Secure and Remote File Server Access Without a VPN

Secure and Remote File Server Access Without a VPN

Have you wasted a lot of time troubleshooting the VPN links? The VPN links can make the employees and support team lose their productivity at work. Using VPNs can be complicated, but there is an easy way to deal with the VPN without any hassle. Triofox allows you to share windows and public file sharing without the need for a VPN. This allows an easy file server access allows the home and remote workers to work efficiently. File Server Remote Access without a VPN is now convenient and easy.

Secure remote access

The internet and devices have helped the organization to expand their work horizon as there is no limit and restriction to bind their workforce. The employees can access the company files and information from any location and other devices. This can benefit the organizations in many ways, but it can also be a threat to the safety and security of the secret data of the companies. In the olden times, the employees used to work in an office environment only and used only pre secured devices in the office. The secure remote access makes sure that the person who is accessing your files and documents from a remote location is authenticated and uses a secure and safe connection.

Get secure remote access for your file server.

Triofox ensures that your Windows file servers are clean, safe, and secure. The workforce accessing the files from a remote area can safely use the files, and the company also doesn’t have any risk and threat of important information leakage. The remote access is secure and doesn’t take any files from your file server. The secure remote access policy is introduced and allows your employees to access the files from a remote location securely. Triofox allows the employees to connect to the file server remotely without any hassle. The company’s information and data are protected, and the productivity of the employees is also enhanced. Cloud mobility allows the employees to use and access the file server easily.

Triofox solution

Triofox offers a wide range of benefits for the businesses and the employees working for the company. It allows remote access to the file server and also makes file sharing easy and convenient. The cloud server is ideal as it provides fast and quick access to the server and makes this easy and secure for the users.

Fast and secure deployment with Triofox

Businesses are not restricted to one physical location these days. Most companies are becoming global, and they wish to collaborate with businesses and companies globally. Triofox allows fast and secure deployment and makes things easier and convenient for the employees. Data security and remote access are among the major needs of an organization these days, and Triofox helps give fast and secure access to the workers. Secure and fast remote access is one of the major needs of an organization. Triofox offers a wide range of benefits to users looking for a seamless experience. Triofox also supports a mobile workforce and allows the employees to work from a remote location easily.

Alternative of Cloud VPN

You need to look for a cloud VPN alternative to mobilize your workforce with quick and efficient services. It will become easy to get file server, mobile, and web browser access without the VPN. The best thing is that you don’t even need to synchronize and depend on external storage services that feature Dropbox, office 365, or a box. Due to the pandemic and social distancing rules, more people prefer to work inside the home. They need fast and secure ways to facilitate the work schedule at home without hindering their privacy, security, or even compliance.

VPN is known to be a default method for remote file access for some time now. However many people have complained that it has got a lot of problems. Most of the employees and businesses are looking for something that gives security to the file server. Moreover, it should be easy to use for a third-party application, especially Dropbox.

Why is VPN not an ideal solution?

VPN isn’t an ideal solution for workers as it may become overwhelmed with VPN tickets. You will need to establish a connection that is a lot different from PC and MAC. If this isn’t enough, the user will have to understand the file server and network share. There is also a requirement for a map that connects to the network sharing. If the internet connection doesn’t work or stops working in the middle, it will cause concerns for the company. It will increase the cost and a lot of time will be wasted. Most of the employees may even have to use a third-party service to increase productivity and efficiency.

The company files are confidential, and when they have to be stored in a storage device, it may create security problems. Workers have an option to modernize the windows file server for a cloud VPN alternative. It will become easy to share files, remote web access, file sharing, and even mobile applications. You can also retain the security and safety of the files and keep the data ownership in control. The users can share files and folders with permission too.

Benefits of cloud VPN alternative

There are a lot of benefits of cloud VPN alternatives.

Guaranteed Data Privacy

All the businesses can take control of their data and keep the privacy intact. It will offer easy access to internal file servers with the help of cloud solutions. The best thing is that it will reduce the company’s cost and save some time and money. The data storage of file servers will facilitate cloud sharing files.

Secure file sharing

The clients can share files with business partners that can interface on any computer or device. You can also view it from web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and internet explorer.

Simply management

It will be easy to manage users, access control of the storage, and easily make other such things. You can keep track of where your data exists and how it can be shared on various platforms.

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