Thing To Do in Dubai at Night

Thing To Do in Dubai at Night

Night in Dubai is full of colors and positive vibes that leave a positive impact on the mind and body of a human being. And this is what fascinates most of the people. After sundown, you will see the quick transformation of Dubai into diverse glittering lights and this thing make the city look more like a fairytale. You will encounter numerous amazing things in Dubai ranging from the desert night safaris to romantic cruises, there are much more needed to be explored. If you are perplexed about your night plans in Dubai then, I jotted a list of few activities that you should do, in order to make your time amazing. Let’s discuss them.

  • Dubai fountain show

Thing To Do in Dubai at Night

One of the most amazing things that you should watch is the mesmerizing Dubai fountain show. This includes an extravagant display of the water in synchronization with  soothing music. This light show takes place at 6 pm.

  • Ravi’s restaurant dine-in

If you are a foodie, then this is a perfect spot for you. You should check the Ravi’s restaurant, it is located in Al satwa. And it is not an elite class restaurant but this famous for its Pakistani 5-star services. Moreover, most of the people will recommend you to visit this spot for some amazing food.

  • Royal Dinner safari

This is an exclusive offer and chance for those who want to get entertainment in the night. It provides next-level fun to an individual.

  • Night safari at Arabian desert

Thing To Do in Dubai at Night

Your trip to Dubai will be incomplete if you will miss the adventure of desert Safari. And the Arabian Desert is full of colors, myriad activities, sand surfing, dune bashing, falconry, and camel riding. You will obviously enjoy all these activities if and only if you will visit the adventure of safari Desert which includes dinner night along with cultural show in the mid of the desert. It includes fun and entertainment both for adults and kids.

  • Night walk in winter weather

If you have planned a trip to Dubai, then don’t forget to take full advantage of winter weather. There are some spots that needs your visit, for instance, walk at the JBR which is approximately one kilometer away from the ground level of Jumeirah Beach. Moreover, this place is surrounded by various cafes, amazing restaurants that will make your experience more loveable. Wandering in the streets of Dubai has next-level fun that you should not miss.

  • Big bus tour

Thing To Do in Dubai at Night

If you want to explore Dubai especially at the night then, the big bus tour is the best option for you. This bus includes a 1-night route and 3-day routes and it is a hop-off sightseeing bus. It will assist you in exploring various amazing and historical places of Dubai. This bus has the potential to add a new level of spice to your trip. If you have opted for a big bus tour then this is the best you have ever made.


In a nutshell, do what makes you happy.

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