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Late Night & 24-hour Open Restaurants in Dubai



24 Hour RESTAURANT in dubai

With so much happening in the city and almost everything open in the late hours of the night, Dubai is no less than a city that never sleeps. Whether it’s food or entertainment, Dubai has everything to keep your adrenaline rushing, even during late-night hours.

In 2023, it is expected that the trend of restaurants and other businesses staying open 24 hours a day in Dubai will continue to grow, as the city remains a popular destination for tourists and locals alike who are seeking entertainment and dining options around the clock. Whether you are looking for a quick snack in the middle of the night or a full meal at a late hour, you will be able to find plenty of options in Dubai that cater to your needs.

While night cravings are sometimes as simple as ice cream or food leftovers, why go for that when you have fantastic food options from restaurants open 24 hours in Dubai? If you’re up for some delightful food to satisfy your cravings, we’re here with our list of restaurants open 24 hours a day! If you’re a midnight muncher, we’re sure you wouldn’t want to miss this!

The Best Late-Night and 24-Hour Open Dubai Restaurants

While simple snacks like chips or biscuits are a tasty meal to munch on, nothing can take the place of a fresh-out-of-the-oven meal! Look at some of the best 24-hour restaurants in Dubai for dine-in delivery!

1. Lads BurgerLads Burger

Address Jumeirah Beach Rd – Umm Suqeim – Jumeirah 3 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone +971 800 5237
Hours 24 hours open

Lads burger is at the top of our list of 24-hour open restaurants for its famous burgers. Being one of the most popular burger places in Dubai, the restaurant offers something for everyone; nothing is left out, from vegan to chicken and beef burgers. Besides their burger variety, you can enjoy some tasteful pasta and breakfast here. Their 100% wagyu chicken, beef burgers, and onion rings are some of the most popular dishes.

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2. Al Bait Al Shami RestaurantAl Bait Al Shami Restaurant and cafe

Address Al Mamsha St – Jumeirah Beach Residence – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone +971 4 324 6665
Hours 10am–4am

When you dine out, everyone has different cravings; someone wants a tasty pizza, while others may be in the mood for a lavish burger. With Al Shami restaurant, you no longer need to worry because the restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes at reasonable prices. This 24-hour restaurant offers the best combination of dishes, some of the most popular of which are meaty shawarma, juicy grills, and crispy falafel.

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3. Broccoli Pizza And PastaBroccoli Pizza And Pasta Restaurant

Address Al-Hawai Residence – Barsha Heights – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone +97144390305
Hours 10am–4am

As the name suggests, the restaurant isn’t for vegans alone; you have many options for everyone. This 24-hour restaurant in Dubai allows customers to customize their food to their liking. Feel free to select your pizza base, style, topping, etc. The choices are endless; make your salad, pasta, and breakfast plates! Are you craving a sweet tooth? You have multiple options, but don’t forget to try their Biscoff pizza.

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4. Jones The Grocer

Jones The Grocer

Address Dusit Thani Dubai – 133 Sheikh Zayed Rd – Trade Centre – DIFC – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone +97143174457
Hours Open 24 Hours

Are you want to eat something fancy and lavish? Jones, the Grocer, presents the fanciest range of gourmet dishes, all prepared with the natural and freshest ingredients. Enjoy mouthwatering foods here to satisfy your cravings with this restaurant open 24 hours in Dubai. Besides the food, you can enjoy a wholesome, contemporary dining experience with your dear ones. If you come here, don’t forget to try its famous sandwiches, risotto, and coffee.

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5. New Green City Star RestaurantNew Green City Star Restaurant

Address Al Mamsha St – Jumeirah Beach Residence – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone +97143977373
Hours Open 24 hours

Craving Indian food late at night is pretty much typical, especially for those who are hardcore fans of Indian cuisine. What about having an irresistible plate of bread and hummus, chicken curry, butter, chicken, or butter paneer late at night? New Green City Start is a perfect 24-hour restaurant option in Dubai for those who want to enjoy some authentic flavors of South Indian cuisine.

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6. Operation: FalafelOperation Falafel

Address Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd – Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone +97145578020
Hours  Open 24 hours

In our list of Dubai’s best 24-hour open restaurants, we don’t want to miss out on Operation; Falafel, a favorite for enjoying Arabian cuisine. The restaurant offers delightful Arabian dishes, the most popular of which is falafel. If you’re up for some tasteful falafel late in the night, don’t forget to try this restaurant’s falafel sandwich and falafel platter. Some other popular dishes here are fattoush and chicken shawarma.

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7. Sloane’sSloane's restaurant

Address Al Emreef street, Grosvenor House Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone +97143176000
Hours 7AM–11PM

Sloane’s is another fantastic 24-hour restaurant option in Dubai if you live in a Dubai Marina apartment. The casual dining spot is open all day and explores the serene views of the Dubai Marina. With its international fare food variety, Sloane’s will indeed have something for everyone on its diverse menu. If you’re up for a buffet, take advantage of the 6 am to 11 pm hours. After that, you can explore the amazing a la cater variety to enjoy your favorite foods.

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8. Zaatar W Zeit

Address Marina View Towers – Marina View Tower A – Braih St – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone +971600522231
Hours Open 24 Hours

With attention to detail and served fresh, Zaatar W Zeit is one of the best 24-hour open restaurants in Dubai to enjoy different types of cuisines, including fast food, to fulfill your midnight cravings. The restaurant offers international cuisine but with a bit of Lebanese touch. You can enjoy plenty of dishes here, from delightful wraps and baked manakeesh to salads and cheesy flatbreads – nothing is missed. Satisfy your midnight cravings with Zaatar W Zeit’s Lebanese foods like fattoush salad and shawarma steak wrap!

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9. ZaroobZaroob Restaurant Dubai

Address Shop 1 – Sheikh Zayed Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone +97143096835
Hours Open 24 Hours

Zaroob is another 24-hour restaurant in Dubai on our list for its diverse range of cuisines. It offers the best variety of Middle Easter, Arabian, and Lebanese dishes to satisfy those late-night cravings. The restaurant offers some of the most delightful dishes in Dubai, including local specials like zaatar, garlic chicken wrap, falafel balls, and falafel sandwiches. The open kitchen is the most fascinating part of the restaurant; you can see your food being prepared from the initial stage till it reaches your plate.

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10. Man’oushe StreetMan'oushe Street Restaurant

Address Burj View Towers – Dubai Fountain St – Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone +971600566667
Hours Open 24 Hours

Listed amongst our top 24-hour restaurants in Dubai, Man’oushe street offers authentic Middle Eastern, Arabian, and Lebanese cuisine flavors to tantalize your tastebuds. With its day-round menu from breakfast to dinner, you can enjoy delightful food anytime at Man’oushe street. Don’t worry; you’ll always find something to enjoy here, even during late-night hours. Some of the famous dishes of this restaurant are Kaak, fattoush, kunafa, zaatar, and manakeesh.

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11. KFCKFC Dubai

Address Al Mamsha St – Jumeirah Beach Residence – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone +971 4 324 6665
Hours 10am–4am

Who doesn’t know the popular fast-food joint around the world? In Dubai, KFC offers its services around the clock, so you can enjoy some finger-licking chicken even during late-night hours. If you’re craving some tasteful fast food late at night, KFC brings you the best fast-food menu, including its famous fried chicken, zinger, spicy chicken, and much more! With its branch open 24 hours, you no longer need to worry about what time of the day it is to munch on your favorite food.

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12. McDonald’sMcDonald's in Dubai

Address Al Mamsha St – Jumeirah Beach Residence – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone +971 4 324 6665
Hours 10am–4am

What better way to energize yourself through the night than to enjoy a delicious meal from McDonald’s in Dubai. You got it right; McDonald’s branches are open in Dubai 24 hours a day, so quickly satisfy all your fast food cravings! After all, who doesn’t like McDonald’s? Feel free to munch on your McDonald’s favorites; big mac, quarter pounder, or double cheeseburger, just to name a few! The restaurant has a popular fast food variety from which you can choose your favorites!

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13. Tim Hortonstim-hortons Restaurant

Address Al Mamsha St – Jumeirah Beach Residence – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone +971 4 324 6665
Hours 10am–4am

Making its way from Canada to Dubai, Tim Hortons is another 24-hour open restaurant on our list, famous for its diverse menu. The 24-hour open branch is in Jumeriah Dubai, where you can enjoy the best hot chocolate, coffees, and much more. It’s not just about coffee or hot chocolate; some popular sides are donuts and sandwiches, which are loved by most. If you live nearby Jumeirah Lake Towers, you can always enjoy your favorite foods from this restaurant, even late at night!

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14. Hardee’s Shaikh ZayedHardee's Shaikh Zayed Dubai

Address Al Mamsha St – Jumeirah Beach Residence – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone +971 4 324 6665
Hours 10am–4am

Hardee’s is another popular fast food joint known for its fast food all around the world. The restaurant’s branch is open in Dubai for 24-hours a day, so whether it’s early morning or late at night, you can always enjoy your favorite fast food without a break. From Santa Fe burgers to wraps and curly fries, you have endless options to enjoy the best fast food in Dubai. With its diverse menu, you can always find something that matches your taste!

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Final Words

With that, we’ve reached the end of our list of the best 24-hour open restaurants in Dubai. But wait, that isn’t it. You also have many other options to explore that offer their services around the clock, like Des Pardes, Cafe Meraki, Chin Chin, Bombay to Mumbai Cafe’, Burger King, etc. There’s no shortage of cuisines at these restaurants! Which restaurant would be your first option if you’re in Dubai on a trip or live here? If you had fun reading about the best 24-hour and late-night restaurants in Dubai, make sure to explore the delightful foods from here! Besides Dubai, you’ll also find some fine dine-in restaurants. We hope you’ll visit these restaurants on your next trip to Dubai!

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Jumeirah Fish Market Timings, Locations & Everything



Jumeirah Fish Market

With an increase in seafood demand, Fishing has become an essential part of UAE culture. The area of the gulf is rich in fish and seafood, which is why advanced fishing techniques are implemented in the Emirates. You can see protein-rich foods in every restaurant in Dubai and UAE. The increasing trend in seafood compel the higher authorities of this field to develop this sector further. They are trying hard in making advancements by investing and implementing new fishing techniques.

Seafood Markets in DubaiSeafood Markets in Dubai

Dubai is expanding fish markets day by day due to public demand. There are many famous names of Dubai fish markets in which Jumeirah fish market is one of them. The quality of seafood in the Jumeirah fish market is outstanding and up to the mark. The seafood products over there will always guarantee fresh and contaminated-free food. Jumeirah’s seafood market strictly follows the criteria and rules that are necessary for maintaining the quality of the seafood products.

When did the Jumeirah Fish Market Come into Existence?

The Dubai Municipality in January 2014 established the Jumeirah fish market in order to serve the people of Jumeirah 3, Umm Suqeim, and Umm Suqeim 1. The wordy translation of the previous name of this market, Souq Al Bahar, is a market of seas that benefits the residents of Dubai.

Why is Jumeirah Fish Market a Preferred Choice?

There are many reasons which make this market the preferred choice of many customers. This seafood marketing in UAE attracts most of the citizens over there. Most of the products available there are affordable for most of the people. The overall environment of this place is clean, hygienic, organized, and managed. In addition to the variety, the persistent quality of food is the main attraction for most people.

Inside the Jumeirah Fish MarketInside the Jumeirah Fish Market

You can find this place worth visiting when you explore it. The market is the house of the best seafood, which is a huge relief for the people over there and nearby. The Souq AL Bahar for fish was established in 2014, so people had to purchase frozen seafood from the local supermarket or they had to drive to interior Dubai. So in this Market, you can find 40 stalls with 50 different types of seafood and their products. This market is the main source supply of seafoods raw materials to famous seafood restaurants in Dubai.

Cutting AreaCutting Area

The best part of this market is the separation of the cutting area from the rest of the market. The separated cutting area makes this market odor free and clean. All the seafood is cut and filed in a separate area to prevent the customers from inconvenience.

Variety of Sea Foods and Fish

The market housed many types of sea foods and fish from different areas. The fish present there are from local areas such as the Arabian Gulf and some from Pakistan, India, Oman, and Europe. You can also find salmon from the Atlantic area and Lobster from Norway here. The seafood products from a popular area of the Indian Ocean near Oman are also there, including shrimps, giant crabs, and prawns. Types of the local fish that you can find there are:

  • Faskar
  • Laisar
  • Koffer
  • Sheri
  • Schaam
  • Sardines
  • Sea bream
  • White tuna
  • White mullet
  • Kingfish
  • Hammour
  • Jesh
  • Safi
  • Crabs
  • Prawns
  • Lobster
  • King crab

Suitable Time to be There

The best time to get there to get fresh food is early morning at 6 am. This is the time when fresh products reach the place. The worker over there starts purchasing their stock item directly from the fisherman. The vendor doesn’t know the weight of the fish and purchases it from the fisherman. The stock arrives at the market one or two times depending upon the customer’s demand and season. The weekends are crowded; most people are there to purchase on Friday, but Sunday is a normal day.

How to Reach Jumeirah Fish Market in Dubai?

The way to reach Jumeirah fish market Dubai is easy and straight. Although there are different ways depending upon the location, you can reach there by following the routes.

From Umm Suqeim 1, by car, you should move to Jumeirah street by D94 and reach there in 10 minutes. You can reach there by metro and bus line as well. Following bus and metro lines station are present nearby the market:

Bus: 8, 81, 88, X 28

Metro: M1

Further, the  Jumeirah fish market location is Alyasaat Fish Trading LLC, 186 4c St, Dubai, Jumeirah1, Dubai. It is situated near the Jumeirah fishing harbor and Dubai Offshore Sailing Club. Jumeirah fish market timings are long enough to reach there after your working hours. The timing starts from morning 6:am to 8:Pm at night.

Hotels and Restaurants Near Jumeirah Fish MarketHotels and Restaurants Near Jumeirah Fish Market

You can taste the seafood in nearby hotels and markets if you are not in the mood to cook. There are many outclass restaurants and hotels near this market:

  • Beach Walk Hotel
  • Rove Expo 2020 Hotel
  • Habtoor Palace Dubai
  • LXR Hotels and Resorts
  • RODA Beach Resorts
  • JW Marriott Marquis Hotel

Similarly, nearby restaurants are:

  • Dibba Bay Oysters
  • Mado Jumeirah
  • Sea View restaurants
  • The Hamptons Cafe, Jumeirah Road
  • Bosporus Turkish Cuisine, Jumeirah


You will find this restaurant the best destination for seafood in all aspects. It is ideal in terms of affordability, quality and cleanliness. The place is also rich in a variety of sea foods so that anyone can buy anything from there. Being near harbor, it assures the provision of fresh sea foods and its products. You must have visited there in order to buy seafood of your desire as it can be accessed easily by multiple routes.

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Top 15 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Dubai



Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Dubai

Dubai is a home to the food lovers where they will find a plethora of every kind of cuisine, be it continental, traditional, or an amalgam of various cuisines, nothing can beat the delicious flavors of this golden land. From larger-than-life huge bacon and meat platters to traditional food to mouthwatering desserts, there is something for everyone.

If you are someone who is conscious about your diet and want to intake a maximum of veggies, you need not worry as there are numerous restaurants in Dubai that are serving a huge variety of non-meat dishes to help you keep up with your vegan diet. Your vegan dishes need not be typical or boring because the master chefs in Dubai ensure to make your vegan dishes look as appetizing as anything else.

If you’re visiting Dubai, you can enjoy the food’s deliciousness even if you are on a vegan diet as the city has numerous restaurants which are serving tempting and full of nutritious vegetable dishes to serve you. From scrumptious plant-based dishes to fancy vegetable-based food varieties – there are various good vegetarian restaurants in Dubai that you can visit to satisfy your cravings for veggies.

To help you narrow down your search for veg food in Dubai, we have enlisted some of the renowned Vegetarian Restaurants in Dubai which are bounded to make your taste buds want for more.

Bounty BeetsBounty Beets

If you think that your vegetarian dish is supposed to be boring with no sauciness or juiciness coming out, you need to re-think the idea of vegan food in Dubai. With Bounty Beets, the idea of eating healthy and fresh vegan dishes is personified by its mouth-bursting flavors. The organic and gluten-free food menu is waiting for you to dive into the deliciousness that this place has to offer.

From a delicious and healthy breakfast menu to irresistible Avocado on Toast, every vegan dish is made to promote wellness and healthy eating among the customers. The vegan menu dishes are as unique as their names, such as Burrataaaa (made of Burrata cheese, pumpkin seeds, heirloom tomato, and toasted bread), Mezze Platter (Hummus, herbed Greek yogurt, kalamata olives, cucumber, carrot, flat bread), Peas Out (Sweet Potato gnocchi, vegan parmesan cheese, herb green pea puree, and chives) and much more.

Cost: The price of vegetarian dishes starts from AED 35.


Location: Le Meridien Conference Hotel & Conference Centre, Dubai, UAE

Contact Number: +971 4 7022455

Comptoir 102Comptoir 102

After serving irresistibly good vegan food in Dubai for years now, Comptoir 102 has won an award in the category of healthy food-providing restaurants. The food prepared at Comptoir 102 is healthy, flavorful, and has a variety to never say NO to.

The cafe is made with the concept of promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle by providing food that is made with fresh vegetables. To get the maximum nutrients from the food, Comptoir 102 follows the traditional method of pre-soaking, fermenting, and slow cooking that enhances the food flavors and makes it easy to digest.

Some of the popular vegan items at Comptoir 102 are Mushroom Toast with Poached Eggs, Avocado Crostini, Protein Power Bowl, Raw Vegan No cheesecake, AVO Club, Chia Oats Mango Pudding, and Homemade Vegan Ice-cream.

Cost: The cost per dish at Comptoir 102 starts from AED 45.


Location: 102 Beach Road, Jumeriah 1, Dubai

Contact Number: +971 4 385 4555

Maharaja BhogMaharaja Bhog

Finger-licking good Rajasthani Royal Thalis served at Maharaja Bhog gives you nothing less than royal vibes. The picturesque interior and the flavorful vegan dishes offer a royal dining experience like no one else. The authentic Indian flavors used in the plant-based dishes in Maharaja Bhog also make it one of the best Indian vegetarian restaurants in Dubai.

From Kesar Chandan Sharbat to Aloo Tomato Rasawala, from Masala Dhokla to Dal Dhokli, from Green Peas Pulao to Angoori Basundi – Maharaja Bhog has the most flavorful no-meat dishes to satisfy your vegan diet

Cost: The cost of traditional Thalis served at Maharaja Bhog starts from AED 53.


Location: Hamsah Building Block A, Behind Ansar Gallery, Zabeel Street, Al Karama, Dubai

Contact Number: +971 56 267 4355

Wild and the MoonWild and the Moon

Next up on the list is another vegan restaurant that is famous for its wide range of delectable veg food in Dubai – Wild and the Moon. The restaurant promotes organic culture by introducing dishes that are made with no preservatives and only with fresh and nutrient-enriched ingredients. Besides being a plant-based, gluten-free restaurant in Dubai, Wild and the Moon is also famous for the variety that it keeps on adding to its vegan menu.

You can always munch on their Granola bowl, Zaatar Flatbread, No Grain Pizza, PB Protein Bites, and desserts that are gluten-free with no artificial sugar added. In the menu of beverages, they got you covered with mouthwatering Latte, smoothies, herbal tea, and Cold-pressed juices. If you are finding some amazing detox juices, this is the place that has a variety of detox drinks to cleanse your body from the inside.

Cost: The cost per dish at Moon and the Wild starts at AED 25.


Location: There are 3 branches of Wild and the Moon located in Dubai which is given below along with their respective contact numbers.

Location Contact Number
Alserkal Avenue

Street 8, H77, Al Quoz

Dubai, UAE

+971 800 9453
Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Blvd,

Palace Hotel Cafe n5,

Downtown Dubai, UAE

+971 800 9453
Gate Avenue, U-149,

Level POB


+971 800 9453

Quattro RistoranteQuattro Ristorante

With a delectable crossover of Italian and Mexican cuisines, Quattro Ristorante is famous for its delectable and expansive veg food menu in Dubai. The wholesome experience of having finger-licking good food in a fine dining environment is what makes it a favorite spot of those who are looking around to get the authentic experience of plant-based dishes.

The rustic environment of Quattro Ristorante Dubai is loved especially by tourists who are looking for dining in a vintage atmosphere. Some of the appetizing vegan food that you can munch on anytime is their famous Fire House Chili Nachos, Cannelloni Florentina, Gnocchi Paprika, Ravioli Rose, Chipotle Cottage Cheese Burritos, Grilled Vegetable Quesadilla, and Primavera.

Cost: Dining at Quattro Ristorante costs around AED 230 for approximately 2 persons.


Location: Al Riffa Building, Opposite Aster Hospital, Kuwait Street, Mankhool, Dubai

Contact Number: +971 4 393 1233

Ultra BrasserieUltra Brasserie

Ultra Brasserie is that attractive vegan food spot in Dubai where you will find lucrative deals and discounts on their expansive menu. The deliciously made meal presented aesthetically in a cozy indoor lounge brings back the nostalgia of traditional food presentations. Ultra Brasserie is developed by Gates Hospitality which has made a remarkable name in the hospitality sector of Dubai by catering to a lot of huge projects across the UAE.

From Asparagus Benny, Fusilli Pasta, and Veg Noodles soup to a sinfully delicious dessert menu – you will find immensely delicious organic food items with no artificial preservatives.

Cost: Per dish cost at Ultra Brasserie starts from AED 30.


Location: Emaar Square, Building # 4, Dubai UAE

Contact Number: +971 (0)4 420 4572

Senor PicoSenor Pico

Senor Pico believes in producing dishes based on fresh and organic ingredients which make you feel fuller in the right and healthier way. Inspired by the Mercados in Mexico, the culinary experience at Senor Pico is beyond perfection that makes your taste buds mingle and dance with nutritious vegan flavors.

Indulge in the unique experience of mushroom tacos or zucchini Burritos and enjoy the warm ambiance at Senor Pico. Enjoy their famous homemade corn tortilla chips, Kale and Beet Salad, Zucchini Char, and signature Calabacitas.


Location: Palm West Beach, The Palm, Dubai

Contact Number: +971 4 568 2502

My GovindasMy Govindas

If you are craving for spicy and delicious Indian vegetarian restaurant in Dubai, do not forget to visit My Govindas for its authentic and pure vegetarian flavors which will add more spice to your life while you dive into the richness of these dishes. With an emphasis on seasonal and healthy vegan ingredients, My Govindas help you attain a healthy lifestyle with its nutrient-enriched veg food platters.

The dishes made at My Govindas are free from any added preservatives, food coloring, and Garlic. Their expansive variety of Indian traditional vegan food includes Veg Maharaja, Veg Hakka noodles, Vegetable Biryani, and a wide range of lassis.

Cost: Prices per dish at My Govindas starts from AED 35.


Location: My Govindas has 3 different locations in Dubai which are given below along with their contact numbers.

Location Contact Number
Burjuman Centre Street 4A,

Behind Regent Palace Hotel,

Dubai, UAE.

+971 50 564 9227
Shop No.4, Al Hathboor Residence Building,

Opposite Silicon Oasis Mall,

Silicon Oasis, Dubai, UAE.

+ 971 56 269 4588
Shop No. 11, Podium Level,

Platinum Tower, Cluster I, JLT

Dubai, UAE.

+971 56 261 4599

Tum Tum AsiaTum Tum Asia

Tum Tum Asia is an exclusive completely vegetarian restaurant in Dubai where you find delicious and irresistible vegan dishes which are made with pure organic ingredients. The progressive Pan-Asian Cuisine served at Tum Tum Asia is made with a vegetarian twist that is loved by people coming here from all continents.

From Sushi, Dim Sums, Satays, Oi Munchim, Som Tam, Kimchi, and Quinoa Jar to Tum Tum Kimchi Ramen and Singaporean Laksa – the place has everything for food lovers. The vegan dishes presented at Tum Tum Asia are an epic embodiment of a mouthwatering and healthy dining experience that one can never say NO to.


Location: #4, B-65 Sheikha Building, 13th Street, Near Lamcy Plaza, Oud Metha, Dubai

Contact Number: +971 58 206 0681

Rasoi GharRasoi Ghar

What Rasoi Ghar brings with it is a remarkable variety of homemade vegetarian food and a daily changing menu that keep visitors hooked to its scrumptious flavors. The rich flavors of Indian cuisine from all across Gujrat, Kathiyawad, and Rajasthan are presented on the tables at the very famous Rasoi Ghar where the food is cooked with minimal oil, no baking powder, and only with fresh vegan ingredients. The vibrancy and colors of Thalis at Rasoi Ghar insist visitors visit the place, again and again, to indulge in the nutritiousness of home-cooked food.

From Dal Dhokli, Khandvis, Dal Bati Churna, Tadka Daal Pakwan, Kashmiri Dahi Wada to Shahi Thalis – you will get into the authenticity of northwest regions at Rasoi Ghar. For vegan food lovers, this place is heaven because only you get here is an expansive variety of non-meat delicacies.

Cost: The price per vegan dish at Rasoi Ghar starts from AED 50.


Location: 2 different locations of Rasoi Ghar along with their contact numbers are as follows:

Location Contact Number
Zainal Mohebi Plaza, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road Opposite Centrepoint, Al Karama, Dubai +971 4 3885711
The Fountains at Yas Mall, Near Ferrari World Yas Island, Abu Dhabi +971 2 5500567

Green Earth CafeGreen Earth Cafe

Incredibly awesome vegan flavors when combined with healthy and nutritious gluten-free ingredients give your vegan diet a twist of scrumptious spices at Green Earth Café. This diabetic-friendly dining spot is also ranked among the list of best veg restaurants in Dubai due to the delightful dishes that it has introduced over the years.

The expansive veg menu comprises Berry Acai Bowl, Maguro Nigiri, Unagi Dragon Roll, Gado Gado, Greens Secret Bowl, and a huge menu of Breakfast items including Asian Pancake, Oat Pudding, Avocado Toast, and Almond Butter Fruits Toast.


Location: Al Wasl Road, Blk A, Shop 6, Jumeirah 1

Contact Number: +971 56 710 8707


The team behind Menagerie believes in the power of healthy eating which is why the dishes curated here are jam-packed with the nutrients a human body needs the most. Your vegan and organic diet need not be boring and at Menagerie, you will find only the elevated taste and presentation of veg food that give it royal vibes. Here, you will find a huge variety of green salads, superfoods, protein-rich dishes, raw gluten and dairy-free alternatives along with irresistible herbal drinks.

Some of the best-rated vegan food at Menagerie include Golden Saffron Mylk Bircher, Rainbow Chia Parfait, Tahini Overnight Bircher Oats, Shakshouka, Buckwheat, Bone Broth, Grilled Salmon, Vegan chocolate cake, Raw salted caramel brownies, Snickers nicecream, and a huge variety of organic teas, and specialty coffees.


Location: Mirdif 35 Mall, Ground Level, Al Khawaneej, Dubai, UAE

Contact Number: +971 4 288 5004

Little Erth By Nabz & GLittle Erth By Nabz & G

The winner of Zomato’s Choice Awards 2018, Little Erth by Nabz & G is an exceptional place to dine where you will find some of the finest vegan dishes prepared with ingredients full of nutrients. Gone are the days when meat was the only popular food considered for high energy intake. Today, when the concept of consuming a healthy diet has changed towards eating more green food, dishes made with organic and plant-based ingredients have become quite popular.

With restaurants such as Little Erth, people are consuming more vegan food as they find it to be delicious and juiciest same as their favorite meat steak. With a variety of flavors, textures, aesthetics, and aroma, the food prepared at Little Erth is popular for its excellent culinary experience.

Some of the popular vegan dishes made at this vegan-friendly kitchen are Buddha Burger, Vegan Mac n Cheese, Summer rolls, Truffle Mushroom Risotto Balls, Avocado Beetroot wrap, Fattoush, and Prana Bowl.

Cost: The cost per dish at Little Erth by Nabz & G starts from AED 95.


Location: Shop 34, Building J2, Cluster J, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Du

Contact Number: +971 4 2767287.

Planet TerraPlanet Terra

Made with 100% organic, plant-based ingredients, Planet Terra is an earth-friendly café where you will find a flavorful amalgam of flavors, traditions, and energies. If you are following a health-conscious lifestyle but craving a delicious meal that is free from animal products. this is the place to dine in. The artisanal handcrafted dishes made with no added preservatives, Planet Terra gives you a pleasant escape from all the meat dishes.

The picturesque interior adds the cherry on top and makes your family and friends gathering warm and pleasant by all means. Some of the recommended dishes which you should consider eating at Planet Terra are Natura Bowl, Cauliflower steak, The Buddha Bowl, Tempeh Souvlaki, and Avacado fries.


Location: Panorama Building, The Greens, Dubai, UAE

Contact Number: +971 545 8 33 330

Bloom Vegan KitchenBloom Vegan Kitchen

Eating healthy food does not mean that it should comprise only plain salad bowls with no added flavors or juiciness of sauces. At Bloom Vegan, the concept of eating fresh and healthy is elevated by the savory and scrumptious food that energizes your body and makes your taste buds dance.

Their plant-based, 100% vegan bowls are alluring and would make you crave more. The ever-so-delicious Falafel bowl, warm lentil bowl, buffalo cauli bowl, Quinoa Bowl, Oatmeal pancakes, rainbow pad thai, viva paella, and beetroot hummus are must-try food delicacies at Bloom Vegan Kitchen.

Cost: The price per dish at Bloom Vegan Kitchen starts from AED 50 approximately.


Location: Al Mankhool, Dubai

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is Dubai expensive for its vegan food?

Various vegan restaurants in Dubai differ in their prices. However, you may check their menu online to find the vegan food that suits your budget.

  • What are the famous vegan restaurants in Dubai?

My Govindas, Senor Pico, and Rasoi Ghar are some of the popular vegan restaurants in Dubai.

Wrap up

Eating healthy, clean, and fresh food is the first and the most important step towards a positive and healthy lifestyle. Dubai is famous for its traditional and international cuisines and amid all the fancy restaurants, it is quite difficult to find a vegan restaurant in Dubai.

We have gathered the list of the best veg restaurants in Dubai which are providing only fresh vegetarian food that is loved by everyone. You may also search for the nearest vegetarian restaurant in Dubai to find a quality veg dining experience near you.

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Top 20 Best Kunafa in Dubai-Places That Will Keep You Delighted



Top 20 Best Kunafa in Dubai

Everyone has a sweet tooth for delightful desserts after a meal. Kunafa cannot be removed from the favorite dishes because it is popularly loved not just in Dubai but all over the world. If you’re not familiar with Kunafa yet, you’re missing out on a lot of good stuff. Just hearing the name makes your mouth water.

In 2023, Kunafa is a popular dessert enjoyed in many countries; made with wheat, sugar, and shredded cheese, soaked in the goodness of sweet syrup, which creates the perfect symphony for your taste buds! Dubai is one of the many countries where you can enjoy some tasteful Kunafa. So here we are, with the list of the best places in Dubai to enjoy this delightful dessert.

1. Feras Al Diyafa SweetsFeras Al Diyafa Sweets

Feras Al Diyafa sweets is a popular location for exploring the elegant desserts of Dubai; surely a must-visit for sweet lovers. Here, you can devour the tasteful flavors of Kunafa offered in multiple forms, including Kunafa Kheshna, Kunafa Naama, and Kunafa Bayn Narain. The affordability of the restaurant is what makes it unique. Feras Al Diyafa also has an intriguing collection of other meals and dishes, including Manakish, Arabic desserts & sweets, and much more. Covering all types of beverages, fast food, and sweets, Kunafa is among the top-sold items here. The variety of food options and reasonable prices make this restaurant a popular tourist site.

Cuisine Middle Eastern and Cafe
Best Items on Menu Kunafa Naama Cheese, Cheese Manoucheh, Mabroma With Cream Kunafa, and a Kunafa Kheshna Cheese
Review 4.3 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Pricing AED 90 for 2 people (approx)
Timing Sat to Wed from 8 am to 1 am and Thu, Fri from 8 am to 2 am
Contact +97143413123
Address Al Barsha, Opposite to Al Salik Gate, Next to Mall of the Emirates, Dubai- United Arab Emirates
Location on map Click here to view on map

2. Al Hallab Bab El BahrAl Hallab Bab El Bahr

Al Hallab Bab El Bahr is a popular restaurant in Dubai influenced by the coastal cuisine of Lebanon. The restaurant only uses the very fresh ingredients to serve the customers the best food flavors. Regarding desserts, the restaurant serves some of the best styles of Lebanese Kunafa. It follows a contemporary style and setting, using market-fresh ingredients. Moreover, diners can choose their fish which the chefs then prepare for the customers. If you’re up for some delightful Kunafa in Duba, Al Hallab Bab El Bahr is a great place to dine.

Cuisine Seafood, Lebanese, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean.
Best Items on Menu Best Items: Sea Food, Seafood, Mezze, Shisha, Hummus, Dessert, and Lebanese Kunafa
Review 4.5⭐⭐⭐⭐
Pricing AED 220 for 2 people (approx)
Timing Sat to Wed from 11 am to 1 am &

Thu, Fri from 11 am to 2 am

Contact +97144562881
Address 29 Burj Dubai Boulevard, Downtown Dubai, Dubai United Arab Emirates
Location on map Click here to view on map
Social Media

3. Firas SweetsFiras Sweets

Suppose you’re looking for a tasteful Kunafa experience in Dubai. In that case, Firas sweets are one of the best options you have in the city. The shop is famous for its tender, sweet, and tasteful Kunafa. The Kunafa is layered with cream and sweat cheese, and you also get to dive into the crispiness and saltiness of the bread. What a perfect combination for a sweet delight! Some other famous semolina pastries include Katayef, Mamul, Rabat, Bruma, Halawat al-Jaban, Barbossa, Awama, etc.

Firas sweets use the freshest and best ingredients, monitoring their food quality at all times to ensure customer satisfaction. Hence, you can devour some fresh Kunafa here, undoubtedly one of the best in Dubai!

Cuisine Mexican, Sweets
Best Items on the Menu Kunafa and confectionery items
Review 4.3 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Pricing AED 60 for 2 people (approx)
Timing Sat to Thu from 9 am to 1 am &

Fri from 1 pm to 1 am

Contact +97143580489
Address Al Hudaiba Building, On the 2nd floor of December Street, Al Hudaiba, Dubai- United Arab Emirates
Location Click here to view on map
Social Media

4. Just KunafaJust Kunafa

Kunafa is one of the perfect desserts for the celebration of happiness. The name Kunafa has always represented delight and joy for everyone! Just Kunafa is one of the best places in Dubai. You can enjoy tasteful Kunafa prepared by an expert team from Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, and ancient Nablus. At Just Kunafa, you can enjoy the authentic flavors of the Nabulsi Kunafa prepared with fresh ingredients, cutting down calories. So, even if you have diabetes, you can still enjoy Kunafa here while keeping your health on track.

The restaurant offers every possible type of this fantastic dish, from Kunafa milkshakes to traditional and chocolate Kunafa. Moreover, Just Kunafa offers multiple other sweet dishes like Baklawas, regardless of its name.

Cuisine Cafe
Best Items on Menu Desserts, Kunafa, Coffee, & cafe items
Review 4.1 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Pricing AED 40 for 2 people (approx)
Timing Everyday 8 am to 10 pm
Contact +97145142758
Address Level 2, Souk Al Bahar, Downtown Dubai, Dubai United Arab Emirates
Location on Map Click here to view on map
Social Media

5. Salé SucréSalé Sucré Kunafa

Salé Sucré took a start in 1999 and, since then, has been popular in Dubai for serving one of the best Kunafas in the city. Moreover, it believes desserts should be a memorable experience, more than just a taste. Whether it’s to celebrate an occasion or simply to get a day off from the business of life, salé Sucré is a perfect place to enjoy a sweet tooth. The site, undoubtedly, has some of the best Kunafas you’ll taste in Dubai.

Two interesting Kunafa flavors to try here are Nutella and mango Kunafa. The restaurant brings delightful flavors from the West and the Middle East, prepared by the most talented chefs using nothing but the unprocessed ingredients available. Truly a memorable dining experience to get the best tastes of Dubai desserts, including Kunafa.

Cuisine Desserts, Icecreams, and Bakery
Best Items on the Menu Kunafa, & ice creams
Review 4.1⭐⭐⭐
Pricing AED 130 for 2 people (approx)
Timing Every day from 11 am to 10 pm
Contact +971559133447
Address Next To Grand Midwest Hotel, On Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Barsha, Dubai- United Arab Emirates
Location on Map Click here to view on map
Social Media

6. Bosphorus Turkish CuisineBosphorus Turkish Cuisine

Bosporus Turkish cuisine is among the best places in Jumeriah, Dubai, where you can enjoy authentic Kunafa in a hospitable environment. The restaurant looks forward to welcoming individuals to enjoy authentic Turkish flavors. Known for its Kunafa, the restaurant is a popular take-out and dine-in destination for tourists and locals alike. Other Turkish desserts offered here include Baklava and others. You can never go wrong with Kunafa here at Bosphorus; don’t forget to devour the honey-glazed pistachio Kunafa here with an ice cream topping. Moreover, other types of Kunafa are also offered here, like Kunafa with ice cream, chocolate Kunafa, and Bosphorus special Kunafa.

Cuisine Turkish
Best Items on the Menu Pistachio Kebab, Iskender Kebab, Adana Kebab, Turkish Tea, Kunafa, & Shisha
Review 4.6 stars (google review)
Pricing AED 325 for two people (approx)
Timing Every day from 5:30 to 1 am
Contact +97143808090
Address Jumeirah St-Umm Suqeim, Dubai United Arab Emirates
Location Click here to view on map
Social Media

7. Al-Samadi SweetsAl-Samadi Sweets

Al Samadi sweets is a tasteful dessert shop in Dubai offering some of the city’s best and most delightful dessert varieties. The most popular sweet dish here is Kunafa; indeed one of Dubai’s best! The sweet shop serves the best combination of sweets at the most reasonable prices, and Kunafa is no exception. Besides Kunafa, the sweet shop also offers different tasty items, including coffee, baguettes, juice, pastries, and ice cream.

Some of the best-selling items at Al-Samadi sweets are Arabic sweets, Baklawa, Kunafa, Cheese Kunafa, and Macarons. If you’re in Dubai and fancy some Kunafa, Al Samadi sweets is a perfect place to dine.

Cuisine Middle Eastern
Best Items on Menu Sweets, Halal, Kunafa, and vegetarian  food friendly
Review 4.5⭐⭐⭐⭐
Pricing AED 80 for 2 people (approx)
Timing Sat to Thu from 8 am to 11 pm &

Fri from 8 am to 11 am &

from 1 pm to 11 pm

Contact +97142697717
Address 48 Al Muraqqabat, St-Deira, Dubai- United Arab Emirates
Location Click here to view on map
Social Media

8. Al Baba SweetsAl Baba Sweets Kunafa

Al Baba is a famous and one of the oldest dessert places in Dubai, serving some of the best varieties of Kunafa today. Being a leading Arabic sweet shop in Dubai, it serves a great variety of desserts, one of which is Kunafa. Some popular Kunafa include Kunafa Ashta, Konafa bun, cheese Kunafa, mozzarella Kunafa, and Konafa ashta bun. The best thing about this sweet shop is that it even delivers at home, so if you’re in the mood for having some tasteful Kunafa, you can get it delivered to your doorstep from Al Baba Sweets Dubai. If you’re in Dubai, don’t forget to enjoy the finest Arabic sweets from Al Baba Sweet’s extensive menu. By far, one of the best Kunafa places in Dubai as well!

Cuisine Desserts, Arabian, Middle Eastern
Best Items on Menu Cheese Maamoul, Mafrouki Pistachio Ashta, Cheese Kunafa Plate, and Mad Ashta
Review 3.9⭐⭐⭐
Pricing AED 45 for 2 people (approx)
Timing Every day from 9 am to 9 pm
Contact +97143990624
Address Ground Floor, Auris Boutique Hotel Apartments Bldg, Next to Emirates Mall, Al Barsha Duba United Arab Emirates
Location Click here to view on map
Social Media

9. Graffiti KunafaGraffiti Kunafa

At Graffiti Kunafa, you’ll taste some of the best Dubai and UAE flavors. This sweet shop offers a diverse range of sweet dishes, with Kunafa at the top of the list. This unique Kunafa shop has a small menu. Still, it provides some of the best varieties of Kuanfa from the Arab World. Whether you devour a traditional Palestinian Kunafa or an Egyptian-styled one, you can find them here. One of the most popular sweets here is the Nabulsieh Khishna. The menu also includes other types of Kunafa, like lotus-filled and Nutella Kunafa. Enjoy some of the freshest Dubai Kunafas at Graffiti Kunafa; every dish served here is hygienic!

Cuisine Lebanese, Arabian, Desserts and Ice Creams
Best Items on the Menu Cheese With Kheshna Kunafa, Nablusieh Kunafa Naema, and Qatayef Mix and Molten Kunafa
Review 4.1⭐⭐⭐
Pricing AED 90 for 2 pez
Timing Every day from 1 pm to 2 am
Contact +97143333285
Address 523 Jumeirah, St- Jumeirah 3, Dubai- United Arab Emirates
Location Click here to view on map
Social Media

10. Looshi’sLooshi’s Kunafa

Looshie is another modern delivery and pickup service sweet shop in Dubai. It is most famous for its cakes, Macarons, pies, and more. Yet, the Kunafa here is also popular and rated as one of Dubai’s best. Looshi’s earns praise for its fresh-baked items, bringing in a touch of artistry and personality. Being a rather modern-styled bakery, it also customizes cakes to your need. If you’re in Dubai for some tasty Kunafa, you can come to Looshi’s to get the best. Looshi’s prepares fresh food for its customers, never failing to satisfy their needs.

Cuisine Bakery, and desserts
Best Items on Menu Banana Cream, Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake, Marshmallow Brownie, Nutella Pie, Macaroon, and Red Velvet Cake, Kunafa
Review 3.9 stars (google review)
Pricing AED 60 for 2 people (approx)
Timing Saturday to Thursday from 9 am to 10 pm and on Friday 11 am to 10 pm
Contact +97142776190
Address Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Cluster Y, Lake Shore Tower, Shop no. 7, Lake level, Dubai- United Arab Emirates
Location Click here to view on map
Social Media

11. Qwaider Al NabulsiQwaider Al Nabulsi

Qwaider Al Nubulsi remains one of the most renowned destinations for Kunafa in Dubai, where you can devour some mouthwatering Kunafa, indulging in every bite. With a variety of around 20 Kunafa types, this is a perfect destination for Kunafa lovers in Dubai. Visited for its popular sweet dishes, the sweet shop also takes pre-orders. It serves the freshest sweet variety in Dubai.

Some popular Kunafa types include Kunafa mabroma yogurt, soft Kunafa cheese, and gritty Kunafa cheese. The restaurant offers a great variety of Kunafas, also offering options for customers who are lactose intolerant. If you’re in the mood for a tasty Kunafa, don’t forget to come to Qwaider Al Nubulsi.

Cuisine Middle Eastern, Mediterranean
Best Items on Menu Kunafa, Baklava, juice, tea, coffee, warbat, Maamoul.
Review 4.1⭐⭐⭐⭐
Pricing AED 95 per 2 people is the average cost.
Timing 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.
Contact +97142277760, +97142283339
Address Al Muraqqabat Street, Dubai, besides the Filipino Supermarket
Location Click here to see Google Map Location
Social Media

12. Wafi GourmetWafi Gourmet Sweet shop in dubai

Wafi Gourmet is an excellent place in Dubai to enjoy some Kunafa in Dubai. The restaurant has almost every sweet you can imagine. It covers all sorts of sweets, including the most popular Arabic dish, Kunafa. Other than enjoying delightful Kunafa, you can have seating beside the beautiful views of the fountains. Conveniently located in the mall, come here to enjoy a flavorful dish of Kunafa with stunning views. The long list of sweet Arabian dishes here is inspiring, which tourists and locals enjoy. Its Kunafa is a must-try for those who have a sweet tooth. Make sure to come here on your next trip to Dubai and enjoy the authentic flavors of Kunafa.

Cuisine Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Lebanese
Best Items on Menu Icecream, Kunafa, Seafood, mezze Arabic sweets and pastries
Review 4.1 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Pricing AED 295 per 2 people on average
Timing 10 a.m. – 1 a.m
Contact +971-4-330-8297
Address Level 1 of the Dubai Mall, in the heart of Dubai’s business district
Location on Map Click here to open Google Map 
Social Media

13. Kullaj OmarKullaj Omar

Kullaj Omar is another popular destination in Dubai for enjoying different Kunafa than the rest. The Kunafa offered here is much other than the typical Kunafa dessert. The dough is prepared freshly with walnuts, pistachios, and Nabulsi white cheese, which makes this Kunafa unique! Make sure to enjoy it fresh while it’s still warm.

Kullaj Omar gives you a unique version of Kunafa, unlike other restaurants, but undoubtedly one you’ll want to dive into. The Kunafa is genuinely authentic and delicious.

Cuisine Arabic, Desserts, Lebanese, Middle Eastern
Best Items on Menu Kullaj, Kunafa,
Review 4.2 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Pricing AED 40 for 2 people
Timing 2:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m
Contact +971 800 585525
Address Al Khawaneej, Al Khawaneej, Dubai; Last Exit Al Khawaneej; Last Exit Al Khawaneej; Last Exit Al Khawaneej
Location on Map Click here to see Google Map Location
Social Media

14. BasbousaBasbousa Kunafa

Basbousa is a famous Egyptian-style sweet shop in Village Mall in Jumeirah, the most precious Arabic shop in Dubai. They offer a great variety of sweet dishes, including Kunafa, Baklava, Nutella, lotus crepe, and Basbousa. If you’re here to enjoy some sweet treats, try their basboussa. Some of the varieties of Kunafa include mango bowl, lily, Nutella, banana, caramel, and mixed fruit Kunafa. The cheesecake basboussa is also a popular item here. Basbousa is a great option when it comes to Kunafa in Dubai! Make sure to come here to enjoy some delicious and mouthwatering Kunafa.

Cuisine Arabian, Desserts, Egyptian, Middle Eastern
Best Items on Menu Kunafa, Baklava,cheesecake basboussa

Nutella/lotus crepes, basboussa.

Review 4.5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Pricing AED 45 for 2
Timing 10 a.m. to 11 p.m
Contact +971-4-344-7707
Address The Village Mall is located on Jumeirah Road in Dubai’s Jumeirah 1
Location Click here to see Google Map location
Social Media

15. Reem Al BawadiReem Al Bawadi Kunafa

Reem Al Bawadi is another ideal destination for trying out the best Kunafa in Dubai. Suppose you’re celebrating a birthday or an office party. In that case, this restaurant is the perfect location to enjoy some delightful Arabian sweets. The texture, flavor, and presentation of Kunafa and other desserts here are unique! Another fantastic thing about this restaurant is that you can get your favorite foods delivered to your doorstep. Are you heading to Dubai to enjoy the authentic Kunafa? Make sure to come to Reem Al Bawadi. Other Arabic sweets are also offered here other than the famous Kunafa.

Cuisine Lebanese, Mediterranean, International
Best Items on Menu Kunafa, Arabic sweets, juices, & vegetarian-friendly food
Review 3.6 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Pricing AED 210 per two
Timing 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m
Contact +971-4-519-9222
Address Al Manara Street, Shaikh Zayed Street, Al Safa, Dubai, besides Time Square Mall
Location on Map Click here to open Google Maps 
Social Media

16. Papa KunafaPapa Kunafa

What better place to enjoy the authentic flavors of Dubai sweets like Kunafa than Papa Kanafa? As the name suggests, the restaurant offers the best and most authentic tastes of Kunafa in Dubai. Here, you can enjoy different Kunafas within an affordable range, depending on the size and type. With more than 25 varieties of Kunafa, the restaurant truly lives up to its name. If you want to enjoy a Kunafa revolution, there can be no better place than Papa Kanafa. Some popular flavors include Kinder and lotus Kunafa.

Cuisine Arabian, Middle Eastern, Desserts
Best Items on Menu Kunafa, churros, Nutella Kunafa
Review 3.5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Pricing Kunafa prices between 23 AED to 130 AED
Timing 10 a.m  to  2 a.m
Contact +97143999779
Address Hessa Road, Al Barsha, Dubai, near Medicina Pharmacy
Location Click here to see Google Map
Social Media

17. Nablus – Traditional KanafehNablus Traditional Kanafeh

Atayeb welcomes you with some of the best varieties of sweet dishes, including mouthwatering, smooth, and crispy Kunafa. That’s not all; the place has a fantastic interior for dining where you can eat at your ease. With the perfect variety of Kunafa at Atayeb, you can truly satisfy your cravings with the best of what Dubai offers. The relaxing indoor seating gives you the ideal place to enjoy your Kunafa at ease. The crispy and toast Kunafa is ideal to delight your tastebuds. Moreover, you have other unique options like Kaaneh, Naameh, Kanafa Keshna, and much more.

Cuisine Dessert, Mediterranean & Arabian
Best Items on Menu Kunafa, Kaaneh, Naameh, Kanafeh Keshna, Arabian ice cream
Review 4.2 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Pricing AED 115 for two
Timing 5:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m
Contact +971-4-454-8611
Address Umm Hurair, Dubai, Al Seef, Al Seef Boulevard
Location on Map Click here to see Google Map
Social Media

18. Al Reef Lebanese BakeryAl Reef Lebanese Bakery

Al Reef Lebanese bakery is another of Dubai’s most refined, specializing in the best fresh, crispy, warm, and thick Kunafas. Moreover, you also have a great range of Lebanese sweets to choose from. If you come here, don’t forget to try the Kunafa Lebnaniya and the Kunafa Nablusi. This is your place if you’re craving a good bowl of Kunafa for breakfast. The bakery is open 24 hours, so you can enjoy as much Kunafa as you want the entire day!

Cuisine Mediterranean, Middle Eastern & Lebanese
Best Items on Menu Kunafa, Eastern pizza & Manakesh
Review 4.1 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Pricing AED 75 per 2
Timing Open 24 hours
Contact +971 4 394 5200
Address Jumeirah-3, Al Wasl Road, Near Safa Park, Behind Union Co-operative Society – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Location Click here to see Google Map
Social Media

19. CZN Burak DubaiCZN Burak Dubai Kunafa

CZN Burak is a famous Turkish chef who now has his restaurant popularly set around the world. We’re sure we aren’t introducing you to this restaurant for the first time. CZN Burak Dubai offers a commendable range of Arabian sweets, including the world-famous Kunafa. When you eat Kunafa from CZN Burak, the Kunafa-head, we’re sure you’d never have enough of it! The best part about this restaurant is it’s huge-sized meals enough to feed everyone.

Cuisine Middle Eastern, Turkish
Best Items on Menu Grilled meals, Kunafa, eggplan dishes
Review 4.4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Pricing AED 400 for 2 people
Timing 12;00 PM to 01;00 AM
Contact 800 CZNBURAK (29628725)
Address Office W 302, Al Saaha Office Building C, Downtown, Dubai.
Location Click here to see Google Map
Social Media

20. Turkish Village DubaiTurkish Village restaurant Dubai

If you want to eat exclusively like a sultan, look no further than Turkish Village Dubai, where you can enjoy some drool-worthy and authentic Kunafa. When you dine-in here, don’t forget to save space for the exceptional desserts. The Kunafa with icecream will tantalize your tastebuds.

Cuisine Turkish, Mediterranean, Barbecue
Best Items on Menu Kunafa, Menemen, kebab, Pide, lentil soup.
Review 4.2 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Pricing AED 250 for 2 people
Timing 8 AM to 12 AM
Contact +971 4 344 9955
Address Mall Dubai Festival City Dubai United Arab Emirates
Location Click here to see Google Map
Social Media

Final Words

Here we are with the list of the 20 best Kunafa places in Dubai. If you’re in Dubai and fancy a good plate of Kunafa, this list will be helpful! Savor yourself to some fantastic Kunafa in Dubai to tantalize your tastebuds and fulfill your sweet cravings. Visit one of Dubai’s finest charming eating places to enjoy the authentic flavors of the city! You’re missing a lot if you haven’t tried Dubai’s famous Kunafa yet!

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