Dubai- One of the wealthiest country of the world

Dubai- One of the wealthiest country of the world

Dubai is the third richest country of the world and is a big business hub. It is a sea as we all as an airport. Many people prefer Dubai as their destination if they want to accomplish huge business manifestations. The business tycoons from all over the world come to the Dubai world trade center.

It is also a dream destination and tourism spot for many people. The Burj Al Khalifa and the beautiful beaches of Dubai attract a lot of people towards Dubai. There are also many shopping malls, amusement parks that make Dubai a worthy place for tourism. The dancing fountains that are magnificently choreographed at night and the artificial beaches with breathtaking views all are a sudden attraction for people.


The island of Dubai was not always the rich and luxurious city as we know it today. In fact a few years back it was a poor country until oil reserves were found from here which lead to the construction of its airport and the basis of the city what we know of as Dubai today. So the question rises why Dubai is so rich and how to make money in Dubai?

The first thing is how to get to Dubai and for that you obviously need to have a valid Visa. Here comes the question ‘How to apply for Dubai visa?’ The entire process can be done through two different processes. Either the entire thing can be done online by filling all the forms and submitting all the documentation online. Or you can get an agent who will charge a lot of money but you won’t have to do anything yourself.

The country did not become a very successful rich and developed country until it became a sea port. This is where the businesses star to arise in Dubai and the buildings and the skyscrapers as we see today started to form. People started to pour into Dubai and invest in it. Similarly many job opportunities were created which attracted a huge number of people towards Dubai has over 1, 44000 employees working and they account for more than 80$ billion annually which does not include the oil money that is involved in Dubai’s economy.

Dubai also hosts a lot of tourists. The tallest building in the world called Burj Al Khalifa is located in there. Millions of tourists visit it every year and enjoy the views from the top of the building. Dubai also has many other famous shooing malls and amusement parks that are worth a visit. Also, the tax rates in Dubai are less for the people living there as compared to other countries of the world although the policy to pay tax is very strict. You must be an active an active tax filer to live in Dubai.

There are also many shopping malls in Dubai in fact so many that you will be confused about what to buy in Dubai. It is one of the best countries’ in the world when it comes to trade and associated things.



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