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How to Create a QR Code Business Card in the UAE?



How to Create a QR Code Business Card in the UAE

Making a personalized QR card is easy for you. All you need to do is to catch up with the right platform. To save time, effort, and hassle, you need to keep track of the QR codes you need to generate. After that, you can easily download the QR code. The downloaded code will be present on your app or dashboard. Once you are done with the process, you can also easily make physical and digital marketing cards.

Let us follow some basic steps and points for making the cards without the hassle.

What Should be the Size Of the QR Code On the Business Card?

Many people remain confused about the sizing of the QR code on a business card. As for that, I would like to tell you that your QR code should be 0.7 inches x 0.7 inches (LW) minimum. Your code should not be so small that it becomes impossible for a smartphone to identify.

Most of the QR codes have a distance of about a 10:1 ratio. It means that a code can also be scanned even from 7 inches away.

Making Of the QR Coded Card

Making Of the QR Coded Card

Add Text

You can add your own labels, text, and tags on your QR code business cards, along with many other actions and links. This text will assist your customers, clients, prospects, and other connected users. Your community can easily pass through the business cards and notice the information you have shared on virtual cards.

Like, if you notice that your contact information is tricky to understand, you can also add notes for users. This is how your community will connect with you without any hustle.

Add Frame

With the help of your brand’s colors, style, and theme, you can make your QR code card more attractive. Like, you can add a frame representing your brand to make the card stand out. To make the frame, you need your HEX, HSL, RGC code, multiple fonts, and colors to support the card. Plus, you can add up background colors too.

Add Logo and Images

To make the card more customized and authentic, you need to add the company logo and images. Like, add up logo to the center of QR codes with a superior layer of branding and customization. These logos will make your QR business codes more real and help you get more users’ attention and traffic.

QR Code Usage on Different Materials

Once you design your QR code, you can easily download it. After downloading the code, you will have easy access to share the virtual card on your social media handles, emails, other platforms, and promotional materials. So, by sharing the card on different platforms, you will notice a frequent change in your business pump and the traffic you have gained on your site (if you have.)


After the card is downloaded and ready to be distributed among users, you can print it out on other promotional materials. On another material, there will be a QR code representing your business. Once the print is done, check it out and test if the information is transferring to devices or not. Notice the linkage to your business.

Also, keep in mind that once you have deleted the QR code. You will no longer be connected. In short, your business will work individually from your QR code even if scanned again.


While making your card, be conscious of the text and information you are storing, along with the spelling issues, if you have made even a little mistake, your QR code will be useless. Your customers may not be directed directly to your information just because of spelling issues. So, test up your card again and again before dispatching it into the market and note it down for errors.

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Tips for Getting Started with Forex Trading



Forex Trading charts screen

So, you want to start trading in the forex market. But before you jump right in, take some time to read through the tips below. This guide will help you stay in safe waters or only venture out as far as you are prepared to go.

Learn How the Forex Market Works

Get into the habit of comparing pairs of currencies, like dollars and pounds, pounds and yen, and yen and dollars. Try to determine what causes their fluctuations. Do this before you start trading, just like learning about the technical side, like mt4, and putting your money at risk so that you understand how the markets work. 

Follow a Plan and Know Yourselfa men in front of laptop doing trading

Determine how much risk you can tolerate, and don’t push beyond that. Decide what amount to trade with and stick to it. Understand how you make trading decisions.

Get a Practice Account

A practice account carries no risk. It allows you to test your rules and see if they hold water without risking your capital. Here is a list of the best 2022 practice accounts.

Different Bases for Trading Assumptions

There are two basic bases traders use for forecasting how a market will move. Technical traders use analysis tools, while fundamental traders base their decisions on political and financial news. Test them both and see what you learn.

Rule #1

Know what you can afford to lose, and never risk more than this amount. Don’t put your rent or car payments at risk. Rule #2 refer to rule #1.

Use Trailing StopsTrailing Stops

Trailing stops ensure you get out before you lose more than you are willing to lose. Instead of tracking the market every second, place stop and limit orders. These stops only move while the market is in your favor.

Keep Emotions Out of Trading

When you lose, it is tempting to take a chance on recouping your losses. However, you are more likely to end up with an additional loss. Trading requires a rational mind, not emotions. You can recover what you have lost by the same strategies that have you winning more often than losing. If in doubt, reread these tips from the beginning and figure out what went wrong. Use it as a learning curve.

Be Disciplined About TradingBe Disciplined About Trading

Everyone loses sometimes. But sticking to your tried, tested, and proven methods will have you winning more often than losing and gradually moving forward. If this isn’t happening, chances are you’ve skipped a few steps in this guide. Go back to the beginning and start again, slowly.

Your Goals May Change

After trading for a while, you may realize you are less risk-averse than you thought and need to spice it up a little. If you can afford to play for higher stakes, go for it. But remember rule #1. Don’t trade and lose your child’s inheritance.

Use a Platform

Regardless of your level of skill, you can take advantage of, MetaTrader 4, a Forex-trading platform where you can make use of Expert Advisors. Mt4 also provides tools for flexible trading, advanced market analysis, and mobile apps.

Follow these tips for a safer trading experience, and change your strategies as you gain experience.

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How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai?



Choose a Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai

Each business is completely different, and if you are searching for grabbing your potential customers, then you must understand the importance and benefits of preferring a digital marketing agency. They are specialized in understanding your goals. To select the best and most experienced digital marketing agency then, you are advised to follow some tips, 

  • List of past clients 
  • Specialized and experienced team members 
  • Strong industry reputation 
  • Social proof
  • Company culture 

Why is Digital Marketing so Significant?

Digital marketing is the most important because it connects your business with your clients when they are online. At the same time, it is one of the best ways to improve your business growth. The best digital marketing agency can provide tons of services to their clients, which are really useful to stay unique from others. 

Why Do Small Businesses Need to Do Digital Marketing?Small Businesses Need to Do Digital Marketing (1)

As we know, digital marketing refers to the marketing activities of a company that can be carried out via electronic devices or the internet. This kind of marketing uses different kinds of strategies to connect with its clients. There are extensive numbers of techniques available, like content marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, and inbound marketing. If you are looking to make effective marketing techniques, then you are advised to follow some tips like customer information, content distribution, and customer communication. Social media and digital platforms could be useful for instant communication between the audience and the brand. 

What is Remarketing in Digital Marketing?

Remarketing is the best technique, and it involves showing ads to people who could be visited your website or mobile app. This kind of strategy is cost-effective for maximizing your sales and easily reaching out to your audience. In simple terms, it is one of the best ways to engage your audience who could be interacted with your brand. If you are choosing the best digital marketing agency, then you can easily promote your business products or services. Remarketing is also known as retargeting, and it is the practice of serving ads around the internet. At the same time, it might allow your organization to serve ads on the platform and websites that you use most. Different kinds of remarketing techniques are available, like dynamic, standard, video, and email remarketing, so you can choose it based on your needs. 

Easy Way to do a Perfect Digital Marketing StrategyPerfect Digital Marketing Strategy

If you wish to build an effective digital marketing strategy, then you must identify your goals and tools because it is one of the perfect ways to advertise your products or services. To make the best digital marketing strategy, you must follow some tips like nail mobile optimization, make a customer persona, use the perfect technology, and track your progress. If you are choosing the best and latest advertising technique, then it is useful to attract your clients as well as brand awareness. This kind of technique could be divided into six SEO, content marketing, native advertising, and email marketing.

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6 Ways to Make Habitual Late Employees be Punctual



Employees working in a workplace

Every business relies on its employees in order to run successfully and accomplish its goals. When a certain employee or a group of employees come in late consistently, it causes disruptions in activities and issues with timely goal achievements. It also creates a bit of friction in the workforce, with other employees getting frustrated due to the lazy behavior of some.

Sometimes, the circumstances don’t allow you to reach the office on time. However, if a person is constantly coming in late, they are just lazy and doesn’t respect the workplace rules. This sort of behavior requires intervention before it becomes a bigger problem.

In this post, we’ll discuss a few ways in which organizations and businesses can counter chronic tardiness in employees.

1. Identify the Pattern

Being late once or twice in a while is acceptable; there could be excessive traffic, harsh weather conditions, family matters, or anything. But being late constantly has to be questioned.

Notice a pattern of an employee coming in. Record the time they come in every day. Having a record is necessary for any sort of further action. A time and attendance management software can help track the attendance of employees digitally without any errors.

An ongoing office meeting

2. Be Proactive

If you notice an employee is coming in late consistently, make sure you address the problem before you burst out in anger with frustration. Remember, you’re not tired of the person; it’s just that their behavior isn’t good for others and the company. Keep calm and address the matter with them.

Make sure you talk to them calmly, one to one. Try and avoid the conversation in front of others, don’t embarrass or threaten them, and try to make them realize how this will affect their own future in the company. Let them know how all this is being tracked and will affect future evaluations and appraisals. You can keep track of employee performance through performance management software.

3. Verbalize Your Discontent and Disappointment

An old trick in the book to make people realize their mistakes is to tell them explicitly about your disappointment. Expressing it might help the employee reflect on their behavior and make changes. Usually, when a person respects someone, and they’re disappointed in them, a person gets upset with himself and tries to make amends

Verbalize your disappointment in a clever way. For example, if the employee was late to a client meeting, say something like how the client had to wait for them to come and another person had to fill in for them meanwhile. This will help them realize that their behavior is not only affecting the company but also their co-workers.

4. Listen to Their Side of the Story

Make sure you listen to your employee’s side of the story as well. Maybe there is a genuine issue that’s plaguing them. It could be anything, family matter, medical problem, financial problem, etc.

If you feel there is a genuine issue, make adjustments for them in order for them to start late and finish late accordingly, or flexible working hours, etc.

One to One Office Meeting

5. Mention the Consequences

Come up with an action plan if the employee’s behavior doesn’t change even after expressing your concern and showing your disappointment. Send them a warning letter mentioning all the consequences of coming in late. Make sure they know their performance is being tracked, and their future will depend on these reports.

Since these reports are automated by a performance management software and the attendance is being monitored through a time and attendance management software, the employee cannot claim any bias against them as well.

6. Reward Any Improvement in Behaviour

If the employee works on their behavior and improves on their habitual late coming-in pattern, make sure you let them know the company is noticing it and is being recorded through an appraisal management software and will reflect positively on their future evaluations.

One to One workplace discussion between two men

All these steps can help deal with employee tardiness. If you’re in search of software to make tasks easier for your company’s human resource department, DLI-IT Group is offering tech-based enterprise solutions in the UAE. They offer performance management software, time and attendance software, payroll software, and more. Reach out to them now for more information.

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