Curtains with Hooks: Types, Overview and Tips for Choosing

Curtains with Hooks: Types, Overview and Tips for Choosing

Hanging window dressing correctly involves many nuances. One of them is to fix the curtains on the cornice. This influences not only the design but also the functionality of canvases. Blackout curtains on hooks in Dubai are one of the most convenient and versatile solutions in this respect. In order to choose them correctly, investigate the assortment and choose the most suitable option for your window openings.

Features and Advantages of Curtains Hooks

Hanging Hooks for Curtains

Curtain hooks Dubai is the most common way to hang the drapes on a cornice. Hooks for curtains can be elements attached on rings or independent mounts. Most often they are used on cornices mounted to the wall or ceiling.

Hooks can be used without a curtain rod. In this case, you need to fix special wall hooks at a certain distance from each other. This option is an ideal solution for a light drapery that will not be pulled aside.

Curtains on hooks are the most cost-effective and simple method of decorating window openings because you do not require specific knowledge or skills to hang these products. Curtains hooks are often sold as each or in packs, but you can always get a ready-made tape with attached hooks. This idea is just perfect if you experience difficulties to quickly and beautifully hang your new curtains on existing hooks. Such tape will greatly simplify the very process of fixing the drapes.

Due to the curtains hooks’ design specifics, the curtain fabric will move gently — no additional efforts are needed to pull them. The ease of installation and almost complete absence of alternatives make the hooks a very popular item suitable for every apartment.

Types of Curtain Hooks

Types of Curtain Hooks

The curtain market in Dubai offers a variety of curtain hooks. Here are hook types depending on their design:

  • Closed and open. It is faster and easier to hang curtains on open models, but the fabric can slip off the hook as a result of quick nervy moves. Closed hooks have a latch.
  • Hidden or decorative. Decorative hooks for curtain rods are used when the interior design requires or allows the presence of additional accessories that draw attention to the window treatment. Hidden fasteners are not noticeable, they are placed in the folds of fabric.
  • Basic and with curtain pin hooks. Basic models include those that serve as an independent direct mount. Transitional hooks-clips connect loops, clamps, eyelets to each other and are used mainly on round curtain rods.

If you are looking for a cheap but reliable way to hang your drapes that is easy to perform and manage, check the new creative solutions for attaching window treatments and go for curtains with hooks!

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