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Curtain Tips and Ideas. Window Treatment to Inspire



Curtain tips and ideas

Fashion is very changeable, but every modern mistress of the house wants an original and stylish interior. Keep reading this article to find out the novelties and latest trends in curtains fashion in Dubai.

Whatever the room’s intended purpose is, almost every space in a house has windows that require decoration. The most affordable and attractive decor option is drapes, curtains, and tulle.

There are objective principles of geometric harmony and color combinations, but still, in choosing interior solutions, everyone is guided by their own taste.

Eternal Classics and Its Modern Interpretationseternal classics design

Many people think that the most beautiful window treatment for the living room is classic curtains. Luxurious fabrics, graceful folds, magnificent lambrequins, exquisite tiebacks, flowing jabots!. We can’t help but agree.

If you tell the designer that you want to decorate the window in a classic style, he will definitely clarify what exactly you mean. After all, the classics are surprisingly many-sided! It implies straight curtains, luxurious lambrequins, and graceful waves of French curtains. Classics can be strict, lush, romantic.

Voguish Curtain Ideas for the Living Roomcurtain ideas

The window treatment for a living room in a classic style is associated with the palatial splendor of baroque and rococo. Historically, they are opposed to more strict classicism and its continuation Empire.

The current classic is eclectic. Rather, we are talking about general aesthetic principles based on historical heritage. Therefore, when considering the window treatment design for the living room, don’t be afraid to experiment!

From Art Deco to Hi-TechHi tech Curtains

Classics are usually contrasted with modern curtain styles that have a more concise aesthetic: minimalism, hi-tech, eco-style. Each of them has its own characteristics.

  1. In minimalism, the style of curtains is as simple as possible, and the choice of color palette is usually limited to white, red, and black.
  2. Hi-tech is prone to silvery shades.
  3. The ideas of eco-style living room curtains demonstrate that green and brown shades dominate in its palette, and among the fabrics, there are quite unusual ones: hopsack, canvas, bamboo.
  4. Beautiful window coverings for the living room will offer a magnificent art deco — a style that is sometimes referred to as a classic but standing apart. It is characterized by luxurious eclecticism, interspersed with exotic notes and a craving for valuable colonial materials: for example, expensive wood and ivory. Designer curtains for the art deco living room are both strict and chic at the same time. The characteristic colors for such curtains are ivory, golden beige, silver, graphite, hematite, and plain black.
  5. Ethnic styles give a lot of ideas. When choosing fashionable curtains for the living room, pay attention to the charm of the Moorish style or the sophisticated beauty of the Japanese.
  6. Country-style window treatment will help create a cozy homely atmosphere.
  7. Graceful tenderness literally sounds in light curtains in the Provence style, decorated with light floral prints.
  8. You may be attracted by the Mediterranean style, and your windows will be decorated with airy white coverings, reminiscent of sails in the Mediterranean.

The choice of window treatments for your home is not limited to the listed styles. One thing is absolutely clear: beautiful drapes and sheer curtains can be created in absolutely any style, if you approach the matter professionally and with taste!

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Best Washing Machine Repair & Maintenance Services in UAE



Best Washing Machine Repair & Maintenance Services in UAE

Electrical appliances have made life much easier, especially in today’s fast-paced world, where things are moving faster than expected. Nothing is more frustrating than breaking down any of these electrical appliances when you are helpless over the inconvenience. Suppose you have a laundry day after a week of a hectic routine and find out it is running into trouble or not operating. While you feel miserable at that point, you also search for a knowledgeable and skilled washing machine repair services provider who is reliable and equipped with the right tools.

If you are living in UAE and looking for a reliable and professional washing machine repair company, we have helped you narrow down your research so that next time, you do not feel helpless over your improperly working washing machine.

What should you consider while choosing a washing machine repair company?

Every washing machine needs to go through repair work after a certain time period as due to friction and wear & tear after continuous use, the machine needs to go through certain treatments. Obviously, you cannot get your washing machine repaired by a novice or inept washing repair company to examine or treat it. You should look for a company that is teamed with qualified and trustworthy staff, has good reviews, and has a solid reputation. Also don’t forget to compare the prices and choose the company that offers comprehensive repair services in a suitable package.


Your washing machine is an essential part of your life, so you should not let any inexperienced person treat it in case of any repair. Always choose the washing machine repair company in UAE that responds on the first call. If you are satisfied with the response, you may switch to asking for the next repair company.

Affordable yet well-reputed

While you are in your market search to look for a washing machine repair company in Dubai, you should not compromise the premium quality over the price tag. Premium repair services come at a cost; if any company offers lucrative prices, don’t forget to look for its reputation.

Do market research

We understand that when you are in a hurry to get your washing machine fixed, you don’t have enough time to do market research to find the most appropriate service provider. However, it is crucial to look for various providers in the market, compare their prices and services and choose the one that ticks the right boxes for you. You should be clear about what service you want and will get.


There should not be any hidden billing expenses, as you should be aware of the cost of the entire repair process. Probably there is a minor friction error, the machine wheel is not working, or a major complication is happening to your washing machine. Whatever repair services you are looking for, you should be clear about the expenses of each repair. A trustworthy washing machine repair company stays transparent regarding billing to prevent any further confusion.

Original replacement partsOriginal replacement parts

In case the internal parts of the washing machine are damaged, keep an eye on the replacement parts that the provider is bringing with him. A qualified repair provider is equipped with the original spare parts to ensure that the renovation is done in the best way possible.

Below we have enlisted some of the top-rated, professionally equipped, and well-reputed washing machine repair service providers in all the states of the UAE. The list is based on professionalism, customer support, and customer reviews, so you may check them out while choosing a company to sort out your washing machine repairs.

Al Haseeb Appliances RepairAl Haseeb Appliances Repair

Al Haseeb Appliances Repair is an established name in Dubai that is popular for providing customer-centric and highly responsive washing machine repair services with the help of world-class experts. These experts can quickly fix any equipment and are on a mission to provide a wide range of maintenance services to customers in the comfort of their homes. For over 20 years, Al Haseeb Appliances Repair has provided repair services using the most advanced technological shifts with a thorough understanding of the machine features and its functioning. The firm is licensed and also offers free inspection at your doorstep. The company offers its services in many localities, including JLT Dubai, Jumeirah, Emirates Hills, Marina, Global Village, Al Qudra, Majan, and many more.

Contact Number: +971 056 320 5505

Address: 16 29th St. Al Quoz Industrial Area, Dubai

AtoZ Appliances RepairAtoZ Appliances Repair

There are many reasons to choose AtoZ Appliances Repair to do the repair job, including inspection, diagnosis, and repair in the comfort of your home. The 24/7 available team of professionals in Dubai ensures that any complication in the functioning of your washing machine is resolved on time without creating any noise. Whether your washing machine has any leakage, drain hoses blockage, or interruption in the spinning, don’t worry about contacting the most efficient team of AtoZ Appliances Repair to fix any mechanical and electrical issues. Whether you are looking for Siemens, Samsung, or Bosch washing machine repair, the team is equipped with the latest tools and techniques to fix any error on the spot.

Contact Number: +971 55 199 6007

Address: Al Quoz 1, Dubai UAE

Abu Dhabi RepairAbu Dhabi Repair

Abu Dhabi Repair claims to be your one-stop solution for all the repair and maintenance chores with its affordable and premium services. The experienced staff at ABR ensures that you get maximum satisfaction with the repair work and that your washing machine works for longer with genuine spare parts. The efficient and quick team of certified technicians helps you fix your washing machine repairs without having you leave your home. Moreover, you will be given an estimated repair cost, so no hidden expenses are involved. From the initial inspection to thorough diagnosis to repairing and testing the washing machine, ABR staff performs every step with utmost transparency and competence. They efficiently provide repair services for almost all big brands, including Samsung, BOSCH, HITACHI, SIEMENS, AND LG washing machine repair.

Contact Number: +971 56 704 6981

Address: Building # 11, flat 303 Shabiya 11 near Gulfco market, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Artech Washing Machine RepairArtech Washing Machine Repair

Artech is another exceptional and well-equipped team of trained and certified technicians who arrive at the spot sooner after you call them for help. With Artech, you don’t have to worry about your washing machine being treated by any novice,; they only send qualified technicians to fix the error efficiently. Another commendable thing about Artech staff is that they fix the washing machine error the same day, so you don’t have to wait for long days of repair work. Whether you are in Ajman, Sharjah, or Dubai, the well-equipped van of Artech comes to you and treats your washing machine with the right tools and genuine spare parts. The repair and replacement expenses are significantly lower, considering the ease of getting your washing machine repaired immediately.

Contact Number: +971 50 376 0499

Address: Office#7, Souq Al Kabeer, Bur Dubai, UAE

Repair ServiceRepair Service

Repair Service has been working in Dubai for a long time now and providing the excellent repair and maintenance services for some home appliances. This popular commercial and residential service provider offers same-day washing machine repair services at your doorstep. Do not take the hassle of bringing your washing machine to the repair store as with a single call, the experienced technicians of Repair Service are sent to your doorstep and are equipped with advanced tools and have experience in treating all brands and models of washing machines. Whether the error is with the drainage pipe or the controlling switches or your washing machine is making some awful noise and vibration – let it get checked with the washing machine repair engineers at Repair Service and get affordable and accessible repair services. Moreover, they provide their repair services in many areas, including Palm Jumeirah, Marina, Motor City, Al Barsha, and Sheikh Zayed Road.

Contact Number: +971 052 770 9533

Address: Business Bay, Dubai

Durat Al EmiratesDurat Al Emirates

Durat Al Emirates offers reliable and affordable washing machine repair services across UAE. The experienced staff has been serving for more than 15 years by covering extensive damage repair services. From providing dryer and washing machine repairs to high-quality replacement parts and installation and maintenance services, Durat Al Emirates offers premium services with a warranty on all repair work. The repair engineers and technicians perform the on-site diagnosis and perform the quickest and most efficient repair with the help of technologically advanced tools.

Contact Number: +971 52 933 1066

Address: Shar e Al Khartoum, Al Rawda 3, Ajman, UAE

Bottom line

Getting your washing machine repaired can become cumbersome if you have to find out a reliable repair provider that offers top-notch services. The listing above might help you reach the trusted washing machine repair service provider in UAE. If you are still struggling to find a trusted company for the repair work, you may search for ‘washing machine repair near me’ to get the nearby results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When should I call a washing machine repair company?

If your washing machine is not turning on, starts vibrating excessively, the timer is not responding, the drive belt is worn out, the drain hoses are clogged, or there is any leakage in the machine pipe, you may call a trusted washing machine services provider to get the issue fixed sooner.

What do we call a person who does the washing machine repair job?

The person who performs diagnosis and repair work of a washing machine is known as An Appliance Repair Service Technician.

What is the average cost of getting a washing machine repaired?

The cost of getting a washing machine repaired depends upon the type of repairs which will be performed on the machine. However, on the average, it may cost between $200 and $250.

What is the average life a good washing machine?

A washing machine that is manufactured of good quality has almost a life span of 13 to 15 years depending upon its care and usage.

Is it a good idea to get my old washing machine repaired?

Repairing costs lesser than purchasing an entirely new appliance. In case of a washing machine, a repair job may cost you 50% lesser than buying an entirely new washing machine. However, if the washing machine requires repair work frequently and gets into trouble more often, it is suggested to invest into a new washing machine rather than investing into the old one repeatedly.

What is the most common damage happen to a washing machine?

A washing machine usually goes through the trouble of blocked hose due to some tiny item getting stuck or clogged in the hose.

How do I find out if my washing machine is damaged?

If your washing machine starts creating noise, its wheel stops rotating, or there is any water leakage in its drainage pipe, there are chances that your washing machine is damaged and that you need to get it checked immediately.

Can a washing machine last for 20 years?

The claim about the life span of a washing machine made by the manufacturing companies is usually of 10 to 12 years. However, a washing machine quite often lasts over 20 years but in this case, it will require more repair work and higher maintenance.

What happens to a washing machine if it is not being used for many years?

A washing machine if not used for 2 years or more may get its hose, drainage pipe, or spinning wheel dry or even cracked which leads to severe damage of its internal parts.

Which washing machine manufacturing companies claim to be long-lasting?

LG and Samsung are two of the premium, reliable, and long-lasting washing machine manufacturing companies.

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7 Ways to Make an Old Sofa Look Like New



Ways to Make Old Sofa Look Like New

Sofas are expensive and take lots of space, so it’s no wonder we want to keep them as long as possible. But even the best-quality model will look worn out after a few years – especially if you have children or pets. Without the budget to buy a new sofa every other year, how do you freshen up your tired-looking one? Here are the best ways to make an old sofa look new. They may not work miracles, but you’ll certainly get at least a few more years’ wears out of it if you follow these easy tips.

1. Using Fabric Freshener on Sofa

One of the best way to make old sofa look like new is use fabric freshener on sofa

Sofas are usually covered with some sort of upholstery material, so it’s important to treat this with special care. The fabric freshener will remove dirt and stains without damaging the fabric itself.

2. Shampoo it

Shampoo the sofa to make old sofa look like new

Look for a gentle sofa upholstery shampoo, or make your own mild solution of warm water and dish soap. Apply with a soft cloth or sponge, rinse with clean water and allow to dry naturally. This may bring some life back into the cushions, but there is no way to restore their full firmness.

3. Using a Steam Cleaner on Sofa

Way to make old sofa new is use steam cleaner on sofa

A steam cleaner is a powerful cleaning tool that can bring new life to your sofa, but you need to use it correctly! Check out my advice on how to clean a sofa with a steam cleaner for the best results.

4. Bring it Back from the Dead

To make your old sofa new reupholster it

If you’re determined not to replace your sofa but it’s looking very shabby, there are ways to bring it back from the dead. You may reupholster your sofa to make it look new all over again.

5. Using Stain Treatments on Sofa

Use stain treatments on sofa to make it look like new

Cigarette burns spilled drinks, and animal hair is just some of the practical little challenges you’ll face in everyday life with a sofa. Fortunately, there are lots of solutions out there to help you deal with these kinds of problems.

For fresh spills, use a dry cleaning fluid (available from your supermarket) to treat the bare fabric, then cover with baking soda. Vacuum up the next day. This may not be ideal for delicate fabrics, so check that it’s safe to use on your sofa first.

6. Liven Up the Color

Liven up the color of your sofa to make it new

If your sofa is looking a bit dull, one of the easiest ways to refresh it is with some new throw cushions. These can be bought cheaply enough and come in all sorts of colors and patterns. Mixing and matching them allows you to create an entirely new look for next to no money!

7. Paint it

Paint your sofa to give it a new look

Painting your sofa doesn’t just freshen it up for this season, but can actually add years to its life. A simple coat of aerosol spray paint can give your sofa a whole new lease of life. Just make sure to cover the whole thing including any removable cushions with at least three layers. This will create a tough barrier of paint that will protect your sofa from spills and stains in the future and it will lighten your whole interior design.

So there are 7 ways to make an old sofa look new, I hope this article is useful for you. Thanks, If you have any questions or opinions about this topic, please leave a comment below.


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Role of Lighting in Interior Design



Lighting Ideas

Lighting is one of the most important parts of interior design. It can make or break a room. However, it’s not uncommon for people to think lighting only applies to what happens in the dark (or when there are lights on). Lighting is about more than just turning on a lamp and flipping the switch – it’s about creating an atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable and welcome. It also sets the mood and tone for your interior style.

For example, if you want something more formal and elegant, bright white uplighting would be perfect; however, if you’re going for rustic charm with a touch of romance, votive candles or string lights would be better choices. You may even need different types of light bulbs to help create the right mood.

How to Make a Great Combination of Furniture & Lighting?

How to Make a Great Combination of Furniture & Lighting?

Different colours of light have different effects on the person. For example, red and yellow lights can be used in a child’s room for an energetic environment; however, blue and green lights are better suited for a more calming experience. If you want to relax or concentrate somewhere, use dimmer switches so you can control the amount of lighting in the space. Lighting design is more than just turning on a lamp – it’s about creating an atmosphere that makes people feel comfortable and welcome while also setting the mood.

If your look is more modern-minimalistic, then black shades would compliment that style well. On the other hand, if your interior style is rustic or boho, wood shades will suit it perfectly. If you’re not sure what type of shade to get, why not try different kinds? You don’t have to stick with one kind forever. A good rule of thumb is that the more opaque the shade, the more concentrated and directed light will be; on the other hand, if it’s a glass or transparent shade you’ll get a much more diffused and softer lighting effect.

There are some areas in your home where standard lighting won’t suffice. As per research by small and enclosed spaces require task lighting (such as under-cabinet lights), white cabinets and display units need accent lighting. When you’re thinking about accent lighting, remember that it goes outside of its usual spot – behind paintings or above dressers for instance. If your room needs an extra boost, consider installing built-in lighting fixtures to really brighten up your space.

Types of Furniture Lights in UAE

Types of Furniture Lights in UAE

So what are the different types of furniture lights in UAE such as bamboo pendant light

 ? What are their uses? Here are some examples:

Uplighting – Bright up your room with this type of lighting. It will give your interior a modern look, especially if you use bright shades or small lamps. You can also do this for stairs or risers to keep things visually interesting.

Uplighting can be used in children’s rooms to keep them energetic; however, blue and green lights are better suited for a more calming experience.

Task Lighting – This type of lighting is great for under-cabinet fixtures or any workspace that needs extra illumination to see what you’re doing. You should also put strip lighting or recessed lights above cabinets so you can see what’s inside them.

Accent Lighting – This type of lighting is a great way to add a little magic to your room. It’s especially useful in small and enclosed spaces that need some extra light, such as behind paintings or above dressers for instance. You can even use this lighting behind or under furniture to create a dramatic effect.

Lighting is a very important part of interior design and you can check our collection of different types of shade lamps & lightings. We hope this article will help you to make a great combination of furniture & lighting for your home interiors.

For more tricks and tips stay with FunDining

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