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Bouquet of White Roses: Symbolism and Meaning



Bouquet of White Roses in the hands of a girl

It is said that white roses best expose the beauty of the bud because they do not distract from the brightness of the color. They symbolize purity of soul and thoughts, respect, and hope for a bright future. Historically, the white color symbolizes innocence and honor, so the white rose has become a traditional flower for a wedding bouquet. It is also a convenient choice for decorating ceremonies, religious ceremonies, and goodbyes.

Most people know that the white rose symbolizes unconditional love in the romantic sense. You can express it by ordering your girlfriend, a delicate bouquet of roses from cheap flower delivery in Dubai. So, red buds will tell about passion, pink ones about falling in love, and white ones mean true feelings, over which even time has no power.

A Historical Perspective on the White RosesBouquet of White roses with a candle beside

Just look at the white rose, and it immediately becomes clear that this delicate flower can not mean anything bad. It really is. In ancient times, it was one of the symbols of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, who possessed unearthly beauty. In ancient Rome, it meant to honor and dignity, and in the Middle Ages, knights presented it to the ladies of their hearts, and a couple of centuries ago, it served as an expression of deep, sincere feelings.

In the Victorian era, a composition of snow roses meant innocence and sincerity of intentions. The one who received a white bouquet after previously receiving a red one from a fan had an unspoken statement that the love interest had faded away. Over time, the fading of passion has become part of the generally accepted dynamics of relationships, and snow flowers have become a symbolic gift for wedding anniversaries. In this connotation, they broadcast that love, which began with a fiery passion, has grown into something more and has become quieter and calmer.

In other historical periods, the meaning of white roses was not so much pure love as the purity of something new and “unsullied” by the world. This has made snow-white compositions popular for newborn greetings, christenings, and seasonal holidays such as the First of May.

A white rose is a symbol of love and faith in heraldry. Die Weiße Rose (the white rose) represented the educational and good intentions of students in Germany during the Nazi regime.

The History Behind the Flower

The white rose has been considered a divine flower since ancient times. Once, the goddess Flora, seeing a beautiful girl, turned her into a flower. Aphrodite added beauty to it, fragrance, and nectar – Dionysus. More than one god took care of the beauty until she grew up, and then she was handed over to the god of love, Eros, and called the “queen of flowers.”

Political Significance of These BloomsThe white Blooms in conference room

White roses are a symbol of secrecy and loyalty. In addition to being a symbol of loyalty, the white rose has also been associated with privacy. If we turn to history, we find that during World War II, there was an anti-Nazi political group in Germany that students formed from Munich. This group held the ideals of political freedom and was called the White Roses.

The name “White Roses” already says a lot about this group. It symbolizes secrecy because forming an open community under the Nazi regime was impossible. The other meaning, loyalty, is that the students stayed true to their principles and stood to the death for them. Most of the members of this group were exposed and destroyed. Thus, the white rose can also mean the purity of youth.

Avoiding the famous War of the Scarlet and White Rose is impossible if we talk about political examples. The White Rose meant death for those who did not keep their word. This was related to the loyalty and trust embodied by the white rose. During the Middle Ages, conversing under a white rose bush meant high meeting confidentiality. In the sixteenth century, the Pope declared that the rose should be carved on the confessional booth to symbolize confidentiality and secrecy.

White Rose Concept at WeddingsBridal and a white roses at wedding

A bouquet of white roses is the most appropriate for a wedding reception because the wedding ceremony is associated only with light, sincere and tender feelings. And also, white buds will emphasize the innocent and bright image of the bride. And as the bride’s attire is traditionally white, the bouquet should also be made in gentle and calm colors. That’s why white roses are the most popular among all flowers when decorating a wedding bouquet. We recommend ordering a bouquet after you’ve chosen a dress: in this case, the bouquet will be a successful addition to the outfit and not vice versa. We pay attention that our florists can create the most delicate and most beautiful wedding bouquets for you, which will perfectly combine both your wedding dress and the wedding style. And they also say that unmarried bridesmaids are more eager to catch a bridal bouquet purchased from us.

Other use Cases For White RosesWhite Roses

Surprisingly enough, white roses are, in some ways, universal. On the one hand, white roses are an essential part of happy and joyous celebrations. On the other, white roses can be used to express condolences at funerals. In ancient Rome, white rose bushes were planted on girls’ graves to indicate their innocence. But white roses also have another symbolic meaning. White roses symbolize honor, spiritual love, and respect, which is why they are perfect for remembering loved ones who have left us. White roses also symbolize the holy and spiritual union between the departed soul and God in heaven.

In today’s society, there is no need to limit the circle of people to whom you can give white roses. Feel free to give them to a young girl and a woman on March 8, her birthday. With this, you will express your respect for them and friendly feelings.

Symbolism in NumbersWhite rose in nature

Bouquet with a large number of buds (from 25 pieces or more). Such compositions are in high demand because they look voluminous: a bouquet of 51 or 101 white roses will help you demonstrate how important your loved one is to you. Sometimes in large bouquets, you can combine light shades of flowers (such as white and delicate pink). Often a huge bouquet is wrapped in beautiful paper to make it easier to transport and give it a neat look.

White roses in a hat boxes have recently become particularly fashionable. For this, there are two reasons: firstly, even a small number of buds (from 9 pieces) look elegant, and secondly, this packaging method does not require prompt placement of flowers in a vase. When decorating a bouquet in a box, florists put a damp sponge inside, prolonging the freshness of flowers and not letting them quickly fade.

White roses together with roses of other shades. Such compositions look very expensive and beautiful, and the combination of certain colors carries a special symbolism. For example, a bouquet of white and red roses represents no sincerity, tenderness, or strong passion for love. In addition, the charming smell of a flower bouquet of white and red roses is sure to delight the person to whom it will be presented


What do 3 white roses mean?

Three roses express strong and passionate love, and three flowers can also be given to a colleague or a friend as a sign of respect

Are white roses lucky?

White roses create a positive atmosphere in the home and make its inhabitants happier.

A blossoming white rose bodes well for good luck. A bouquet of roses presented to a woman protects her and her family from bad people and thoughts.

Do white roses mean goodbye?

Light pink and white roses combined in one bouquet represent happiness and joy, radiating purity of intentions.  White roses are not usually called flowers for separation. Yes, they can be brought to a funeral, but even then, they have a good meaning. They represent longing for a person, pure love.

Can you give a girl white roses?

A guy can give pearl-white flowers to a girl at the beginning of a relationship when sympathy is just emerging, and it’s too early to talk about love. But if a woman is not sure of a man’s feelings and he presents light compositions all the time, perhaps he does not want a romantic connection and prefers to stay at the friendship stage.

The absence of an explicit love message makes white flowers a good gift to friends. This is a sign that you will be a faithful companion, do not give and do not deceive.

Husbands give white roses to their wives as a symbol of care. At the courtship stage, when passions are raging, red varieties are presented, and after the wedding, light ones to show that now you are spiritually united.

A girl can be unexpectedly handed 1 white rose to remind her that you fell in love with her for her meek and gentle nature.

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Discover These Essential Emirati Traditions for Visitors to Know



Essential Emirati Traditions for Visitors to Know

Table of Contents

Traditions, culture, norms, and lifestyle vary from region to region across our globe. An act considered as a norm in one nation may make you eligible for a year in jail in another. For people who take pleasure in traveling, knowing the basic norms of a state is essential to ensure a safe visit where neither you are affected nor the nationals around you. 

Aligning Norms: Tourists Blending in With Locals 

If you are amongst those willing to take a tour of the UAE, it is advisable to know their norms and culture as they are based on their ancestral history of Arabian, Islamic, Persian, East African, and Indian cultures. Here’s a list of cultural basics tourists should be aware of. 

Welcoming and Greeting the Locals in UAEWelcoming and Greeting the Locals in UAE

Since, the UAE is typically a Muslim majority country, the greeting they have is “Assalamu Alaikum” or in simple language, “May peace be upon you”. The Muslims typically respond with “Wa alaikum Assalam” but say “Wa alaikum” only if you belong to another religion. One should be familiar with this. They are advised to give a better response, a better greeting than the one given to them. (For fellow Muslims). Emiratis also like greeting their visitors warmly. This may involve hugs and handshakes. However, it is against Muslim tradition and culture for men to greet women in this manner.  Women remain reserved as per tradition and religion. In Ramadan especially where such an act breaks the fast. So, if you are here for a visit, do not greet women in this manner. When people enter the religious centers, i.e. the mosques they are expected to shake hands, using both hands is a religious practice. On special occasions such as Eid, Emiratis hug while turning their head against the shoulder of the person they greet three times. 

Communication Basics

As a tourist or a visitor, you must know that the national language of UAE is Arabic although English is also widely spoken across the country. Other than Arabic and English common languages include Persian, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, and Chinese. Hence, make sure you know at least Arabic or English to avoid difficulty in communication. 

Muslim Culture and Norms: Maintaining BoundariesMuslim Culture and Norms Maintaining Boundaries

The dominant religion in UAE is Islam, particularly of Sunni Muslims. People from other religions also reside in safety here as Islam forbids evil treatment of those belonging to other religions. However, what must be kept in mind, is that UAE does not permit the propagation and spread of other religions other than Islam. Hence, sharing pamphlets or distributing the bible and other religious books cause get you deported out of the UAE. 

In Ramadan, people here, fast from slightly before dawn to dusk. This custom involves refraining from eating and drinking (water and any other liquids) between this time frame. It also includes avoiding any evil deeds such as lying, back-biting or stealing. Eating in malls and public places, in front of fasting Muslims, is unethical and illegal. Malls such as Dubai Mall and Abu Dhabi Mall prohibit such an act. 

If you happen to visit the UAE during this month, it is advisable and ethical to avoid eating or drinking in public. 

Public Holidays

Major yearly celebrations that locals have are commemoration day 30th November, National Day 2nd of December, Isra wal Miraj, 27th Rajab, Eid-Ul-Fitar 1st Shawal, Arafah Day, Eid-ul- Azha, Eid Milad-un-Nabi, and other basic Islamic annual days. 

The people here respect and adhere to the teachings of the final messenger of God may peace and blessings be upon him. Hence one should be careful while speaking about him ﷺ.

How to Dress EthicallyDress Ethically

Men and women in Dubai are not permitted to wear clothing that doesn’t cover their shoulders or knees. Their basic core ethic is “modesty.”

If you are a visitor to the UAE, know that the nationals find it rude if Western males wear the national Emirati dress unless they are willing to visit a desert safari or another such area. Women should dress modestly and avoid and indecency within their dress code.  

 Although, there aren’t any restrictions on visitors, for the kind of dress they are expected to abide to, they should still avoid dressing that might distress the locals. Dresses that are too revealing or very short may become a cause of this distress. 

UAE Residents Eating PreferencesUAE Residents Eating Preferences

People in the Emirates don’t drink or eat pork, since their religion prohibits it to them. They eat “halal” food. Food that hasn’t been prohibited by their religion. So, while eating with a fellow Emirati remember not to offer them a drink or pork. It is also better to search the halal food list to get a better idea of what not to eat in public. Other than this, Emiratis prefer camel milk and dates over other food. 

Interacting with Women

Women and men are given their due rights in UAE. Women are given the right to education, to practice their chosen profession and the right to inherit property. They are provided with equal facilities as men. However, despite this, women in the Emirates do not like their photographs being taken. They also refrain from talking to men and are generally avoiding any form of physical contact. 

So, while traveling to the Emirates, remember to refrain from these acts.

Interest in Luxurious Lifestyle Luxurious a Life Style in UAE

UAE residents dwell in luxury due to the massive amounts of petroleum and natural gas reserves, which they use for obtaining a GDP of US$498 billion (AED 1.83 trillion) as of 2023. They often take luxury items for granted as they have made extravagance a part of their lives. From interior designing, including Wood flooring and well-furnished houses to popular cars and latest technology. Dubai has it all.  

As a tourist you must know, due to this combination of wealth, religion, and diversity of cultures you are bound to find all sorts of people, from women in jilbabs to those barely wearing any clothes at all. 

The Crux

Residents of the UAE are mostly Muslims. Hence, they follow most typical Muslim traditions. Their way of greeting, their ethics of socialization, traditions, norms, and lifestyle, resemble those of Muslims across the globe. 

If you are one, you won’t have most of the complications that other visitors might have while visiting the UAE. Even if you are not, know that the locals here are ever-welcoming and warmly loving people. Their gestures depict love and affection. However, you must remember to make sure you know either basic English or Arabic language, remain formal with women, dress ethically, eat halal when with fellow residents and enjoy your tour.

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UAE Public & National Holidays



uae holidays

There are so many incredible things to do in Dubai, and if you are planning your staycation in Dubai, you should be aware of the public holidays which are coming ahead in 2023. Since the government has announced an equal number of holidays in private and public sectors, people can thoroughly enjoy the official holidays. Usually, people in UAE go on short vacations during their Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha holidays.

During winter, students enjoy academic holidays of three weeks while the staff gets two weeks off. The longest vacation that is allowed to the students officially is during the summer time when the seven-week break is allowed to the students and six weeks to the staff.

As far as public holidays in UAE are concerned, all public and private departments remain closed on these official holidays. Below we have listed UAE public holidays, so you may plan any occasion or vacation on these special days without taking any non-official leave.

UAE holidays 2023

Date Holiday
1st January Gregorian New Year
20th April – 23rd April Eid-ul-Fitar
27th June The Day of Arafat
28th June – 30th June Eid-ul-Adha
31st July Islamic New Year
29th September Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) birthday
1st December Commemoration Day
2nd December & 3rd December National Day

Here is the detail of all the official holidays that are allowed in the public and private sectors in the UAE.

  • Gregorian New Year

Gregorian New Year

1st January marks the start of the Gregorian calendar year, and in 2023, it happened on Sunday. This holiday welcomes the beginning of a new year in the hope of achieving new horizons.

  • Eid ul Fitr

Eid ul Fitr

The 1st Islamic holiday of the year, will fall on the 20th of April and continues for three days. The occasion also marks the end of the sacred Islamic month of Ramadan, where Muslims observe fasting for 30 days. On the occasion of Eid ul Fitr, Muslims perform special prayers, greet each other and pay charity.

  • Arafat Day

Arafat Day

This year, the Day of Arafat, 9th Dhul Hijjah, will be observed on 27th June. Arafat is a part of the Hajj Pilgrimage in which Muslim pilgrims make their way from Mina to Mount Arafat.

  • Eid ul Adha

Eid ul Adha

Eid ul Adha is the largest holiday celebrated among the Muslim community worldwide. This year Eid ul Adha will fall from 28th June to 30th June, during which Muslims sacrifice goat, sheep, camel, or cow to honor the sacrifice of Ibrahim (A.S), who dreamt of sacrificing His only son for the willingness of Allah. While he was ready to sacrifice Ismail (A.S), God sent a sheep who took the place of Ismail (A.S). Every year, Muslims celebrate Eid ul Adha to honor the love and dedication Ibrahim (A.S) showed for Allah. While Muslims sacrifice the animal, its meat is divided into three parts, out of which one part is given to the needy and poor people.

  • Islamic New Year

Islamic New Year

The beginning of the new Hijri Calendar will be observed on the 21st of July when Muslims mark the start of another historically important month, Muharram. Interestingly, this year, 21st July will be held on Friday, which means people in UAE can enjoy a three-day long weekend.

  • The Birthday of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

The Birthday of Prophet Muhammad

The Muslim community celebrates the birthday of their beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on 12th Rabi ul Awwal, which will fall on 29th September this year.

  • Commemoration Day

Commemoration Day

Commemoration Day is celebrated in the UAE to honor the martyr heroes who fought for the country. A one-minute silence is observed on 30th November, followed by the national holiday on 1st December. Every year, Commemoration Day is observed to honor those who have died while serving the UAE and to recognize the commitment and sacrifices made by the nation’s military and civilian service members. Commemoration Day in the UAE was introduced in 2015 by the Late President Sheikh Khalifa.

  • UAE National Day

UAE National Day

The UAE’s National Day is celebrated on 2nd December each year, on which the entire nation celebrates the unity of all the seven emirates into one unified nation. The display of fireworks and dazzling ceremonies are everywhere in the country, and the people rejoice in the spirit of unity. Locals and foreigners come together to celebrate the UAE National Day on 2nd December and create an atmosphere that is spectacular in the truest sense.

Enjoy the holidays to the fullest when in UAE

There are multiple activities and places to explore in UAE, and during the public holidays, you can enjoy the much-needed getaway from the hectic work routine and explore these fun places.

To plan camping in UAE, check the list of the best camping spots here. ( )

To explore the delectable flavors of Dubai in a luxurious atmosphere, check out the list of the top hotels in Dubai. ( )

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How many public holidays are allowed in the UAE?

There are a total of 14 public holidays allowed in the UAE.

  • How many holidays are granted for the UAE’s National Day?

There are two holidays allowed to celebrate UAE’s National Day, i.e., on the 2nd and 3rd of December.

  • Are public holidays paid in UAE?

The public holidays are paid leaves, and if the employee is required to work on a public holiday, he will be compensated by either any paid day leave or an additional bonus.

  • What is the next public holiday in UAE?

The next public holiday in UAE will be held on 20th April to celebrate Eid ul Fitr.

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5 Delicious Cakes for Your Birthday Celebration



5 Delicious Cakes for Your Birthday Celebration

Who doesn’t like to drool over the delicious flavors of cakes, especially when it is customized for special occasions like birthdays?

There is a wide variety of birthday cakes to choose from for your birthday celebration. Some are more traditional than others, and some are even more specialized. For example, several chocolate cakes are perfect for your special day, while other seasonal flavors like strawberry or blueberry taste royal on any occasion.

The most popular choice for a birthday cake is the traditional chocolate sponge cake with cream cheese frosting, but there are many other variations on this theme. A wide variety of birthday cake recipes suit any taste and occasion. The heart-melting embellishments are further added to enhance the overall look of the cake, make any occasion look fancy, and give a visual treat to everyone.

People usually get confused when choosing the right cake flavor for their special events like birthdays or anniversaries. It could be difficult to decide upon a particular flavor when there is a huge variety to choose from.

Let us help you find the best and most flavorful cakes for your birthday celebrations which everyone will love on occasion.

Chocolate cakechocolate ccacke

This is classical and among the most-loved cake flavors for birthday cakes and quickly satisfies the guests’ sweet tooth. The rich history of chocolate and its strong resonation with almost everyone’s taste makes it a favorite flavor for decades. The chocolatey delicacy, when added with nuts and chips, tickles the taste buds. The best part about this flavor is that you can order it from anywhere around the town, as almost every bakery prepares chocolate cakes.

Strawberry CheesecakeStrawberry Cheesecake

A Perfect cake for summer birthdays or when you want something fruity!

The downright delicious strawberry cheesecake has all those intimidating elements which you may add to your special events. The golden base, when combined with a fluffy, creamy texture and succulent frozen strawberry topping – this cake flavor has everything to make someone feel royal and valued.

Lemon cakeLemon cake

The tangy and crunchy lemon zest, combined with a light brown base and whipped cream, is considered among the best cakes in the world. Those who want to add something unique to their birthday celebrations love to add lemon cakes to make their special events look delightful.


The rich and shiny texture gives Cheesecake a unique and peculiar flavor that isn’t found everywhere. For the occasion, you can either bake it or get a no-bake cheesecake from a bakery that prepares these sorts of cakes. Arranging a cheesecake for your special one’s birthday shows how valuable you are to that person, which is depicted through the cheesecake’s lustrous flavors and glazing surface.

Red VelvetRed Velvet

The warmth and vibrance of this cake depict its royal outlook. The base of the red velvet cake is of vanilla flavor, then blended with cocoa powder and red food color. Buttermilk and vinegar are added to balance out the buttercream frosting with a little tanginess. The red velvet cake will melt your loved one’s heart on special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. This lip-smacking cake is popular among each age group of people.

Cake customization

The best birthday cakes online are traditionally decorated with intricate drawings, ribbons, candles, pastries, and more. The art of decorating a birthday cake is known as cake decoration, and the delicately presented cake exhibits the value of the celebrated person and adds more fun to the cake-cutting ceremony. The customized cake is above and beyond the definition of the regular cake as the customized cake has a personalized touch with the addition of fondants or attention to detail. The tiered cakes, birthday or wedding cakes, can be customized in a number of ways. These cakes cost a little higher than regular cakes and depend upon the cake size, flavors, and the required design work.

Customized cakes for birthdays make a wonderful gift. If you want to give someone an excellent and delicious cake, you should consider buying them from local bakeries or stores specializing in baking such items. You can also order online if there is an online store where this product is available. However, you may need to place your order days before the main event, as it takes time to prepare the ingredients for a customized cake. Also, certain cake flavors require additional time to prepare as compared to regular flavors, so it is always recommended to consider the time slot before placing your order.

The best birthday cakes in muscat are the best way to honor a loved one’s birthday.

If you’re celebrating someone’s birthday and want to make them feel special, then a cake is the way to go. Ordering birthday cakes online is the best way to honor a loved one’s birthday if you are in a distant relationship or want to surprise your loved one.

They’re also great for birthdays that fall on weekends because it’s easier for people who have busy schedules during the week to stop by your house and pick up their baked goods on Friday or Saturday morning before work.

 Cake plays an integral part in the celebration of a special day.celebration of a special day.

Cake plays an integral part in the celebration of a special day. A cake is an important part of your birthday party, and it should be made by professionals who know how to make cakes perfectly.

If you want to make your birthday cake, then there are certain things that you need to consider before making your cake. You can buy ready-made cakes from online stores or local stores near you, but if this is not possible, try making one yourself at home with simple ingredients like flour, sugar, butter, etc.

Things to consider before choosing the cake flavorThings to consider before choosing the cake flavor

Choosing the right cake for a special occasion can be difficult due to the staggering and heartwarming varieties that an ever-growing number of bakeries, both offline and online, provide. Above, we have mentioned the popular cake types you may buy for any special event based on different themes.

But before picking the right cake flavor for your special events, you should consider a few things, such as:

  • Choose the cake according to the theme; for example, a minion or cocomelon theme-based cake wouldn’t be suitable for an adult’s birthday, and a heart-shaped cake will not go right for a kid’s birthday party.
  • While placing your order for the cake, ensure that you have confirmed the delivery date and address, so your occasion is not affected by any delay in the delivery.
  • Always ask the bakery to do the sample tasting, especially if you haven’t tried the bakery before.
  • Customized cakes are expensive compared to traditional cakes. Fix your budget in mind and then proceed accordingly.
  • Select the cake size based on the number of guests, as choosing the larger cake can be expensive.
  • There is a high possibility that some of your guests may prefer eggless cakes, so select the cake flavor based on their preference.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What are some of the uncommon yet delicious flavors of cake?

Caramel cake, Prosecco cake, Pistachio, Courgette & lemon cake, Gin & Tonic cake, Mocha cake, and Chocolate Bundt cake are some of the less common yet extremely delicious cake flavors.

  •  Which is the most expensive cake in the world?

Masami Miyamoto’s diamond chocolate cake is the most expensive cake that, costs around $850,000.

  • What are the hardest types of cakes to bake?

Macarons, Baked Alaska, Chocolate eclairs, Croquembouche, and Baumkuchen, are some premium types of cakes that are harder to bake.

  • Enlist the popular types of cakes.

Butter cake, Pound cake, Sponge cake, Biscuit cake, Cheesecake, Macaroons, Cupcakes, and Bundt cakes are some of the popular types of cake in the world.

  • Which country is famous for its cakes?

Scotland is famous for its cakes and is also known as Caledonia, which refers to ‘the land of cakes.

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