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Joelle Mardinian Net Worth, Bio, Career, Family & Facts



joelle mardinian biography

Joelle Mardinian is a superwoman. She is a successful makeup artist, TV show host as well as an entrepreneur. Along with that, she is a wife and mother to three beautiful children. Joelle Mardinian 2000 has a high net worth due to all the success.

Joelle Mardinian Wikipedia

Name Joelle Mardinian
Date of birth 27 November 1977
Age  44 years
Joelle Mardinian’s first husband’s name Kammal Kaddoura
Children  3
Occupation  Makeup artist, Tv show host, Entrepreneur
Networth $60,380,000
Joelle Mardinian religion Not specified

BiographyJoelle Mardinian biography

Joelle Mardinian was born on 27th November 1977 in Beirut, Lebanon. Joelle Mardinian age is 45. She works as a Makeup artist, and TV show host as well as an entrepreneur and entertainment. She is considered to be the most successful celebrity originating from Lebonan as well as a rich host.

She is 155 cm tall and has an attractive appearance. She has beautiful long hair, a good figure as well as captivating brown eyes. 

CareerJoelle Mardinian Career

Joelle Mardinian was passionate about makeup, thus due to this reason she moved to London to study makeup under well-known makeup artists. After this, she moved to Dubai and joined MBS where she presented a sports program.

MBC, upon seeing her passion for beauty and makeup allowed her to have her show which was a special beauty program which was called Bisaraha Ahla which translates to Frankly beautiful. Later the name changed to Beauty with Joelle.

Along with this, Joelle is a successful entrepreneur. She is the owner of beauty salons, and Joelle Mardinian clinic of cosmetics as well as a contact lens brand by the name EyeCandy Joelle Mardinian.

Most recently, she has launched a Joelle Mardinian show by the name Joelle unfiltered which gives a clear insight into her personal family life.

If you want to see her everyday updates go to Joelle Mardinian Instagram.

Joelle Mardinian FamilyJoelle Mardinian Family

Joelle Mandrian has not opened up a lot about her personal life, however, Joelle Mardinian first husband is Kammal Kaddoura and Joelle Mardinian and her husband are blessed with three children. In an interview, Joelle talks about how she is blessed to be a mother, and motherhood has made her realize the importance of being a mother. She says it is hard to be a working mother, however, when she is with her kids she makes sure to give them her full attention.

NetworthNetworth of Joelle Mardinian

Joelle Mardinian is a successful woman who has excelled in all her ventures. Due to this, Joelle Mardinian net worth is $ 60,380,000.


Does Joelle Mardinian ex-husband exist?

There is no such information available.

How was Joelle Mardinian before surgery?

Joelle Mardinian before and after her heart transplant surgery was stronger than ever.

Looking into Joelle Mardinian’s personal life as well as career shows a good example of how to make your passion into a career. Joelle was highly passionate and her passion took her to London to study makeup, MBC saw her passion and gave her a show of her own. Her exceptional skill as well as passion made her who she is today.

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Moon Lake Dubai; Location Timing & Fee



Moon Lake Dubai

In a desert country like the United Arab Emirates, it may seem strange that there are several man-made lakes. However, these lakes are important in the country’s climate and ecosystem. The lakes also provide a unique and beautiful landscape in an otherwise barren land. It is because the government of the UAE has committed its residents and citizen to give them the best lifestyle. The artificial lakes in the UAE are proof of this commitment. Recently during the month of Ramadan, in the middle of the Al Qudra desert, a new landmark in Dubai is revealed as Moon Lake, surrounded by golden dunes. The National later searched this place via drone.

What is Moon Lake?Moon Lake Dubai

In the heart of Dubai lies Moon Lake, a man-made half-moon lake that is home to some of the most breathtaking views in the city. It is called so due to its crescent moon like shape. The lake is situated in the middle of a bustling metropolis, yet it offers a serene and peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Moon Lake is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike, and it is easy to see why.

Along with this, the project has been successful in attracting a variety of animals, including gazelles, oryx, and even ostriches. The UAE is home to over 200 species of birds, and the moon lake project has helped to increase that number. The artificial lake is also a popular spot for picnics and other outdoor activities.

The lake is still relatively new and not yet open to the public. However, it is already becoming a popular spot for photographers and nature lovers. The crescent moon-shaped lake in Dubai lies just beyond the popular Love Lake. The lake is a beautiful sight to see, and it is a great place to relax. There are many activities to do at the lake, such as swimming, fishing, and canoeing. The lake is also a great place to take a walk or have a picnic.

How to Find the Desert Moon Lake?

Most people find it tough to find the desert moon lake as it is far from the city in the Al Qudra desert and there is no direct-paved road to the destination. First, you will need a 4WD car and if you search for it on Google Maps you will need to type GPS coordination 24.800484, 55.370616.

There is a bicycle path, next to the road where the drive is forbidden but if you want you can go on car and next to it is a hard paved road. We will suggest you to drive on a 4WD or SUV as at some point there are sand dunes and this distance is of 20 minutes.

After that small oasis will start to appear which is a sign that you are about to reach. From here you can enjoy on foot. It will be amazing to walk towards the destination. All around the lake there is a desert with few lonely trees.

Attractions around Moon Lake DubaiAttractions around Moon Lake Dubai

It is a worth seeing place to enjoy nature. If you are lucky you may see group of ghazals and other rare animals of the desert who come here for drinking water. You can enjoy the scene of sun set and sun rise as it is said deserts are more close of the nature and these are worthy places to enjoy nature.

The lake itself is a beautiful sight, with its gentle waters reflecting the light of the sun. Visitors can take a boat out onto the lake, or simply sit on the shore and enjoy the tranquility.

There are also several walking trails around Moon Lake, which are perfect for exploring the surrounding area. The views from these trails are simply breathtaking, and provide visitors with a sense of calm and wellbeing.

Key Points to Remember

When visiting Moon Lake in Dubai, it is important to remember to leave no trace behind. This means that all garbage, including food, must be picked up and disposed of properly. It is understood that even organic waste can take months to biodegrade. Meanwhile, it will attract animals that are harmful to them. Leaving garbage behind not only harms the environment but also causes problems for other visitors and the native species of the desert as well. Please do your part to keep Moon Lake clean and beautiful for everyone to enjoy.

When go for camping over rocks or on sand dunes, be sure to take extra care not to disturb or damage the natural landscape. Remember that we are visitors to these places and should leave them as untouched as possible.

With a little bit of effort, we can all do our part to preserve our planet for future generations. Never harm the natural beauty of the place also.


Moon Lake Dubai is a stunning and unique place that is definitely worth visiting. The views are breathtaking, the amenities are top-notch, and the overall experience is one that you will never forget.


What is the best time to visit moon lake in Dubai?

If you want to enjoy the worth seeing native species of the desert and scenes of early dawn, it is better to visit it early in the morning. It will also be great to visit it in the evening if you want to enjoy the sunset, but it would be risky to some extent.

What is the biggest lake in Dubai?

Burj Khalifa Lake is the biggest lake present in Downtown Dubai. It is also a man-made lake.

Is moon lake natural or man-made?

It is a man-made or artificial lake. It is wonderful to know that although Dubai is blessed with many natural monomers, it lacks lakes. You will see here mostly mad-man lakes.

Is the entrance free to moon lake Dubai?

Yes, you can enjoy the visit to moon lake for free. There are no entry fees.

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Top 10 Museums in UAE For History Enthusiasts



Museums in UAE

The Emirati people of the UAE have a long and rich culture. They have a wonderful history in the Middle East and are extremely proud of what they have accomplished as a country in recent years. A museum is undoubtedly the best place to look for historical information in the UAE. The cities of Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi are home to some of the most well-known museums in the United Arab Emirates.

The luxurious property sector exhibits the high-rise building and stunning lifestyle of the people of Dubai, but there is much more to explore about this rich land. For the history buffs who want to indulge in the learning experience that surrounds the history of UAE, there are many museums in the UAE where you can explore artistic heritage, archaeology, infrastructural development, and everything that contributed towards the formation of the modern UAE nation.

If you want to take a look into the intimidating history of the UAE, there are various museums where you can go to learn everything in an interactive and immersive environment. We have enlisted 10 of the best cultural and artistic museums in the UAE, where world-class art exhibitions are held, and the galleries are fledged with the most amazing historical images.

1. Etihad MuseumEtihad Museum

Located in Jumeirah, Etihad Museum has a modern infrastructure that is resonated with the historical events which led to unification. Visitors may easily learn about the illustrious history of the UAE thanks to the immersive learning, which guides them through various stages in an engaging way. The pavilion-based design takes you through various phases, including the time before the formation of the federation, the panoramic mapping of Arab history, the challenges faced by the founding fathers of the UAE, and a tribute to the Constitution of the UAE. Large multimedia screens are set up to display various events and exhibit the life history and belongings of the forefathers of the UAE. Modern glass coatings are applied throughout the building to maintain high façade transparency while achieving solar gain and glare reduction targets.

Entrance Fee: AED 25 per person

Location: 1 Jumeirah Street, Al Mina, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Opening Hours: 10 AM to 8 PM

2. Dubai Coffee MuseumDubai Coffee Museum

Coffee has been an integral part of the UAE’s heritage, and the country is exporting various types of coffee throughout the world. Since the beverage resonates with the country’s vibrant history, Dubai Coffee Museum pays homage to this royal beverage by showcasing a wide range of coffee. Dubai’s Coffee Museum’s ground floor is separated into areas representing the customs of many coffee-drinking civilizations, and the stairs feature quotes and texts about coffee. You may indulge in your caffeinated tour with a cup of coffee at the museum’s specially designed-brew bar. You will be surprised to learn about various brewing and roasting techniques of various coffee types, and to give you a more detailed insight into the history of coffee, there is a large collection of books placed inside.

Entrance Fee: Free of cost

Location: Al Fahidi Historical District, Bur Dubai.

Opening Hours: Saturday to Thursday: 9 AM to 5 PM and closed on Friday

3. Sharjah Art MuseumSharjah Art Museum

Sharjah is best known for its golden cultural heritage, and to exhibit it to the public, Sharjah Art Museum is packed with modern and traditional vintage pieces that are the best artisans’ designs in the UAE. Launched in 1997, the building has a three-story structure, and with every story, a new visual experience awaits you. The museum takes you away from the shenanigans of the modern UAE and puts you closer to more than 500 unique artworks of Arabs and international artists. Inspired by the UAE’s culture and rituals, every art piece is unique on its own. The artistic atmosphere inside the museum will keep you enthralled, and exhibitions held by the museum will give you a closer look at the spectacular manmade pieces.

Entrance Fee: Free of cost

Location: Arts Area, Al- Shuwaihiyeen, near Al-Corniche post office

Opening Hours:  Saturday to Thursday: 8 AM to 8 PM

Friday: 4 PM to 8 PM

4. Sharjah Maritime MuseumSharjah Maritime Museum

Sharjah Maritime Museum opened its door to the public in the year 2003, but later it was shifted from the Heritage Area to Al Khan. The fascinating maritime tales from the city can be found at the Sharjah Maritime Museum. Focusing on the conventional wooden dhows used for fishing, commerce, and pearling enables visitors to understand the emirate’s maritime traditions. Visitors will be able to explore the underwater world and learn about the ancient fishing techniques employed in the UAE. The museum also houses some magnificent and ancient Arabian pearls, and you may also get to know the old techniques used by ancient Arabs to collect the pearls.

Entrance Fee: AED 25 per person

Location: Corniche Road, Al Khan, Sharjah

Opening Hours: Saturday to Thursday: 8 AM to 8 PM

Friday: 4 PM to 8 PM

5. Louvre Abu DhabiLouvre Abu Dhabi

One of Abu Dhabi’s most spectacular art museums is The Louvre Abu Dhabi. It was founded in 2017 on Saadiyat Island and is housed in a futuristic building by French architect Jean Nouvel. Over 600 works of art are on exhibit in 23 galleries, which together take up 8,000 square meters. The museum’s exterior has a shallow dome-like structure that exhibits a combination of contemporary and traditional norms. Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum gives the impression of the major religions and chronologically represents the rich regional art and exhibitions. Planning a day trip to the renowned museum and its numerous exhibits and programs is a great idea for families, students, and art lovers. Visitors are encouraged to learn how many cultures can share influences and historical ties.

Entrance Fee: AED 60 per person

Location: Saadiyat Cultural District, Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi

Opening Hours: Saturday to Tuesday: 9 AM to 6 PM

Wednesday & Friday: 9 AM to 10 PM

Thursday: Closed

6. Al Ain Palace MuseumAl Ain Palace Museum

Commemorates the life of the founder of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The place used to be the residence of Al Nahyan and his family while their belongings were preserved safely inside the museum. The palace was the hub for social and political activities and was later converted into a museum in 1966. Since then, it has been offering tours of its former private apartments and grounds and literature about the governing family. The museum’s infrastructure has typical ventilation features like square windows and balconies to keep the entire building cool during the summertime. The main entrance gate, which is crowned with triangles known as “Maghazel Al Rami,” is also enclosed within the palace’s high surrounding walls.

Entrance Free: Free of cost

Location: Al Ain Street, Central District, Abu Dhabi

Opening Hours: Monday: Closed

Tuesday to Thursday, Saturday & Sunday: 8:30 AM to 7:30 PM

Friday: 3 PM to 7:30 PM

7. The Women’s Museum of Bait Al BanatThe Women's Museum of Bait Al Banat

The Women’s Museum of Bait Al Banat was a great initiative to celebrate the hard work and dedication of Arab women in the history of the UAE. Prof. Rafi Ghubash established this museum in 1950 to combat negative preconceptions about Arab women and preserve their heritage and accomplishments. The gallery rooms host exhibitions of female artists’ work. The museum has helped many females in the region promote their artwork and unveil their potential in the field of art.

Entrance Fee: AED 20 per person

Location: Old Gold Souq, Deira, next to the fish market

Opening Hours: Saturday to Thursday: 10 AM to 7 PM

Friday: Closed

8. Emirates National Auto MuseumEmirates National Auto Museum

Emirates National Auto Museum houses some of the best automobiles in the UAE. The museum’s popularity is immense as once it was featured in BBC’s auto show ‘Top Gear.’ More than 200 cars are displayed from the royal collection of Sheikh Hamid Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, along with modern-day vehicles, classic American cars, the world’s largest truck, and glass-encased SUVs. The museum was established in 2004; since then, it has been a haven for luxurious and vintage car lovers.

Entrance Fee: AED 50 per person

Location: South of Abu Dhabi, Hamim Road, Off E11, Al Gharbia

Opening Hours: Everyday: 10 AM to 6 PM

9. Abu Dhabi Heritage VillageAbu Dhabi Heritage Village

The Emirates Heritage Club manages Abu Dhabi Heritage Village and beautifully represents the lifestyle of the ancient Arabs. Visitors can explore the ancient houses that once existed, including palm and mountain stone-built homes. To satisfy your exploration thirst, you can further visit Bedouin tents, old fishing villages, and traditional souqs and take a closer look into the life of Arabs before the oil reserves were discovered in the region. Inside the museum are artisans engaged in the old trades of metallurgy, glassblowing, and ceramics. The Abu Dhabi Heritage Village is a spectacular spot for families and visitors who wish to see a different side of the city because Abu Dhabi Heritage Village is entirely different from Abu Dhabi’s modern surroundings.

Entrance Fee: Free of cost

Location: Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi Theatre Road, Corniche, Breakwater Road, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Opening Hours: Saturday to Thursday: 9 AM to 4 PM

Friday: 3:30 PM to 9 PM

10. Dubai Museum of the FutureDubai Museum of the Future

Want to travel to the future and expand your experience? Dubai Museum of the Future has arranged everything to take you through future innovations in an expansive environment that will thrill all of your senses. Calling this building an engineering marvel wouldn’t be wrong, as it phenomenally connects the past and future by using advanced immersive technologies. The great grand building of the museum spreads throughout the vast skylines, while on the front exterior, you can see a huge canvas calligraphed with the quotes of Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Expanded over a total area of 17,600 square meters, it has three spacious floors where the immersive exhibitions are held, keeping the focus on the future from outer space. The museum is based on a unique, innovative concept that makes it distinctive from the other museums in the UAE.

Entrance Fee: AED 145 per person

Location: Emirates Towers, DIFC, Dubai

Opening Hours: Everyday: 10 AM to 6 PM

Other museums to visit

Plenty of museums are located in the UAE; at each museum, you will explore different aspects revolving around the UAE. Some other museums you may consider visiting are our Dubai Frame, Coin Museum, Sharjah Natural History Museum, Sharjah Classic Car Museum, Sharjah Science Museum, Manarat Al Saadiyat, NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery, and many more. Visiting museums in any country is a great way to explore many things about that country, and the experience of visiting UAE’s museums will surely, uplift your experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the most visited museum in the UAE?

Louvre Abu Dhabi attracted more than 2 million visitors in the previous year, making it the country’s most-visited museum.

Is there any specific dress code that should be strictly followed inside the museum?

No, there is no dress code specified for the visitors to visit the museums in the UAE.

Which is the biggest museum in UAE?

Louvre Abu Dhabi

Is Art Dubai free?

Free entry for children (aged 18 and under) and university students. A valid ID is required.

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Top 5 Spots for Wall Climbing in Dubai



Wall Climbing

Dubai has everything for everyone. Whatever your interests are, you will surely discover the attractions accordingly in Dubai. For art and history lovers, there are excellently designed museums that preserve the cultural and historical heritage of the Gulf region. For water sports lovers, there are fun water parks based on various themes where people of any age group can enjoy their hearts out. For tourists who are looking for thrilling adventures to get their adrenaline rush, there are numerous hiking spots located around the city. Similarly, to add more fun and adventure to your trip, numerous wall-climbing spots in Dubai are loved by bold and brave adventure-seekers.

You probably are unaware of the popularity of wall climbing in Dubai, but for those, who have already gone through this exhilarating experience, wall climbing is among the most adventurous things to do in Dubai.  Along with showcasing physical strength, the sport also testifies to your problem-solving skills and how you utilize your intelligence to put your foot in the right spot.

Top 5 Spots for Wall Climbing in Dubai

Multiple spots offer wall climbing, each offering basic to advanced climbing levels. These fun-filled spots are waiting for you to discover their difficulty levels and to make you indulgent in this challenging task.

In this blog post, you will find some of the best Dubai climbing wall spots to test your endurance and challenge yourself with increasing difficulty levels. From indoor wall climbing Dubai to rock climbing Dubai outdoor spots, we have covered every detail for you to uncover.

  • Magic Planet

Magic Planet

All residents of Dubai may easily access Magic Planet because it is spread out over eight different areas of the city. You can experience all the activities, rides, and sports at Magic Planet, including wall climbing that welcomes adventure seekers to a dedicated section for indoor wall climbing in Dubai. Wall Climbing at the Magic Planet is not only a physical test but also a great activity to mentally test your skills. Leave your kids with their favorite rides and challenge yourself with the intelligently-designed walls.

Location: Mall of the Emirates, Level – 2 Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE

Ticket: AED 60 per player

Opening Hours: Saturday-Wednesday: 10 AM to 11 PM

Thursday & Friday: 10 AM to 12 AM

  • Mountain Extreme

Mountain Extreme

If the excitement and fun of Magic Planet do not excite you, we have another wall climbing spot planned for you, i.e., Mountain Extreme. It is the largest and one of the best indoor rock-climbing spots in Dubai, which is expanded over 9,000 square feet. A training and warm-up area featuring a MoonBoard, an interactive computerized training wall where climbers may examine their trouble spots and compare performance rankings with fellow climbers around the world. Additionally, it comprises some difficult climbing routes created by world champion Manuel Cornu for more experienced athletes. Anyone above the age of 7 can get into the excitement offered at various levels of Mountain Extreme, and even for beginners, there is a Nicas scheme designed to promote wall climbing among individuals.

Location: Al Quoz 3, Dubai

Ticket: AED 110 per person. The membership starts from AED 650 per month.

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday: 12 PM to 9 PM

  • Rock Republic

Rock Republic

Head out to the biggest bouldering venue in the Middle East, where your fitness levels are tested with mind-blowing challenges. This climbing spot offers many exciting activities, including full open bouldering, private coaching, children coached climbing sessions where the people of each age group are welcome to try and polish their wall climbing skills. A fun-filled and planned structure of wall bouldering is waiting for you, where you can learn a lot more about wall climbing.

Location: Street 77, Dubai Investment Park 1, Dubai

Ticket: AED for a session of open bouldering. AED 300 per person for private coaching under a two-hour one-on-one session with the coaches.

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday: 3.30 PM  to 10 PM

Saturday-Sunday: 9 AM to 6.30 PM

  • The Wall Climbing Gym

The Wall Climbing Gym

With the main purpose of encouraging wall climbing among inspiring adolescents and adults of all skill levels in the UAE, The Wall launched two climbing gyms in 2009 in Dubai and in 2011 in Al Ain. The Wall Dubai is a 15-meter-tall outdoor climbing gym with the first 10m-long Speed Wall segment ever constructed in the Middle East. It is also among the largest rock climbing Dubai outdoor spots and offers climbing sessions and private coaching sessions on booking. The wall climbing is created with high technology and provides you with the climbing level of your choice.

Location: ONE District, DWTC Apt. Block-C, Dubai

Opening Hours: Weekdays: 3 PM to 10:30 AM

Weekends: 9 AM to 4 PM

Ticket: AED 75 per person

  • The Wall by Dorell Sports

The Wall by Dorell Sports

Dorell Sports is popular for offering multiple sports activities, including wall climbing, tennis, and swimming. Through its dedicated section, “The Wall,” Dorell Sports offers training for wall climbing and climbing club management. Dorell Sports is also offering wall climbing installation in accordance with European quality and safety standards and comes with a warranty. Don’t get stressed by seeing the highest climbing wall, as the place also hosts small trails for the beginners.

Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, DWTC Apartments Block-C

Ticket: AED 65 for kids. AED 100 for adults

Opening Hours: Sunday-Friday: 2 PM to 10 PM

Saturday: 2 PM to 9 PM

Bottom line

We have enlisted the popular and exceptionally designed wall climbing spots in Dubai for athletes who are looking to get into some challenging adventures. These places ensure the maximum safety of the climbers, and some also offer climbing courses and coaching at various levels. So if you want to indulge in outdoor or indoor climbing fun, don’t forget to check the above-given list.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Which is the highest wall climbing spot in Dubai?

The Wall by Dorell Sports Services is the highest climbing wall in Dubai.

  • What is the minimum age of kids who want to do wall climbing?

The minimum age mentioned at most of the wall climbing spots in Dubai is five years.

  • Can a 3-year-old go rock climbing?

Although most wall climbing spots allow kids above 5 to do climbing, some wall climbing spots in UAE allow two years of kids to participate in wall climbing activities.

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