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Joelle Mardinian Net Worth, Bio, Career, Family & Facts



joelle mardinian biography

Joelle Mardinian is a superwoman. She is a successful makeup artist, TV show host as well as an entrepreneur. Along with that, she is a wife and mother to three beautiful children. Joelle Mardinian 2000 has a high net worth due to all the success.

Joelle Mardinian Wikipedia

Name Joelle Mardinian
Date of birth 27 November 1977
Age  44 years
Joelle Mardinian’s first husband’s name Kammal Kaddoura
Children  3
Occupation  Makeup artist, Tv show host, Entrepreneur
Networth $60,380,000
Joelle Mardinian religion Not specified

BiographyJoelle Mardinian biography

Joelle Mardinian was born on 27th November 1977 in Beirut, Lebanon. Joelle Mardinian age is 45. She works as a Makeup artist, and TV show host as well as an entrepreneur and entertainment. She is considered to be the most successful celebrity originating from Lebonan as well as a rich host.

She is 155 cm tall and has an attractive appearance. She has beautiful long hair, a good figure as well as captivating brown eyes. 

CareerJoelle Mardinian Career

Joelle Mardinian was passionate about makeup, thus due to this reason she moved to London to study makeup under well-known makeup artists. After this, she moved to Dubai and joined MBS where she presented a sports program.

MBC, upon seeing her passion for beauty and makeup allowed her to have her show which was a special beauty program which was called Bisaraha Ahla which translates to Frankly beautiful. Later the name changed to Beauty with Joelle.

Along with this, Joelle is a successful entrepreneur. She is the owner of beauty salons, and Joelle Mardinian clinic of cosmetics as well as a contact lens brand by the name EyeCandy Joelle Mardinian.

Most recently, she has launched a Joelle Mardinian show by the name Joelle unfiltered which gives a clear insight into her personal family life.

If you want to see her everyday updates go to Joelle Mardinian Instagram.

Joelle Mardinian FamilyJoelle Mardinian Family

Joelle Mandrian has not opened up a lot about her personal life, however, Joelle Mardinian first husband is Kammal Kaddoura and Joelle Mardinian and her husband are blessed with three children. In an interview, Joelle talks about how she is blessed to be a mother, and motherhood has made her realize the importance of being a mother. She says it is hard to be a working mother, however, when she is with her kids she makes sure to give them her full attention.

NetworthNetworth of Joelle Mardinian

Joelle Mardinian is a successful woman who has excelled in all her ventures. Due to this, Joelle Mardinian net worth is $ 60,380,000.


Does Joelle Mardinian ex-husband exist?

There is no such information available.

How was Joelle Mardinian before surgery?

Joelle Mardinian before and after her heart transplant surgery was stronger than ever.

Looking into Joelle Mardinian’s personal life as well as career shows a good example of how to make your passion into a career. Joelle was highly passionate and her passion took her to London to study makeup, MBC saw her passion and gave her a show of her own. Her exceptional skill as well as passion made her who she is today.

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Top Attractions for Nature Lovers in the UAE



Attractions for Nature Lovers n UAE

UAE offers some incredible natural places which are immensely popular among those who want an escape from the bustling and crowded city life. Nature has blessed UAE with irresistible beauty – from the deserts to the wadis to the beaches, each place offers so much to explore. When people think of UAE, the first thing that comes to mind is the vast skyscrapers, luxurious restaurants, and wide deserted landscape, but UAE is more than just that.

If you are planning to visit UAE, you should not limit your visit to shopping malls and sky-touching buildings but also try to spend some time close to mother nature and explore the gifts of nature that UAE has been blessed with.

Go through this list of the best natural places in UAE and see what is hidden in these exciting places.

Ras Al Khor Wildlife SanctuaryRas Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

If you are fond of spending your time close to the birds and plants, this place will excite you, with more than 20,000 migratory and resident birds living inside the sanctuary. With three different spots of bird hides placed strategically, you can spot various birds and see their life from closer. The health and safety of the wildlife are ensured by Dubai Municipality, which keeps on introducing various measures to preserve the wildlife. Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary is located at the beginning of Dubai creek and houses mammals, fish, invertebrates, plants, flora, and fauna and offers a wonderful escape towards jungle life. You can even borrow binoculars to witness the animals and birds closely.

Hatta DamHatta Dam

There is something soothing in the turquoise waters of Hatta Dam that makes this reserve rank among the best nature spots in UAE. The dam is surrounded by peaks and mountains and has some picturesque scenes to relish upon. Located almost 90 minutes from Dubai, Hatta Dam is covered by rugged peaks and offers various activities. You can witness various traditional reservoirs near the dam, making visiting the spot fun. You can get into various water adventures, such as kayaking, paddle boarding, biking, and hiking. Those who are fond of camping will find a peaceful camp spot at Hatta Dam.

Snoopy IslandSnoopy Island

All those adventure junkies who are looking to spend some time exploring the Island will find numerous things to explore at Snoopy Island. Having the Hajar Mountains in the backdrop and huge sections of rocks, which are arranged in a way that gives an image of the iconic sleeping Snoop, serves as a tranquil destination. The Island is located on the coast of Fujairah and is covered by coral reefs. The crystal-clear waters of Snoopy Island and the rocky marine make it a perfect spot for divers and adventure lovers. Various restaurants are situated nearby where you can stay and enjoy the entirety of the destination.


Masfout, or Masfut or Masfoot, is a popular tourist attraction in Ajman that offers abundant natural treasures. Located almost 90 minutes from Ajman, Masfout is also a favorite destination for families who love to participate in various fun-filled activities such as mountain biking, exploration, and much more. This landlocked village has historical and cultural connections to the Arab tribes, where you can explore a number of hidden gems. Masfout also shares a close connection to Hatta, making traveling by car and bike easier.

Fossil RockFossil Rock

Next on the list is the Fossil Rock in Sharjah, which is packed with marine fossils and gives the tourists an incredible experience of trekking and hiking. For those who want to know more about this natural spot, an educational tour can be taken under the guidance of the Mleiha Archaeological Center. It is only 1 hour away from Dubai and is a great spot for camping and hiking. The route to Fossil Rock can be complicated however, for adventure lovers, this fun ride is no less than an adventure.

Wadi ShawkaWadi Shawka

With abundant natural pools, camping spots, and fun-filled cycle paths, Wadi Shawka is a breathtakingly beautiful natural spot in the south of Ras Al Khaimah, perfect for camping in UAE. During the winter, you can spot larger and wider water pools, making it a seasonal river bed. From hiking, cycling, and running, the outdoor activities at Wadi Shawka give you a chance to explore the beauty of the Wadi at its depth. The mountain footpaths and numerous camping sites at the Wadi hold secrets from years ago. The Shaley rock is an adventurous rocky area for walking that is not recommended for timid hearts. Wadi Shawka is among the country’s largest dams and attracts various wildlife throughout the year.

Al Qudra LakesAl Qudra Lakes

If you want to explore endangered species such as Asian Houbara and Steppe Eagle, Al Qudra Lakes is a treasure for you, where you can enjoy the beauty of the lakes and explore the wildlife in their natural habitat. Not only is bird watching the primary purpose of visiting the lakes, but you can also enjoy camping, picnicking, and simply taking a ride. Plenty of flamingos, swans, ducks, desert foxes, onyxes, and various other animals can be seen around.

Al Qurm Nature ReserveAl Qurm Nature Reserve

Situated on the east coast of Sharjah, on the outskirts of Kalba village, Al Qurm Nature Reserve has abundant aquatic and avian life. The paddle boat tours and guides are always there to help you educate about the history of this natural spot in UAE. Spanned across more than 500 hectares of mangroves, Al Qurm is also among the huge wildlife sanctuary in UAE where many mammals and birds reside. The green turtles nesting at the beach and the kingfishers flying over the mangroves are a sight worth watching.

Half desert roadHalf desert road

The road does not take you to any destination but can make your family trips memorable while riding the vehicle between the road that is buried under the sand most of the time. If you are done with the overnight camping and want to do something different inside the deserted landscape, the half-desert road takes you to the exciting stretches of highway where you can witness the sand dunes in the surroundings. The picturesque views of sand surrounding everywhere let you take Instagramable photos. At this adventurous nature spot, you can also witness flora, fauna, and a lot of wildlife preserved in their natural habitat.

Jais Sky tourJais Sky tour

An adrenaline-pumping experience that is not for everyone, and if you are not faint-hearted and want to experience ‘flying in the sky’ Jais Sky Tour will turn this wish into reality. The experience of flying at the speed of 60 kmph through six ziplines covers a distance of 5 kilometers, where you may explore the Hajar mountains from a bird’s eye view. Navigating through the sky and above a seal level of 1250 meters, this flying experience is unbelievably realistic.

Bottom line

Ditch the skyscrapers and fancy food spots, and head to the adventure that takes you closer to nature. On your trip to UAE, do not forget to visit these exciting spots, which take you closer to the natural treasures of UAE. Also, if you are fond of exploring wildlife, the various spots above take you closer to watching numerous animals, birds, and plants.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is there an abundance of nature in the UAE?

The gifts from mother nature have blessed the UAE. From beaches to deserts to mountainous ranges, there is an abundance of nature reserves for those who love to spend time close to nature.

  • How much of UAE consists of forests?

Almost 3.8 percent of the UAE is covered with forest.

  • What are the popular outdoor activities in UAE?

Biking, camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, birding, and rafting are some of the popular outdoor activities in the UAE.

  • Which is the greenest place in the UAE?

Al Ain is the greenest place in the UAE.

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Best 8 Water Parks in Dubai



water parks in dubai

You won’t be surprised to discover the number of water parks in Dubai, considering its extremely hot temperature. Although there are many things to explore in Dubai, if you want to beat the sun’s scorching heat, a waterpark is the place to go.  With a lot of splashing, twisting, and screaming with fun, the Dubai waterparks are immensely enjoyable and will surely, give you an instant adrenaline pump.

Some of the most fun-filled waterparks on this side of the UAE will cool down your body temperature and offer an environment where you can enjoy it freely. Let’s find out everything about the best water parks in the UAE, where you are bounded to have a fun time.

1. Atlantis AquaventureAtlantis Aquaventure

The reason why Atlantis Aquaventure is atop this list is its immense popularity everywhere around the world. The beauty and enthrallment of Atlantis Aquaventure are so mesmerizing that many visitors fly down to Dubai specifically for this exhilarating water park. Aquaventure has become an icon in Dubai tourism since its inauguration. It is a fun-filled spot for families to spend a day because it has rides and a shark-filled lagoon that puts you right next to sharks in captivity.  After entering the park, you may also visit its lovely private beach. Innovative waterslides, unique rides and attractions, and of course, extreme slides for thrill-seekers are what make this waterpark so fantastic. Leap of Faith, a water coaster that drops you quickly from a 9-story height, is one of the most well-known attractions in Atlantis. Zoomerango, the largest tube waterslide, and Trident Tower in the city are some of the major attractions at Atlantis Aquaventure.

Unfortunately, the park can get really busy during the holiday season, and you might not find a spot on your desirable ride. Also, do not take the thrilling rides if you are afraid, as some of these are designed only for those who can handle the experience of these rides.

Location: Atlantis, The Palm, Crescent Road, Dubai, UAE

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday: 10 AM to 5:30 PM

Ticket Price: AED 299 for adults, AED 250 for kids under 1.2m. Kids under the age of 2 are free.

2. LEGOLAND Water ParkLEGOLAND Water Park

LEGOLAND is specifically designed for kids where they can have the most enjoyable experience as the park is packed with a lot of exciting rides and water pools which are designed for younger crowds. In Dubai’s Legoland Water Park, all childhood dreams involving Legos come true. It is one of the few water parks in Dubai that is specially made for kids from 2 to 12 years old. In addition to its main draws like the Splash Safari and Joker Soaker, Legoland Water Park provides an exceptional chance to construct your own watercraft. Before navigating the river, enjoy designing your raft. Many slides can be enjoyed in circles as a double or family, making it a perfect destination for family bonding. There is a special DUPLO Splash Safari section for toddlers as well.

Since there are many things to do and explore around LEGOLAND Waterpark Dubai, a one-day trip to LEGOLAND wouldn’t be enough. Also, teenagers and adults might not find this waterpark as exciting as the attractions and rides are more friendly for kids.

Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Opposite Palm Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE

Opening Hours: Everyday: 10 AM to 7 PM

Ticket Price: AED 330 per person. Kids under 3 are free.

3. Wild Wadi WaterparkWild Wadi Waterpark

Whether you’re searching for anything hair-raising or just hoping not to get your hair wet at all, there’s something for everyone, with about 30 entertaining slides and activities. Wipeout and Riptide Flow riders offer waves for surfers and would-be surfers. Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon provides more than 100 water attractions for children, and a major attraction is the Jumeirah Sceirah which is the fastest free-fall water slide in the UAE. Not only the place excites kids, but for people of every age group, there are various fun-packed activities to indulge in. You will be enthralled by seeing the largest wave pool, Breakers Bay, which produces 4.9 feet high waves at the Wild Wadi. There are retail outlets inside the waterpark from where you can purchase swim shirts, towels, or any swimming equipment.

Location: Jumeirah Road, Dubai, UAE

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sunday: 10 AM to 6 PM

Monday: Closed

Ticket Price: AED 336 for adults

AED 284 for people under 1.1m in height

4. Laguna WaterparkLaguna Waterpark

Laguna Waterpark has four zones to ensure a fun time for everyone: Surf, Relax, Slide, and Splash. It contains four lazy rivers, a pool lounge, a designated kids’ area, and its five main rides. The Ultimate Surf Machine is one of just three in the world and its most famous product. The Aqualoop and the Mad Racer are further attractions. Access to all the exclusive sections is available at Laguna for a fair fee with day passes. Located in the heart of La Mer, Laguna Waterpark takes your water-riding experience to a top-notch level. This park is unique because it focuses far more on soaking up the beachside vibes than high-flying spills.

Location: La Mer, Jumeirah 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sunday: 10 AM to 6 PM

Monday: Closed

Ticket Price: AED 125 for Dubai residents

AED 200 for non-residents

5. YAS WaterworldYAS Waterworld

Yas Waterworld immediately became one of the top water parks in the world after its inauguration in 2013. In addition to other water-based delights, Yas Waterworld has the first hydro-magnetic tornado waterslide in the world, providing visitors with the best water park experience in the entire globe. Yas Waterworld draws huge crowds all year long, which is a testament to its high quality and appeal to everyone from top celebrities to families and UAE natives. Being a winner of multiple awards in the Middle East, YAS Waterworld is highly popular among people of each age group. Al Raha Lazy River and Bandit Bomber are some of the entertainment rides to boost your adrenaline. With dedicated splash areas for kids and friendly rides for toddlers, YAS Waterworld offers a unique water experience to everyone.

Location: Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Opening Hours: Everyday: 10 AM to 7 PM

Ticket Price: AED 270

6. Splash N PartySplash N Party

Although there is plenty of entertainment for adults, Splash n Party is designed specifically for kids between the ages of two and ten, where your little ones can enjoy splash pads and thrilling water rides. The waterpark is fantastic for hosting huge groups and great for kids’ parties. It’s a lively, colorful, and secure area where kids can run about and enjoy the park’s water rides. Due to waist-level water restrictions and shorter ride height requirements than typical parks, extra caution has been taken. The lucrative party packages are also planned around memorable birthday celebrations. Splash N Party is a perfect venue for business openings, private parties, or small gatherings.

Location: Al Safa 2, Street 8A, Villa no. 1, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday: 9 AM to 8 PM

Friday-Sunday: 9 AM to 9 PM

Ticket Price: AED 100 per child with one free entry for an adult. An extra AED 50 is to be paid for an additional adult entry.

7. Ice Land Water ParkIce Land Water Park

Based on an ice theme, Ice Land Water Park is a beautiful spot to escape the heat of Dubai. It’s in Ras Al Khaimah, which is around an hour’s drive from Dubai. In addition to fun rides, a family pool, beach access, and a dedicated entertainment crew, the park also features fifteen other attractions, including private cabanas, a beautiful beach, an Olympic-sized lap pool, and much more. Amazing sunsets can be seen there thanks to the stunning vista of the Hajar Mountains to the east. The park is expanded over 100,000 square meters and houses the largest artificial waterfall in the world, The Penguin Falls.

Location: 6581 Al Jazeera, Al Hamra, Ras Al Khaimah

Opening Hours: Everyday: 10 AM to 6 PM

Ticket Price: AED 75 per person below 1.2m in height

AED 90 per person above 1.2m in height

8. Jungle BayJungle Bay

Jungle Bay is among the newly opened water parks in Dubai, and soon after its inauguration in February 2021, the park has been loved by the masses. The park has a distinct Aegean air, making you feel as though you’ve been transported right to the shores of Santorini, thanks to its simple beauty and shades of blue and white surrounded by lush foliage. Enjoy sliding down the Whizzard, Body, and gentle kids’ slides. The slides at Jungle Bay Dubai will revive your mood. The 6-meter wave pool is perfect for families and provides hours of splashing fun. The Aqua play is designed to entertain kids of all ages for hours. While your kids are having fun with their playdate, watch them from the sidelines.

Location: Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina, Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE

Opening Hours: Everyday: 10 AM to 6 PM

Ticket Price: AED 200 for weekdays

AED 250 for weekends

Things to consider before visiting a water park in Dubai

The fun and excitement are guaranteed if you plan to visit a water park in Dubai. Here are a few things to consider if you’re planning your visit to your favorite waterpark anytime soon.

  • The water parks are based on different themes, so it is important to find out the theme if it is according to your age and interest.
  • The water parks are crowded most during the weekends, so to avoid crowding, planning your visit around the weekdays when there are fewer gatherings is recommended.
  • Don’t forget to apply sunscreen unless the scorching sun heat will burn your skin.
  • Keep yourself hydrated as much as you can.
  • Look out for the online discounts of your favorite water park in Dubai, as various parks offer lucrative deals and discounts to visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the best time to visit a waterpark in Dubai?

The best time to visit a waterpark in Dubai is during the months of November to April.

  • What is the biggest waterpark in Dubai?

Atlantis Aquaventure is the largest waterpark in Dubai.

  • Which is the most famous waterpark in Dubai?

Atlantis Aquaventure and Wild Wadi are among the most famous waterparks in Dubai.

  • Atlantis Aquaventure or Wild Wadi – which is the best water park to visit as a tourist?

Atlantis Aquaventure is more suitable for adults and older kids, while Wild Wadi is specifically designed for kids. You may visit any of these based on your age and interests.

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Top Fishing spots in UAE



fishing spots in UAE

Whether deep-sea fishing or kayak fishing, it is a great way to unwind. The water tranquility and the chirping sounds of sea creatures – that’s what you may expect from your fishing experience in UAE. There are plenty of spots where you may enjoy fishing even if you are not an avid fisher because there is an irresistible temptation to fish in the Arabian Gulf.

Fishing is a popular sport in the world and brings with it a surreal experience owing to the anticipation of knowing what you will catch among 500 marine species in the Gulf waters. Since Dubai is famous for being the largest sailfish destination, this is the favorite place for enthusiastic fishers who are a master in their fishing techniques. From correcting the right angel to netting and trapping, Fishing requires great techniques. The fishing adventure in the Emirate attracts tourists from all around the world, where they can enjoy catching some of the rich and finest species, including Barracuda, sherry, bluefish, fluke, blackfish, parrotfish, porgy, hammour, small shark, cobia, and many more.

Fishing Essentials

The residents of Dubai take fishing as their hobby on vacations, head out to popular fishing spots, and participate in sea fishing events. If you are fond of fishing, you will be aware of the fishing essentials and the importance of having quality equipment to enjoy the experience to the fullest. However, some operators can provide you with the right fishing equipment, such as rods and lines.

  • Fishing rod

Fishing rod

When it comes to preparing a list of fishing essentials, the first thing that strikes in mind is the fishing rod. Since there are a variety of fishing rods, choosing the one with the maximum functionality and suitable features can be pretty confusing. From only a few meters long to having a height of 10 meters, you can choose the rod that suits your preference. The rod with better height helps with better line casting. Also, some rods have extra whistles attached to them, so it is better to have them. If you want to take your rod along while traveling, the collapsible rod will be of great use since it is flexible enough to fit into the bag easily. Graphite rods can be great for deep-sea fishing.

  • Fishing reels

Fishing reels

Many of the fishing rods have reels fitted to them which help with the line pulling. A spinning reel is great for beginners due to its ease of functioning. A Baitcaster reel is great for target accuracy and better control.

  • Fishing line

There is a variety of them based on sizes and shapes. From thicker fishing lines to thinner and braided ones, each comes with its benefits. The braided lines have small diameters and can hold more weight. The thicker lines are better than thinner ones and have more strength to carry weight. If you are a beginner and want to learn fishing, monofilament lines are excellent in terms of their stretching capacity.

  • Fishing weights

Fishing weights

Although one should not use too many weights to bring the bait to the deep-sea level, having a good quality fishing weight or sinker is essential to achieve better casting distance. The fishing weights are made of lead, steel, brass, and tungsten and offer great durability.

  • Swivel


Swivel is important fishing essential as it helps in connecting the trace with the fishing line. It prevents the line from unnecessary twists and turns and also ensures that the fishing weight remains attached to the hook.

  • Baits


Whatever food is used to attract a fish and then eventually catch them comes under the category of Bait. It can be small worms, prawns, shrimp, sandworms, or any live bait that attracts the fish toward it. If you do not want to use live bait, you may go with the lures, which are just as good as the live bait in terms of attracting fish. Lures must be strong enough to stand the toughest bites.

  • Sonar


A fishfinder Sonar helps you find the fish even under the deep-sea levels. It indicates the right fishing spot and helps you get a good catch. The larger fishfinder sonars are used in boats to indicate the fishing spot, while individuals may use portable sonars.

Best spots for fishing in Dubai and UAE

To ensure that fishing enthusiasts have quality time while enjoying this sport, the Dubai Municipality has designated various fishing spots in UAE. These spots allow you to meet the most enchanting species of fish while also preserving the ecosystem.

  • Al Garhoud Bridge and Al Maktoum Bridge

Al Garhoud Bridge and Al Maktoum Bridge

During the peak times, you will see these fishing spots being crowded with the fishing enthusiasts as they acquire a good catch without wasting much time. You can enjoy a fair abundance of Tilapia and Barracuda at these bridges so do not forget to reach out to your spot before it gets occupied.

During the summer season, the bridges can be really hot, Make sure that you are packed with all the summer essentials so the scorching heat might not affect your fishing hours.

  • Al Sheif Road Dubai Creek

Al Seif Road Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek is an ideal and popular fishing spot especially for the beginners. The water has the abundance of fishes including kingfish and hammour which allows the fishers to get a good catch. Even if you are not an avid fisher, this free fishing spot will serve you with a pleasant fishing experience. After enjoying a fulfilling fishing experience in Dubai Creek, you can relax yourself by munching at the nearby restaurants.

  • Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach is popular for its serenity and calmness and for fishing lovers, the Jumeirah Fishing Harbor serves as a luxury. This fishing spot is convenient for the fishers as it is located at one of the most accessible places in Dubai. Before considering Jumeirah beach as your fishing spot, it is important to know that the beach fishing area is quite slippery and you may witness accidental falls due to the abundance of rocky surfaces everywhere. However, if you have found stability on land, your fishing adventure will help you catch Barracudas and Sultan Ibrahims.

  • Al Mamzar Creek

Al Mamzar Creek

Next on the list of shore fishing spots in Dubai is the Al Mamzar Creek outside of Dubai in Deira. The best part of this fishing spot is that not many people are aware of it, and you may enjoy a relaxing fishing experience. You need to find the fishing area at the creek as there are swimming, bathing areas, and Mamzar Corniche, which may confuse you at first.

Fishing License

Whether you are an avid fisherman or not, you must have a fishing license in Dubai. It is legal to do fishing in Dubai however, for the sustainability of the environment and with the aim of preserving the fish species, the government has made it mandatory to obtain a fishing license. So if you want to indulge in this adventure, you will have to get a license, or if you are a tourist, you will need to be accompanied by a licensed tour guide or a licensed vendor. The process of obtaining a fishing license is easier in Dubai and comes with a year-long expiry.

Types of fishing license

Dubai Municipality has the authority to issue a fishing license within the regional water of the UAE. Two types of fishing licenses can be issued.

  • Artisanal Fishing License

Artisanal Fishing License is permitted to only UAE residents after acquiring consent from the local fishing authority. Even this license does not allow the fishers to do fishing at every location as a few species are preserved and not allowed to catch. The minimum age should be 18 years to obtain an artisanal fishing license.

  • Recreational Fishing License

A Recreational Fishing License can be renewed after a year and only caters the recreational purposes. With this license, you can participate in fishing with a fishing rod or can even take a fishing boat. This type of license can be obtained without any fees.

How to get a fishing license in Dubai?

Only UAE residents and citizens can apply for fishing licenses by going through the government’s online portal or visiting the Environment Department office. Luckily, the tourists do not need any fishing licenses and can even obtain a short-term permit of fishing in Dubai.

The documents which are required to apply for recreational fishing permit include:

  • Photographs
  • Passport copy
  • Emirates ID
  • Boat License (in case of acquiring a fishing permit using boats)

Additional documents required from non-citizens may include:

  • Housing rental contract
  • DEWA electricity bill
  • The employment contract (if applicable)
  • Work permit

There are no application fees to apply for a recreational fishing license.

The documents which are required to apply for an artisanal fishing permit include:

  • Service Application Form
  • Boat Testing certificate
  • Approval of Ministry of Climate Change and Environment

Before getting the artisanal fishing license, you need to get a permit from the local fishing organization.

Best time to do fishing in UAE

You cannot expect different types of catches depending upon the time you are visiting the fishing spots. Although there is a large number of fish species under the Arabian waters, you need to be sure about that time of the year when you are visiting Dubai, as the abundance may vary throughout the year. The ideal time to do fishing in Dubai is from November to May as during this time, fishes tend to stay closer to the surface and make it easier to catch them. During the winter season, you can expect kingfish, king mackerel, and tuna to hook your line.

In the summer season, as the water of the surface gets extremely warmer, the fishes lurk deep into the water, making it difficult to attain a good catch. The Sailfish and Queenfish are in abundance during the summertime.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is fishing legally in Dubai?

Anyone who wants to do fishing in Dubai should obtain a fishing license that allows you to fish from the coast under the laws.

  • Does Dubai have good fishing?

Dubai has some amazing fishing spots; you will find many fish species here. Owing to its popularity among the fishers, Dubai also hosts some of the grand fishing events in the world.

  • Do you need a fishing license in Dubai?

The government has made it important to obtain a fishing license to preserve the fish population. If you are spotted fishing without a license, you will be charged a fine of AED 500 to AED as per UAE laws.

  • What are the best fishing spots in Dubai?

Some of the best fishing spots in UAE are Al Seif Road, Jumeirah Beach, and Al Maktoum Beach.

  • Do Dubai waters have sharks?

In Dubai waters, one can easily find hammerhead sharks as they are present in large numbers around the UAE waters.

  • What kind of fish are there in the UAE waters?

The UAE waters include Tuna, Barracuda, Rainbow Runner, Striped Marlin, Amberjack, Dorado, and many more.

  • Does Dubai have sea snakes?

Almost 5 to 6 snake species live in the UAE waters, such as the Arabian gulf sea snake, Belcher’s Sea snake, and Ornate reef sea snake.

  • How deep is the ocean in Dubai?

Dubai oceans have a maximum depth of 4652 meters.

  • What is the best time to fish in Dubai?

The time between October to May is suitable for fishing the species like Tuna and King Mackerel, while the months of June to September are suitable for Queenfish and Sailfish. However, if you are fond of Tilapia and Hammour, you may fish around Dubai throughout the year.

  • How many types of fishing licenses are available in Dubai?

There are two types of fishing licenses available, i.e., recreational fishing licenses and artisanal fishing licenses.

  • What is the difference between a recreational fishing license and an artisanal fishing license?

The recreational fishing license can be obtained for only recreational purposes while the artisanal fishing license can only be issued to UAE residents after acquiring the permit from the local fishing authority.

  • What can I expect to catch while fishing in Dubai?

Fluke, Tuna, Small shark, Porgy, Sherry, Queenfish, Catfish, Barracudas, Hammour, Bluefish, Blackfish, and many more.

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