Successful entrepreneur Soren Dawody explains why Dubai attracts so many tourists

Successful entrepreneur Soren Dawody explains why Dubai attracts so many tourists

Dubai is one of them, if not the most popular city in the Middle East, known as the pearl of the Middle East. It is a place very open to welcoming tourists and a top touristic destination, particularly to tourists from India, Saudi Arabia, and the UK.

Soren Dawody, the famous altruist entrepreneur who has helped sustainably boost the Caribbean Economy, explains what’s so magnetic about this city that draws over 15 million tourists annually.

Soren Dawody of Dubai understands the importance of tourism for any particular location as it has a major contribution to the development and economic growth. For this reason, and the fact that Dawody is currently living in Dubai, the entrepreneur is the perfect person to explain why Dubai attracts so many tourists annually.

Keep reading below to learn more about Dubai and why this destination is worth-visiting from Soren Dawody.

Dubai has some of the most impressive city views

Views are really important. The more beautiful views a city has to offer, the more tourists it attracts.

Dubai is popular worldwide for some of the most sightseeing attractions such as the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. The city is filled with so many skyscrapers that offer visitors stunning views. Another great location that attracts tourists is the Dubai Frame, an incredible 150 meters high frame, from where visitors can enjoy a 360-degree view.

Dubai is the business hub of the Middle East

As mentioned, only a successful entrepreneur like Soren Dawody could immediately spot Dubai’s economic potential.

Soren Dawody sees Dubai as the Middle East’s business hub as the city is an immensely attractive destination for both tourists and businesses alike.

Dubai has a strategic location, giving businesses access to 2.2 billion consumers. It also has a growing and diverse economy, with amazing economic performances in trades, exports, manufacturing, restaurant and hotels, and transport and communication sectors.

What’s more, this destination is also perfect for doing business thanks to the fact that investment laws, regulations, and incentives are also continuously improving, which encourages foreign investors to start or move their businesses here.

Food in Dubai is delicious

Food enthusiasts will be delighted to hear that they’ll be able to try some of the most delicious food they’ve ever had during their trip to Dubai. Here, visitors can find any kind of food they want, from Lebanese to Indian, French, you name it.

There are plenty of restaurants and street food to be found in Dubai. And, they are not nearly as expensive as some tourists may imagine when they hear about Dubai, a place often associated with 5-star places and luxury.

Dubai offers a shopping experience like no other

Those who love shopping must pay a visit to Dubai. Shopaholics should prepare their most comfortable shoes as they can shop all day long on the streets, in the traditional markets, and in Dubai’s gigantic malls. From luxury clothes and shoes to herbs and spices and gadgets, there’s really not one thing that you can’t find in the stores and malls in Dubai.

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