Maintaining Car Tires In Dubai

Maintaining Car Tires In Dubai

In Dubai, extreme weather exposes the fragility of badly maintained or outdated tires. According to various studies, defective tires are responsible for 5% of all accidents. Regular automobile tire maintenance decreases the danger of early wear and extends the life of the tires.

Maintenance Of Tires

Maintaining The Tire Health

Keep an eye out for any signs of harm. Cracks, cuts, and exposed wires on the tires are common warning indicators. The tread depth reflects how long the tire has been in service and how long it will continue to do so. A brand new tire normally has an 8mm thickness, but the minimum tread depth needed in automobiles is approximately 1.6 mm. To maintain friction between the tire and the road, motorists should replace a tire when the tread depth drops below 3mm.

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Maintaining The Tire Pressure

Maintaining The Tire Pressure

The proper air pressure keeps the tires cool and allows them to perform properly on the road. Always make sure your tires are at the proper pressure, neither too low nor too high. Under-inflation, which can occur if frequent inspections are neglected, is the most common cause of pressure discrepancies. As a result, make sure you check your tire pressure on a regular basis.

Because of the additional bending in the sidewalls, an under-inflated tire generates greater heat. This increases fuel consumption while also affecting braking distance, putting safety at risk.

Maintaining The Balance And Alignment 

Maintaining The Balance And Alignment 

Even the tiniest bump in the road will cause the steering wheel to tremble, indicating an imbalance. Your tires will last longer if they are properly balanced. It also ensures a comfortable and safe ride by protecting the steering system, suspension, and bearings of your car.

The most common cause of misalignment is colliding with objects or potholes on the road, which damages the suspension and causes the wheel to sit at an uneven angle. As a result, you should stay away from them when driving as much as possible.

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Changing Your Car Tires

Limit the life of a tire to 5 years from the date of manufacturing or when visible symptoms of wear and deterioration occur. The 4 character code engraved on the exterior wall that identifies the date of manufacturing may be used to determine the age of the tire. Always make sure that you buy your tires from a good shop that sells tires online otherwise it’s better to buy directly from the store. Some very good brands include Michelin, Yokohama, Pirelli, and Nexen tires.

Another important thing to keep in mind while buying tires is considering your options and the purpose you are going to use them for. The tread designs are shape and size of the tire is also very important to consider to make the right choice. It is always a good idea to communicate with your car manufacturing company to get the best tires possible for your car.

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