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Dubai Tourist Visa Types Guidelines | Complete Application Process



Dubai Visa Types Guidelines

U.A.E. is one of the most popular tourist destinations and one of the wealthiest countries in the world, which means that getting a UAE visa is becoming increasingly difficult with more people applying each year due to its location in a document issued by foreign authorities as a certificate or license to visit that country. A tourist visa is a document issued by Dubai authorities that identifies a person as being admitted to enter and remain in the UAE for tourism purposes. It also needs to be obtained before traveling to Dubai. The tourist visa is usually valid for between 30 and 60 days and it’s possible to get one for multiple entries if requested.

In the event of a person wishing to stay in the country for longer than the authorized duration, they may apply for a Dubai visit visa extension as long as they have not committed any crimes against national security and can provide sufficient evidence of their ability to finance their extended stay.

The Difference in Tourist, Sponsor & Work Visa

Different Dubai Visa Types Tourist, Sponsor and Business Visa

Tourists, sponsors, and work visas are different statuses with different regulations. A tourist visa is the easiest to come by but most difficult to maintain because it only lasts for a few months. A sponsored visa is given to the employer; he is sponsored by an individual for a specific job, which can last up to five years. However, it is difficult for most employers to sponsor someone without them being physically present in the country seeking sponsorship.

Types of Dubai Visit Visas

Types of Dubai Visit Visas

Tourists who are traveling to Dubai can apply for a tourist visa. There are two types of visas available depending upon your duration of stay in Dubai and the purpose of your visit.

  • E-visa
  • Business visa/ tourist visa
  • 48 hours transit visa
  • 96 hours Transit visa
  • 90 days visit visa
  • Sponsored visa Dubai
  • Multiple entry tourist visas for Dubai

 1. E-Visa

The e-visa is processed by applying on the appropriate website and costs $25 USD. However, it cannot be used to stay in Dubai for 30 days. The difference between a visa and an e-visa is that in this you can complete an application online.

2. Business Visa and Tourist Visa

A business visa is available only for 14 days and you can’t extend it while you can extend your visit visa for 30 days. It cost about 430.25 USD for a single entry for 30 days. The process costs about 272.5 USD and along with additional taxes, it reaches 430.25 USD.

3. 48 Hours Transit Visa

Many people are often looking for ways to shorten their airport layovers. The 48-hour transit visa is the perfect solution. With this visa, travelers are able to stay in Dubai for two days before they have to continue on their journey elsewhere. It costs about 359.24 USD.

4. 96 Hours Transit Visa

The time frame for this is 96 hours which is long enough to explore the country and still get out before you need to apply for a visa. This is ideal for people who are not sure of their travel plans or who want to explore other countries in the region like Bahrain or Qatar before returning home. You have to pay a total cost of about 406.25. It will process in under 43-4 working days. For the express tourist visa, you have to pay 429.85 USD.

5. 90 Days Visit Visa

This is an effort to welcome more visitors by making it easier to enter the country. The visa will allow visitors to stay in the nation for up to 90 days, though the limit could be extended if they apply for an extension before their 90-day period ends. Visitors must apply for this 90-day visa at least 2 weeks before arriving in the UAE. Along with a security deposit that costs about 272.5 USD, the cost of this visa reaches up to 529.86 USD.

6. Sponsored Visa Dubai

A sponsored visa is a type of visa for people who are applying to live in the United Arab Emirates but are not citizens. These visas are given to people who are sponsored by an employer or an individual living in Dubai. The requirements depend on the type of visa, but there are several factors that need to be considered before making a decision about whether you should take care of these visas.

7. Multiple Entry Tourist Visas for Dubai

If you have plans of visiting Dubai more than once, you will need to apply for a multiple-entry tourist visa. The first step in the process is to find out if your country allows you to apply for said type of tourist visa.

How to Apply for a Dubai Tourist Visa?

To Apply for Dubai Visa You must have valid passport

Dubai visa requirements are

  • The applicant must have a valid passport,
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover expenses during their visit,
  • Proof of accommodation in Dubai at the time of application,
  • Documentation showing ties to home country,
  • Proof of return ticket.
  • Photo of your sponsor

You can apply online for a Dubai tourist visa via a website as follows;

  • First of all choose a suitable website such as Emirates to book your ticket, for this; you must have a valid PNR number.
  • There you will get additional services with the option of applying for the UAE visa
  • Read the notice carefully and then click on the application form.
  • Fill out your form and submit all the required documents by scanning them.
  • You will receive the email after your documents will be reviewed.
  • You can also check the status of your application from time to time.
  • You will be issued a visa shortly and will also be informed by email.

Apply Online

Online visa application service is available for residents and nationals of many countries around the world. These include America, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Singapore, and Australia among others through emirates. Recently, the United Arab Emirates has been making changes to the requirements for a tourist visa.

Apply in The UAE

You can also apply on the behalf of your UAE resident. You will need to provide information on the visit, the length of visit for countries outside the GCC states, and any other conditions on the visa.

If you’re completely new and overwhelmed with the whole process of applying for the UAE tourist or any visa, you can get help from reliable professionals, for example, Idea Bizone. They offer a simple, and hassle-free way to get your UAE visa at reasonable prices.

Guidelines for Specific Countries

Residents of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries including Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Kuwait are not exempted from visa requirements like GCC nationals are. Thy need

  • Original Iqama with 3-months validity
  • Passport
  • Original personal Photo
  • A constant profession (that may not change after getting a visa)
  • Expat sponsor
  • ID card of UAE or home country
  • Valid credit card

Countries Banned for Visas

Dubai is known for its immense wealth and power, but with that comes a complicated visa system. Typically, the country would allow visitors from many countries to enter their borders without any need for a visa. However, as of March 2017, Dubai has banned over 80 countries from obtaining visas. The list includes most Arab and African nations along with Syria and Iraq. Some others are South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique, and the Republic of Congo.

Covid Requirements for Dubai Tourist Visa

Covid Requirements for Dubai Tourist Visa

For residents of other countries, this means they may need a medical examination and a COVID test. The COVID test is the first time that the UAE will require residents from other countries to take a test before they can make a trip to Dubai, while travelers from outside need a Covid negative certificate along with a QR code 48 hours before the departure time of departure. Validity of time and sample taking place is necessary.

Cost of Dubai Tourist Visa

Visa type Duration Cost Extensions
48 hours visa 2 days US$10 Non-extendable
96 hours visa 4 days US$30 Non-extendable
30 days visa 30 days US$90 Extendable $230
90 days single entry 90 days US$190 Extendable $230
30 days multiple entries 30 days US$175 Extendable $230

 How To Renew or Extend a Visa?

You can renew your visa for 30 days twice. For this, it is necessary to keep a check on the valid date and apply for renewing before expiry. It will cost about 600 AED each time for renewal.

Benefits of Getting a Dubai Tourist or Visitor Visa

Along with other Schengen countries, travelers can apply for a short-term visit visa. With this visa, you are allowed to stay in the UAE for up to two months, which is plenty of time to explore everything there is to see.


1. Can a Dubai tourist visa enter Abu Dhabi?

A tourist visa to visit Dubai will not allow you to enter Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. You must have an additional visa or pass to enter Abu Dhabi with a tourist visa.

2. Are a tourist visa and a visitor visa the same?

No, both of these are not the same. A tourist visa is only for tourists while a visitor visa can be used for business meetings and other purposes as well.

3. Can I convert a tourist visa into a work visa?

It is not possible to do so. But if a visit visa is issued by Dubai immigration then you can convert the tourist visa into a work visa.

4. How many maximum days can I stay on a Tourist visa?

You can stay for 90 days on a tourist visa.

5. Can I start a business on a Tourist visa?

It allows the tourists to stay for a short duration. You can start a business by obtaining a long-term visa, such as an E-2 visa, an H1-B visa, or a green card.

6. Can a tourist buy property in Dubai?

Yes, it is possible to buy real estate in the United Arab Emirates which includes Dubai. As long as you have enough cash and can prove your income, you will be able to purchase property abroad.

7. How much bank funds or statements are required for a Dubai tourist visa?

For a tourist visa in Dubai, a bank statement with a minimum not less than 3000 AED is acceptable.

8. How much passport validity is required for a Dubai Visa?

Validity of passport is necessary. So at the time of applying passport validity should be of at least 6- months. 

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How to Sue a Restaurant for Allergic Reaction in Dubai?




How to Sue a Restaurant for Allergic Reaction in Dubai

Everyone imagines a good meal while trying it out in a restaurant. But if you wish for an unforgettable experience, and unluckily, it turns out to be your worst experience due to an allergic reaction to the food. A fantastic experience can grow into a difficulty if you unpleasantly react to a food allergy. The food allergy varies from slight to austere. You may receive return money if the allergic food reaction hurts you.

A restaurant is accountable for food aversions. Whether a restaurant has a legal obligation or damage triggered by a food allergy depends on if the restaurant was careless. Suppose the customer shows unaddressed apprehensions or the restaurant fails to take safety measures for common allergies. In that case, they may be legally responsible to a customer when damage effects by a food allergy.

Accountability of Restaurants for Food Allergies

Food allergy

The restaurant has an excessive responsibility of attention to its consumers. They should be familiar with chronic food allergies and help consumers apprehend the constituents in their products. Although, customers are also careless sometimes, and consumers can also give a wide berth to avoid known allergies. Still, when the restaurant inattentively treats allergies, it might be legitimately accountable to the casualty for their harm. With this all being said, here are some pointers in which restaurants are accountable for food allergies.

  • Harmful transfer of bacteria and casual allergic reactions.
  • Waning to guard customers and update them about usual allergies.
  • Wrongly notifying consumers about constituents in their products.
  • Providing improper data when consumers inquire about allergens.
  • Reacting incorrectly when an individual has a divergent reaction.

Well, a restaurant that doesn’t take enough supervision of the health of its consumers can be the reason for the permissible obligation. Since the restaurant is an acquisition business, its duty to take adequate protection of its consumers is excessive.

Why Does Food Allergies Happen?

There are several legitimate concepts for food allergen sufferers. This could be unawareness and lack of focus on what a restaurant is serving to its customers. Here are some factors to know;

1. Carelessness

Restaurant proprietors have the legal responsibility to manage the business with regular maintenance. They must ensure that the meals they help their consumers are harmless. Carelessness is an absence of realistic attention. The restaurant has to utilize a value of protection that’s sensible for a restaurant. They don’t have to stop mishaps or injuries; they must take sufficient means to retain consumer care. The class is comparatively apex since a restaurant is a profitable business.

2. Lack of Awareness

A restaurant is trading a product in its food. Besides making significance, they have a permissible duty to provide consumers with the data they require to use the product carefully. When a restaurant doesn’t deliver the essential data so customers can make knowledgeable selections, a lack of knowledge from restaurant to consumer may be the legal concept for monetary concern.

3. Voluntary Contaminating

Now and then, restaurant workers intentionally contaminate your meal. An adverse reaction to a food allergen can initiate a deliberate offense privilege. When individuals intentionally make others unhappy through meals, it is considered voluntary contamination, which can be the reason for litigation.

4. Fail to Issue Warnings

Not all the time, restaurants take expedient measures to ensure the details regarding the ingredients and products used in a certain dish. If a restaurant fails to issue warnings for the product liability, what must be done beforehand to avoid any consequences that might arise in the future?

Guide to Sue a Restaurant for Allergic Reaction in Dubai

Here are some essential aspects that will educate you about the relevant laws and can be considered when taking legal action against restaurants for allergic reactions to food consumption.

Sue a Restaurant for Food Allergy – 5 Pointers

Restaurant Food Allergy

You can prosecute a restaurant for food allergies. There are numerous ways a restaurant may contravene its responsibility of attention to a restaurant customer concerning allergies. If the restaurant could have averted the injury more cautiously, the sufferer may recover their damages. The sufferer has to show that they’re injured due to allergies at the restaurant. With this being said, here are some tips to win your lawsuit against the restaurant for food allergies caused by their food.

  • Your adverse allergic reaction is the first to note and show that you have had a severe reaction because of the food you’ve eaten at a restaurant and hence need medical compensation from them.
  • If the restaurant was careless and unsuccessful in notifying you about allergens effectively or purposefully altering your meal, it is another red flag through which you can sue a restaurant.
  • The allergic reaction happened due to a food allergy to consuming the food exclusively from the restaurant.
  • If you are certain that the restaurant’s measures were the reason for the subsequent contrary reaction.
  • Damages and harm ensue from the allergic reaction.

But it is paramount to note that the sufferer has to verify every component of their statement. Whatever food allergy and problem caused by the food from a restaurant has to be detailed in an adequate manner with a professional manner. Moreover, you may require the assistance of lawyers or advocates who will be responsible for further solving the case the most. Having said this, here are some additional pointers regarding the steps you may take to sue a restaurant in the UAE.

  • Considering the primary food allergen that is recognized all over the world. It is also significant for individuals to know that restaurants are directed to inform their customers regarding the ingredients being added to the meal.
  • Complaints can be made on the following platforms;
  • Telephone – +971-4-2215555
  • Fax Number – +971-4-2246666
  • E-Services –
  • Email –
  • Complains Email –

Here are some of the departments with which you can launch your legal proceeding regarding any restaurant or café for serving something that you are allergic to;

  • Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority
  • Dubai Municipality – The Food Control Department
  • Ministry of Climate Change & Environment – Food Safety
  • Sharjah Food Safety Programme
  • The next is to make yourself aware of some of the laws and regulations regarding food safety and food allergies in the UAE, which you can opt for with your legal advisor in Dubai.
  • Federal Law No. 10 of 2015 on Food Safety. Upon confirmation, the concerned may face a prison term of fewer than 30 days with a fine of AED 500,000.
  • Ministerial Decree No. 239 of 2018 on National Food Accreditation and Registration System. This is particularly for those food items that have been modified with their labels.
  • The National Rapid Alert System for Food is for foods on the verge of higher risks.
  • Ministerial Decree No. 14 of 2016 on Controlling of Imported Food for Non-trading Purpose. It is related to personal food that is imported through the country’s border on special terms.

Restaurant Compensation for Adverse Food Reactions

Restaurant Compensation for Adverse Food Reactions

You may be suffering from a restaurant food allergen and might get compensation for the economic damages and pain. For average or drastic allergies, you possibly have remedial invoices. You possibly will have transport expenditures to catch to health cure. You could require treatments, pills, or health materials. Any monetary damage due to the hostile allergy can be a compensation statement. You might also justify a return for emotional suffering and physical discomfort.

Permission to Serve Allergens

The restaurant’s permission to serve allergens in meals relies on the public law of the region of the restaurant. Mostly the restaurants show their allergen data. The food authority provides restaurants with facts and figures on improving an allergen-free set of choices, whereas circumstances involve servant teaching to handle the situation in any accident.

Food Allergen Tagging and Customer Safety

According to law, every food product must comprise the food allergen tag with all the necessary information and ensure customer safety. Every food brand must reveal the entire allergens contained in the food. The popular are seafood, dairy products, dry products, and wheat. The law’s main objective is to avoid errors, assumptions, and damage from imprecise or hidden material.

The Final Words

Good food is a right of every person; it leads to a healthy life and, consequently, a happier person. This article covers all the awareness one should have about the legal procedure against a restaurant or food product. You can go through this to acknowledge the various prospects and situations created anywhere and how to tackle the conditions and be on the safe side by securing a dominant role. Here all the essential topics and facts to know are discussed, and the helpful ways to sue a restaurant for an allergic reaction following the law in Dubai.

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13 Hot Favourite Beaches For Tourists in Dubai




Hot favourite beach in dubai

Dubai and the entire UAE (UAE) is a great tourist hub for almost everyone. The beautiful scenic locations, the luxury hotels and stay options, the rich culture, and history, the shopping markets and malls to keep you busy with your credit cards all time occupied; plus numerous other facilities to satiate every kind of traveler’s needs.

But Dubai is not only for luxury travelers; it is equally a wonderful getaway option for budget travelers too.

You can explore all its beauty and magnificence spending less than 500 AED (100$) per day if you manage your stay and travel plans well.

If you are thinking, where to go in Dubai or UAE? Well, we have got that covered! We bring here a serene list of 13 favorite beaches in Dubai and other cities in the UAE which will not burn a hole in your pocket and also offer some great fun options:

1- Jbr Open BeachJBR Open Beach

It’s free but could be crowded during peak hours. Well maintained with clean sand, this beach volleyball courts, jet skiing sessions available, beautiful views of the famous Burj Al Arab in the backdrop.

2- Jumeirah Open Beach Jumeirah Open Beach Dubai

This is one of the most popular free beaches in Dubai; offering lounge chairs and umbrellas to its visitors.

One can even enjoy water skiing and wakeboarding along with volleyball and soccer on the beach. It has a kids’ play area too! You can also go strolling or jogging here as there’s a dedicated 3km long walkway laid over this beach.

3- Kite Beachkite-beach-dubai

If you’re looking for some adrenaline rush, then try out parasailing over this Arabian sea beach.

Though it’s not very popular among tourists, it still scores high on popularity charts among kite surfers who throng to this beach in hordes. Excellent views of Burj Al Arab and The Palm Jumeirah are the additional attractions here.

4- Mall of Emirates (MOE) Beach

Mall of Emirates (MOE) Beach

If you’re too tired of exploring Dubai’s numerous malls for deals, offers, and discounts, spend some time relaxing on MOE’s private stretch of sand. With the world-famous ski slope right next to it, this is definitely a unique experience! This small stretch is well maintained with clean sands, but crowded though!

5- Buhaira Corniche BeachBuhaira Corniche Beach Dubai

A tourist hotspot situated along Abu Dhabi Corniche offers a wonderful view of the submerged Aquarium at one end while being surrounded by Marina Mall shopping center on another side.

Along with other free activities like boating, you can also try your hands (legs) at water skiing and jet-skiing here.

6- Al Mamzar BeachAl Mamzar Beach Dubai

If you’re looking to spend some quality time with your family, Al Mamzar Beach in Dubai is a great option.

Situated close to the Deira side of Creek and accessible through the beautiful Majlis Ghorfat Umm Al Sheif (Creek Park), it has clean sands and safe waters too! It’s well maintained by authorities as it is considered an important place for the local fishermen community.

7. Al Sufouh Beach ParkAl Sufouh Beach Park Dubai

One of the most beautiful beaches in Dubai, it’s a picturesque location for sunbathing and swimming.

You can also try out various water activities over here including jet-skiing, Banana Boat ride, flying fish, etc. But be careful as this place isn’t safe for kids during evening hours due to large crowds.

8- Al Mamzar Corniche BeachAl Mamzar Corniche Beach

A beautiful stretch of Al Mamzar Corniche Beach offers great views of the Arabian Gulf, it also provides a wonderful view of the Dubai skyline from the other side.

It’s better to avoid this place in the evening as the beaches have nothing much to offer in terms of entertainment facilities and eateries apart from a few shacks offering local takeaway foods.

9- Jumeirah Beach WalkJumeirah Beach Walk

This newly developed walkway along the Jumeirah seafront has awesome scenic views right next to the seashore itself! You can simply spend time strolling or jogging here admiring its beauty or enjoying water activities like jet skiing over here too. But the place is more likely to be crowded during weekends and evenings.

10- Wild Wadi Water Park

Wild Wadi Water Park

If you want to enjoy some water rides and slides while being in the pool, try this beautifully designed water park which is just next to Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

You can spend a few hours here with your family enjoying its awesome rides and watching some stunning views of sunrise too! It’s expensive though (Dh110/person on weekdays and Dh130/person on weekends) compared to other attractions but definitely worth every penny.

11- Al Mamzar Beach ParkAl-Mamzar-Beach-Park Dubai

Located in historic Dubai Deira city, this small beach park offers a lovely view of the Arabian Sea along with Burj al-Arab. The beautiful corniche walkway also extends towards this park.

You can enjoy water activities at al mamzer beach park.

12- The Beach at JbrThe Beach at JBR dubai

One of the best free beaches in Dubai, it’s a modern-day experience with clean golden sands and crystal clear blue waters too! The shallow area also offers wonderful views of Palm Jumeirah.

But do try out some food from nearby outlets as there is nothing much to offer apart from a couple of shacks with local takeaway foods.

13- Dreamland BeachDreamland Beach dubai

A small stretch of enjoyable beach located near Al Sufouh, this location is known for its art installations and stores along the walkway. An ideal place to explore authentic Arabian culture, it has some popular restaurants offering international cuisine too.

How to Get to Free Beaches in Dubai

1. Take the Red Line metro from any part of Dubai and get down at Jumeirah station (Umm Suqeim direction).

Then walk towards the left side of the road from exit no.2, cross the main road and you will reach Jumeirah open beach after passing through some hotels & restaurants.

2. This is the last stop of Redline metro where it connects to the green line too, so if you are in any other part of Dubai city then take a Green Line Metro and get down at Union Station (Bur Dubai direction) and walk towards the right side exit from platform no.4, cross the main road and you will see Al Mamzar beach on your right side after passing few hotels.

3. Take the Red Line metro from any part of Dubai city and get down at Nakheel Station (Jumeirah Lake Towers).

Then walk towards the left side exit from platforms no. 7 & 8, cross the bridge over the road and you will reach Al Safa beach after passing through a few hotels.

4. Take the Red Line metro from any part of Dubai and get down at Jumeirah station (Umm Suqeim direction).

Then walk towards the right side exit from platform no. 1, cross one road and you will see Wild Wadi water park on your right side after passing through some hotels.

5. Take the Red Line metro from any part of Dubai city and change the line at Union Station (Bur Dubai direction) from platform no.4 to platform no.6, then walk towards the right side exit from platform no. 1, cross one road and you will see JBR beach on your left side after passing through a little bit of sandy area.

6. Take the Red Line metro from any part of Dubai and get down at JLT station (Jumeirah Lake Towers). Walk towards the right side exit from platforms no. 7 & 8, cross one road and you will see Jumeirah Open Beach on your left side after passing through a few hotels.

What is the Difference Between Public & Private Beaches in Dubai?

Well, the public beach in Dubai is open for all to enjoy free of charge including food & beverage costs. But the private beaches are located within hotels where you need to pay an entry fee (around Dh10/person or maybe more) plus additional food & beverage charges (usually around Dh100/ head).

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Is Maid Worth the Money or Should I Do it by Myself




Is Maid Worth the Money or Should I Do it by Myself

Cleaning is a vital part of our lives, but with a job, studies, or other family duties, it can get tough to maintain the balance between everything. You would be doing everything you can to keep the house clean, but it can get very hard with other things. Most people will go for hiring a housemaid from a housemaid’s supply service to lend a helping hand. However, the question is, is it worth the money, or is it better to do the work yourself? Let’s find out.

Before deciding whether it’s worth it to hire a maid or not, here are a few things you need to consider.

Is There an Availability of Time?

Is There an Availability of Time

The first thing you need to consider is the time. Do you have the time to do the work yourself or not? Thorough cleaning of the house can be a time-consuming task. While a quick cleaning doesn’t take much time, a complete clean will take longer. If you have a job, you may not have the time for such a cleanup. In such a case, most people find hiring maids from Domestic helpers agencies a worthy option.

Does it Fall Within Your Budget?

Does it Fall Within Your Budget

It is based on whichever company you prefer and who you hire. If you don’t feel like spending much on house cleaning, you may choose to do it yourself. But looking at the energy and time you can save, some people find it a worthy investment to hire a maid, and paying a few extra dollars are, therefore, worth it. If you think you have the budget and spending a few dollars will take the cleaning burden off your shoulders, hiring a maid will be worth the investment.

Would You Let Anyone Else in Your Home?

Would You Let Anyone Else in Your Home

Another thing to consider is whether you’re ready to let strangers enter your home. If you’re willing to let them in, touch, and clean your items, you’ll have no problem hiring a maid. Moreover, most cleaning services also offer quality and trustworthy house maids who will keep your house spick and span. So, hiring a maid will be a worthy investment if you’re ready to let some reliable people in your home for cleaning.

Are You Okay With the Cleaning Styles of Others?

Are You Okay With the Cleaning Styles of Others

Everyone’s cleaning is different, and everyone has a specific style. Before letting someone do the cleaning for you, you’d need to consider whether you’re comfortable allowing people to clean the way they want to. Hiring a housemaid for cleaning can be the best idea if you’re comfortable with that idea.


So, hiring a maid may cost you a small amount of money from your wallet, but it’ll be worth it if you get the cleaning you need. Therefore, to see whether hiring a maid will be a worthy investment, you need to ask yourself the questions mentioned above. Only after reflecting upon these can you conclude whether or not a maid is an excellent investment for you.

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