How to Get an Auto Clicker?

How to Get an Auto Clicker?

Auto-clickers are widely used nowadays for a variety of purposes. It is proficiently designed software that can be accessed by anyone easily without any extra effort. The auto-clicker is used for repeated clicking on a specific point on the screen. The software is designed in such a way that causes the mouse to click automatically like a physical click. This automation software program is simple and complex as well. The software will work simultaneously with other programs that run on the computer. 

The auto-clicker is compatible with every device such as computers, laptops, iPhones, and android. It is easy to install on each of these devices. Getting opportunities with a Speed Auto Clicker is a free option that helps you a lot. Basically, the auto clicker is ideal in gaming for rapid clicking in the playing of different games. 

Steps to Get an Auto Clicker

For automatically clicking the cursor on the specific point by stopping the cursor’s movement from moving following steps are required:

  • Move to the bottom right of your screen
  • Open the system menu
  • Click on the setting button
  • A small window will appear where you have to select the menu button
  • If the items on the menu do not appear, select the advanced option then the accessibility option
  • Another window will appear where you will go for the manage accessibility features option.
  • When they seem to, go for the mouse and touchpad section. Here you will see an option automatically click when the mouse pointer stops, slide it to on the switch.
  • When the setting is completed, you will see a ring around your cursor. After the specific period which you set, the click action will start performing. This setting is customizable according to your needs.

Auto Clicker

The Time Frame of Clicking

In the setting option, you can set the time of clicking after you stop moving the cursor. Below the automatically click option, you will see the option delay before click. Click on the drop-down menu and set the time accordingly from the given options.

Selection of Different Action

When you stop the movement of your cursor for automatic start of the clicking, due default setting it causes the left click to start. You can change this click action by choosing the desired one from the menu of click action. You can select the following type of action:

  • Right-click
  • Left-click
  • Double click
  • Click and drag
  • Scroll
  • Pause

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