is a treat for every camper.

There are various activities that you can enjoy at Al Badayer including dune bashing, quad biking, camel rides, and more.

Location: Located on the higher plateau of Al Madam, Al Badayer is around 65km southeast of Sharjah city.

Al Fayaal faya

Al Faya is famous for its mesmerizing ruby sand and sand dunes which are bigger than Al Badayer. The effortless blending of desert surroundings with bedroom lodges in the middle of the oasis makes Al Faya a favorite spot to camp in Sharjah.

The campers who love to stargaze under the calm starry night sky can book a tent of their choice. The camping site of Al Faya is incredibly designed to look traditional and to make people enjoy the typical camping experience at its best.

Location: Musk Al Faya, 28 miles from Sahara Center, Sharjah.

Fossil Rockfossil rock

Fossil Rock is a prominent camping spot in Sharjah that highlights the information on the rock formation, the early species on the planet, and past civilizations and is a worth-visiting place for those who love to discover history.

The Fossil Rock is also a popular spot from the archeological point of view and the nearby Mleiha Archaeological Centre offers guides that thoroughly make you understand the history of deserts in the UAE. The place has some amazing mountains in the surroundings and between them, it looks surreal to camp here.

If you just want to surround yourself with the mountains above the open starry sky or want to discover its hidden treasures, Fossil Rock is the camping place you should go for.

Location: Located near the Sharjah-Kalba Highway Road.

Camping spots in Abu Dhabi

Al Dhafra BeachAl Dhafra

Enjoy beach camping with your loved ones, friends, family, and turtles. Turtles? Turtles!

Al Dhafra Beach is located on the fringes of Abu Dhabi and is widely famous for its vast camping spots where you may accompany the turtles. So if you enjoy spotting sea turtles, Al Dhafra has this company planned for you. One of the calmest and prettiest beach views will be seen here near the crystal-clear waters.

If you’re planning to visit Al Dhafra, don’t forget to pack your camping supplies and a swimsuit as well because there are many sports activities that may excite you at the beach including snorkeling and kayaking. Indulge yourself in the delicacy of BBQ items and fishing while you enjoy camping under the wide sky.

Location: On the western coast of Abu Dhabi, almost 220 kilometers from the city.


Located amidst the deserts of Abu Dhabi, Liwa is popular among those campers who love to spend time in solitude. The vast barren land of Liwa is also termed the ‘Empty Quarter’ and to reach here, you really need a good compass.

Flooded with wildlife, Liwa is an incredibly beautiful camping spot in Abu Dhabi and has so much serenity for its visitors. The more you explore it, the more quiescent and alluring it looks. When you’re camping in the middle of the sands, there are high chances of go lost among the wide stretches of desert. It is always recommended to bring a good GPS and travel in 4x4s since here, you may encounter various sand dunes. Near Liwa, there is a motor museum owned by Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan al Nahyan and is a must-visit place for tourists.

You need to bring all the essential camping items with you and extra fuel because there are rare chances of finding any help nearby in case you’re running low on the camping basics.

Location: Follow Dubai – Ghweifat International Highway, Abu Dhabi -Tarif Road/E11 and E45 to Hameem Road

Bab Al Nojoumbabalnajoum

The absolutely stunning and luxurious beach at Abu Dhabi’s Hudayirat Island will provide you with an unforgettable camping experience. With the star-studded sky above you and a will to adventure in the most exquisite camping spot in Abu Dhabi, the whole camping experience at Bab Al Nojoum is going to be surreal and enticing.

The tourists who camp here enjoy impeccable solace that makes them disconnect from the crowded city and lets them enjoy the serenity of sky and sand. If you’re planning to camp here, don’t forget to bring your own sleeping mats, pillow, and sleeping bags. However, if you’re willing to spend more, you can rent an air mattress and towels.

The price range of camping at Bab Al Nojoum lies between 214 DHS and 2290 DHS.

Location: Located in Hudayriyat Leisure and Entertainment District, 29 minutes away from Abu Dhabi Airport.

Camping spots in Fujairah

Al Aqah Beachal aqah

A true emblem of desirable luxury resorts and scenic settings for camps – Al Aqah Beach is a widely popular camping spot in Fujairah. The camping activities combine with rich traditions and provide an enduring experience to relish for a lifetime.

The camp setting around the intimidating beaches is perfect for every camper to enjoy the time of his own under the wide sky. Since the beach is located near the Le Meridien Al Aqah Resort, you will find a variety of dining options to binge-eat your favorite food while camping. There are various watersports activities such as snorkeling and kayaking that will make you tick your desire for adventure.

Location: G946+PM9 Al Aqah, Fujairah – United Arab Emirates

Snoopy Islandsnoopy

For families who love to camp and looking for exceptional spots in Fujairah to go camping in summer, Snoopy Island is a perfect spot for those families.

Snoopy Island (also known as Jazirat al-Aqqa) took its name from the resemblance of its boulder with the cartoon character ‘snoop’. The island is not massive and has a length of only 100 meters, but its popularity is unbelievable. To get here, you don’t need a 4-wheel drive.

To enjoy sizzling BBQ and water sports with your family, you can set up tents by the beach side and enjoy precious moments with your family. The spot is widely popular for camping in summer among families, and this is why it would be difficult to find an empty spot here.

Location: On the northern coast of the Emirate of Fujairah on the Gulf of Oman

Wadi Sanawadi sana

Driving between Dibba and Masafi, the route takes you from deserts to crusty mountains all through scenic views. Along with camping in Wadi Sana, you can also enjoy hiking the mountain terrains. The picturesque views from the mountains make one indulge in the deepness and calmness of the mountains.

Since you’re going to camp around the mountains, don’t forget to take blankets and a sleeping bag with you. Wadi Sana is also famous for its mountain-biking trails which excite every adventure lover to dive into this expedition. You will need to take a 4×4 to reach Wadi Sana through the rocky path.

Location: Masafi-Dibba Road

Camping spots in Ras Al Khaima

Bedouin Campsbedouin

A true blend of Arab heritage and extravagance can be seen at Bedouin camps. One of the best things about Bedouin camps is that you don’t need to take extra stuff with you because you will be provided with coolers, cushions, a BBQ setup, and hookahs in the camp to add cozy and comfy vibes to your camping experience. Arabic food is another perk that you can enjoy inside your camp, as here you can access lavish Arabic food and buffets.

To make campers aware of the history of the surroundings, the guides at the Bedouin Camps will take you on an educational tour of the desert. The enchanting silence and peaceful calmness away from the city’s bustle will provide you with a soothing experience. The Banyan Tree Al Wadi is located near the Bedouin Camping site where you can enjoy the rich cultural heritage of the Arabs.

The price per camp in Bedouin Camps starts from AED 190.

Location: Near Banyan Tree Al Wadi, Ras al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates


Awafi stands among the most popular camping destinations in the UAE. It is a popular camping site in Ras Al Khaima, especially among those families who love to camp in the wide stretches of sand, away from the city lights.

The camping site is also popular for quad biking, and people love to take part in this adventurous expedition. The site also hosts an annual festival to celebrate the ethnic and cultural heritage of the UAE. Awafi is a favorite camping spot not only among families but also among youngsters who love to camp here with their friends to enjoy quad biking.

Camping spots in Ajman

Bianky Beach Campbianky

Bianky Beach Camp is a popular site to camp in Ajman where you can enjoy camping at its best even if you have a low budget. Away from civilization, close to the old local flavor, Bianky caters to campers with tents and coastal wooden gazebos and chalets to spend quality time with friends and family.

Bianky Beach Camp is located at Al Zorah Beach, where tranquility meets luxury and spellbound every tourist around. The BBQ area, water sports activities, and various styles of accommodation allow the visitors to enjoy their camp time just as they want. Enjoy your beverages and scrumptious food, listen to the live music, and indulge in the beauty of this incredible beach camp.

Location: Situated on Al Zorah Beach Ajman, almost 27 kilometers away from Sharjah International Airport.

Carvana Alzorahcaevana

Take your camping experience at a whole new level with Caravana Alzorah where spacious an dwell-maintained caravans are waiting for you. This is the coolest camping site in Ajman where you can rent out a luxurious caravan that opens up in private beaches where you enjoy your sunbeds and relax.

Cook the meal of your choice, relax in a jacuzzi, play a volleyball match or just sit outside to enjoy the water front, you can make the most of your time at Caravan Alzorah. There are various sizes of Caravans available which are suitable for even families. The pricing of booking a caravan starts from AED 600 per night for 2 to 3 people.

Location: Al Zorah Beach, Ajman

Camping spots in Umm Al Quwain

Al Rafah Beachal rafah (1)

If you plan to spend a night camping at Al Rafah Beach, make sure to put your camp away from the seashore to avoid getting drenched. Surrounded by peculiar mangrove trees and coastal vegetation, Al Rafah Beach makes you feel close to mother nature.

From kayaking to fishing, Al Rafaah Beach offers fun time activities to do with your loved ones. If you’re planning to go fishing, don’t forget to take your gear along. You will spot lots of flamingos and other wild birds on your way.

Al Rafah Beach is a favorite place for all adventure lovers who love to do kayaking and also for those souls who do fishing as their favorite pastime.

Location: Take Mohammad Bin Zayed Road north towards Ajman, and take the Dreamland Waterpark exit by following the signboards.

The Umm Al Quwain beachumm

Umm Al Quwain is a place with beautiful views and attracts tourists to its fun and adventurous activities. Umm Al Quwain Beach is widely popular for all the fun activities which you can enjoy with your loved ones while camping at the beachside.

If you’re planning to camp here, make sure to bring with you your fishing gear, binoculars, BBQ grills, and some extra warm clothes. You can enjoy bird sighting, kayaking, and fishing on the coast of the beach

Umm Al Quwain Beach attracts hundreds of campers all year round to its calm and radiant camping site. Before setting up the tent, don’t forget to take the necessary information about the water tides since the high tides can be dangerous for the tents placed near the beach.

Location: Sheikh Saud Bin Rashid Al Mualla Street, Al Maidan, Umm Al Quwain, United Arab Emirates

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is it safe to camp overnight in the UAE?

Yes, it is 100% safe to camp overnight at any camping spot in the UAE.

  • What is the best time to go desert camping in UAE?

If you want to enjoy exclusive desert camping in UAE, it is recommended to go between March to September.

  • Is travel insurance feasible during camping?

In case of accidents and mishappenings during camping, travel insurance can greatly help cover all the expenses.

  • Do I need to take my camping gear with me?

A few camping sites offer camps to rent out where you can access pillows, sheets, throws, and everything you need inside the camp. However, there are various camping sites where you need to take the camping essentials with you. Do research about the camping sites before heading there.


There is a plethora of places to explore in UAE, be it fancy skyscrapers, traditional deserted areas, or delectable dining. The country has everything to make your vacations unforgettable.

If you’re planning to stay in UAE, this list will help you find the best hotel or camping spot in every state of the UAE. Whether you want to stay at a beachside hotel or camp in the desert, we have covered everything for you. Spend your vacations peacefully at any of these options and enjoy the real taste of UAE.

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Top 15 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Dubai



Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Dubai

Dubai is a home to the food lovers where they will find a plethora of every kind of cuisine, be it continental, traditional, or an amalgam of various cuisines, nothing can beat the delicious flavors of this golden land. From larger-than-life huge bacon and meat platters to traditional food to mouthwatering desserts, there is something for everyone.

If you are someone who is conscious about your diet and want to intake a maximum of veggies, you need not worry as there are numerous restaurants in Dubai that are serving a huge variety of non-meat dishes to help you keep up with your vegan diet. Your vegan dishes need not be typical or boring because the master chefs in Dubai ensure to make your vegan dishes look as appetizing as anything else.

If you’re visiting Dubai, you can enjoy the food’s deliciousness even if you are on a vegan diet as the city has numerous restaurants which are serving tempting and full of nutritious vegetable dishes to serve you. From scrumptious plant-based dishes to fancy vegetable-based food varieties – there are various good vegetarian restaurants in Dubai that you can visit to satisfy your cravings for veggies.

To help you narrow down your search for veg food in Dubai, we have enlisted some of the renowned Vegetarian Restaurants in Dubai which are bounded to make your taste buds want for more.

Bounty BeetsBounty Beets

If you think that your vegetarian dish is supposed to be boring with no sauciness or juiciness coming out, you need to re-think the idea of vegan food in Dubai. With Bounty Beets, the idea of eating healthy and fresh vegan dishes is personified by its mouth-bursting flavors. The organic and gluten-free food menu is waiting for you to dive into the deliciousness that this place has to offer.

From a delicious and healthy breakfast menu to irresistible Avocado on Toast, every vegan dish is made to promote wellness and healthy eating among the customers. The vegan menu dishes are as unique as their names, such as Burrataaaa (made of Burrata cheese, pumpkin seeds, heirloom tomato, and toasted bread), Mezze Platter (Hummus, herbed Greek yogurt, kalamata olives, cucumber, carrot, flat bread), Peas Out (Sweet Potato gnocchi, vegan parmesan cheese, herb green pea puree, and chives) and much more.

Cost: The price of vegetarian dishes starts from AED 35.


Location: Le Meridien Conference Hotel & Conference Centre, Dubai, UAE

Contact Number: +971 4 7022455

Comptoir 102Comptoir 102

After serving irresistibly good vegan food in Dubai for years now, Comptoir 102 has won an award in the category of healthy food-providing restaurants. The food prepared at Comptoir 102 is healthy, flavorful, and has a variety to never say NO to.

The cafe is made with the concept of promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle by providing food that is made with fresh vegetables. To get the maximum nutrients from the food, Comptoir 102 follows the traditional method of pre-soaking, fermenting, and slow cooking that enhances the food flavors and makes it easy to digest.

Some of the popular vegan items at Comptoir 102 are Mushroom Toast with Poached Eggs, Avocado Crostini, Protein Power Bowl, Raw Vegan No cheesecake, AVO Club, Chia Oats Mango Pudding, and Homemade Vegan Ice-cream.

Cost: The cost per dish at Comptoir 102 starts from AED 45.


Location: 102 Beach Road, Jumeriah 1, Dubai

Contact Number: +971 4 385 4555

Maharaja BhogMaharaja Bhog

Finger-licking good Rajasthani Royal Thalis served at Maharaja Bhog gives you nothing less than royal vibes. The picturesque interior and the flavorful vegan dishes offer a royal dining experience like no one else. The authentic Indian flavors used in the plant-based dishes in Maharaja Bhog also make it one of the best Indian vegetarian restaurants in Dubai.

From Kesar Chandan Sharbat to Aloo Tomato Rasawala, from Masala Dhokla to Dal Dhokli, from Green Peas Pulao to Angoori Basundi – Maharaja Bhog has the most flavorful no-meat dishes to satisfy your vegan diet

Cost: The cost of traditional Thalis served at Maharaja Bhog starts from AED 53.


Location: Hamsah Building Block A, Behind Ansar Gallery, Zabeel Street, Al Karama, Dubai

Contact Number: +971 56 267 4355

Wild and the MoonWild and the Moon

Next up on the list is another vegan restaurant that is famous for its wide range of delectable veg food in Dubai – Wild and the Moon. The restaurant promotes organic culture by introducing dishes that are made with no preservatives and only with fresh and nutrient-enriched ingredients. Besides being a plant-based, gluten-free restaurant in Dubai, Wild and the Moon is also famous for the variety that it keeps on adding to its vegan menu.

You can always munch on their Granola bowl, Zaatar Flatbread, No Grain Pizza, PB Protein Bites, and desserts that are gluten-free with no artificial sugar added. In the menu of beverages, they got you covered with mouthwatering Latte, smoothies, herbal tea, and Cold-pressed juices. If you are finding some amazing detox juices, this is the place that has a variety of detox drinks to cleanse your body from the inside.

Cost: The cost per dish at Moon and the Wild starts at AED 25.


Location: There are 3 branches of Wild and the Moon located in Dubai which is given below along with their respective contact numbers.

Location Contact Number
Alserkal Avenue

Street 8, H77, Al Quoz

Dubai, UAE

+971 800 9453
Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Blvd,

Palace Hotel Cafe n5,

Downtown Dubai, UAE

+971 800 9453
Gate Avenue, U-149,

Level POB


+971 800 9453

Quattro RistoranteQuattro Ristorante

With a delectable crossover of Italian and Mexican cuisines, Quattro Ristorante is famous for its delectable and expansive veg food menu in Dubai. The wholesome experience of having finger-licking good food in a fine dining environment is what makes it a favorite spot of those who are looking around to get the authentic experience of plant-based dishes.

The rustic environment of Quattro Ristorante Dubai is loved especially by tourists who are looking for dining in a vintage atmosphere. Some of the appetizing vegan food that you can munch on anytime is their famous Fire House Chili Nachos, Cannelloni Florentina, Gnocchi Paprika, Ravioli Rose, Chipotle Cottage Cheese Burritos, Grilled Vegetable Quesadilla, and Primavera.

Cost: Dining at Quattro Ristorante costs around AED 230 for approximately 2 persons.


Location: Al Riffa Building, Opposite Aster Hospital, Kuwait Street, Mankhool, Dubai

Contact Number: +971 4 393 1233

Ultra BrasserieUltra Brasserie

Ultra Brasserie is that attractive vegan food spot in Dubai where you will find lucrative deals and discounts on their expansive menu. The deliciously made meal presented aesthetically in a cozy indoor lounge brings back the nostalgia of traditional food presentations. Ultra Brasserie is developed by Gates Hospitality which has made a remarkable name in the hospitality sector of Dubai by catering to a lot of huge projects across the UAE.

From Asparagus Benny, Fusilli Pasta, and Veg Noodles soup to a sinfully delicious dessert menu – you will find immensely delicious organic food items with no artificial preservatives.

Cost: Per dish cost at Ultra Brasserie starts from AED 30.


Location: Emaar Square, Building # 4, Dubai UAE

Contact Number: +971 (0)4 420 4572

Senor PicoSenor Pico

Senor Pico believes in producing dishes based on fresh and organic ingredients which make you feel fuller in the right and healthier way. Inspired by the Mercados in Mexico, the culinary experience at Senor Pico is beyond perfection that makes your taste buds mingle and dance with nutritious vegan flavors.

Indulge in the unique experience of mushroom tacos or zucchini Burritos and enjoy the warm ambiance at Senor Pico. Enjoy their famous homemade corn tortilla chips, Kale and Beet Salad, Zucchini Char, and signature Calabacitas.


Location: Palm West Beach, The Palm, Dubai

Contact Number: +971 4 568 2502

My GovindasMy Govindas

If you are craving for spicy and delicious Indian vegetarian restaurant in Dubai, do not forget to visit My Govindas for its authentic and pure vegetarian flavors which will add more spice to your life while you dive into the richness of these dishes. With an emphasis on seasonal and healthy vegan ingredients, My Govindas help you attain a healthy lifestyle with its nutrient-enriched veg food platters.

The dishes made at My Govindas are free from any added preservatives, food coloring, and Garlic. Their expansive variety of Indian traditional vegan food includes Veg Maharaja, Veg Hakka noodles, Vegetable Biryani, and a wide range of lassis.

Cost: Prices per dish at My Govindas starts from AED 35.


Location: My Govindas has 3 different locations in Dubai which are given below along with their contact numbers.

Location Contact Number
Burjuman Centre Street 4A,

Behind Regent Palace Hotel,

Dubai, UAE.

+971 50 564 9227
Shop No.4, Al Hathboor Residence Building,

Opposite Silicon Oasis Mall,

Silicon Oasis, Dubai, UAE.

+ 971 56 269 4588
Shop No. 11, Podium Level,

Platinum Tower, Cluster I, JLT

Dubai, UAE.

+971 56 261 4599

Tum Tum AsiaTum Tum Asia

Tum Tum Asia is an exclusive completely vegetarian restaurant in Dubai where you find delicious and irresistible vegan dishes which are made with pure organic ingredients. The progressive Pan-Asian Cuisine served at Tum Tum Asia is made with a vegetarian twist that is loved by people coming here from all continents.

From Sushi, Dim Sums, Satays, Oi Munchim, Som Tam, Kimchi, and Quinoa Jar to Tum Tum Kimchi Ramen and Singaporean Laksa – the place has everything for food lovers. The vegan dishes presented at Tum Tum Asia are an epic embodiment of a mouthwatering and healthy dining experience that one can never say NO to.


Location: #4, B-65 Sheikha Building, 13th Street, Near Lamcy Plaza, Oud Metha, Dubai

Contact Number: +971 58 206 0681

Rasoi GharRasoi Ghar

What Rasoi Ghar brings with it is a remarkable variety of homemade vegetarian food and a daily changing menu that keep visitors hooked to its scrumptious flavors. The rich flavors of Indian cuisine from all across Gujrat, Kathiyawad, and Rajasthan are presented on the tables at the very famous Rasoi Ghar where the food is cooked with minimal oil, no baking powder, and only with fresh vegan ingredients. The vibrancy and colors of Thalis at Rasoi Ghar insist visitors visit the place, again and again, to indulge in the nutritiousness of home-cooked food.

From Dal Dhokli, Khandvis, Dal Bati Churna, Tadka Daal Pakwan, Kashmiri Dahi Wada to Shahi Thalis – you will get into the authenticity of northwest regions at Rasoi Ghar. For vegan food lovers, this place is heaven because only you get here is an expansive variety of non-meat delicacies.

Cost: The price per vegan dish at Rasoi Ghar starts from AED 50.


Location: 2 different locations of Rasoi Ghar along with their contact numbers are as follows:

Location Contact Number
Zainal Mohebi Plaza, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road Opposite Centrepoint, Al Karama, Dubai +971 4 3885711
The Fountains at Yas Mall, Near Ferrari World Yas Island, Abu Dhabi +971 2 5500567

Green Earth CafeGreen Earth Cafe

Incredibly awesome vegan flavors when combined with healthy and nutritious gluten-free ingredients give your vegan diet a twist of scrumptious spices at Green Earth Café. This diabetic-friendly dining spot is also ranked among the list of best veg restaurants in Dubai due to the delightful dishes that it has introduced over the years.

The expansive veg menu comprises Berry Acai Bowl, Maguro Nigiri, Unagi Dragon Roll, Gado Gado, Greens Secret Bowl, and a huge menu of Breakfast items including Asian Pancake, Oat Pudding, Avocado Toast, and Almond Butter Fruits Toast.


Location: Al Wasl Road, Blk A, Shop 6, Jumeirah 1

Contact Number: +971 56 710 8707


The team behind Menagerie believes in the power of healthy eating which is why the dishes curated here are jam-packed with the nutrients a human body needs the most. Your vegan and organic diet need not be boring and at Menagerie, you will find only the elevated taste and presentation of veg food that give it royal vibes. Here, you will find a huge variety of green salads, superfoods, protein-rich dishes, raw gluten and dairy-free alternatives along with irresistible herbal drinks.

Some of the best-rated vegan food at Menagerie include Golden Saffron Mylk Bircher, Rainbow Chia Parfait, Tahini Overnight Bircher Oats, Shakshouka, Buckwheat, Bone Broth, Grilled Salmon, Vegan chocolate cake, Raw salted caramel brownies, Snickers nicecream, and a huge variety of organic teas, and specialty coffees.


Location: Mirdif 35 Mall, Ground Level, Al Khawaneej, Dubai, UAE

Contact Number: +971 4 288 5004

Little Erth By Nabz & GLittle Erth By Nabz & G

The winner of Zomato’s Choice Awards 2018, Little Erth by Nabz & G is an exceptional place to dine where you will find some of the finest vegan dishes prepared with ingredients full of nutrients. Gone are the days when meat was the only popular food considered for high energy intake. Today, when the concept of consuming a healthy diet has changed towards eating more green food, dishes made with organic and plant-based ingredients have become quite popular.

With restaurants such as Little Erth, people are consuming more vegan food as they find it to be delicious and juiciest same as their favorite meat steak. With a variety of flavors, textures, aesthetics, and aroma, the food prepared at Little Erth is popular for its excellent culinary experience.

Some of the popular vegan dishes made at this vegan-friendly kitchen are Buddha Burger, Vegan Mac n Cheese, Summer rolls, Truffle Mushroom Risotto Balls, Avocado Beetroot wrap, Fattoush, and Prana Bowl.

Cost: The cost per dish at Little Erth by Nabz & G starts from AED 95.


Location: Shop 34, Building J2, Cluster J, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Du

Contact Number: +971 4 2767287.

Planet TerraPlanet Terra

Made with 100% organic, plant-based ingredients, Planet Terra is an earth-friendly café where you will find a flavorful amalgam of flavors, traditions, and energies. If you are following a health-conscious lifestyle but craving a delicious meal that is free from animal products. this is the place to dine in. The artisanal handcrafted dishes made with no added preservatives, Planet Terra gives you a pleasant escape from all the meat dishes.

The picturesque interior adds the cherry on top and makes your family and friends gathering warm and pleasant by all means. Some of the recommended dishes which you should consider eating at Planet Terra are Natura Bowl, Cauliflower steak, The Buddha Bowl, Tempeh Souvlaki, and Avacado fries.


Location: Panorama Building, The Greens, Dubai, UAE

Contact Number: +971 545 8 33 330

Bloom Vegan KitchenBloom Vegan Kitchen

Eating healthy food does not mean that it should comprise only plain salad bowls with no added flavors or juiciness of sauces. At Bloom Vegan, the concept of eating fresh and healthy is elevated by the savory and scrumptious food that energizes your body and makes your taste buds dance.

Their plant-based, 100% vegan bowls are alluring and would make you crave more. The ever-so-delicious Falafel bowl, warm lentil bowl, buffalo cauli bowl, Quinoa Bowl, Oatmeal pancakes, rainbow pad thai, viva paella, and beetroot hummus are must-try food delicacies at Bloom Vegan Kitchen.

Cost: The price per dish at Bloom Vegan Kitchen starts from AED 50 approximately.


Location: Al Mankhool, Dubai

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is Dubai expensive for its vegan food?

Various vegan restaurants in Dubai differ in their prices. However, you may check their menu online to find the vegan food that suits your budget.

  • What are the famous vegan restaurants in Dubai?

My Govindas, Senor Pico, and Rasoi Ghar are some of the popular vegan restaurants in Dubai.

Wrap up

Eating healthy, clean, and fresh food is the first and the most important step towards a positive and healthy lifestyle. Dubai is famous for its traditional and international cuisines and amid all the fancy restaurants, it is quite difficult to find a vegan restaurant in Dubai.

We have gathered the list of the best veg restaurants in Dubai which are providing only fresh vegetarian food that is loved by everyone. You may also search for the nearest vegetarian restaurant in Dubai to find a quality veg dining experience near you.

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